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  1. Looking at the overhead again. Hamilton had plenty of room to go by Max on the left.Then the onboard shows Max looking in his mirrors waiting for Hamilton to pass then when Hamilton is about to hit the back of his car he tries to swerve out of the way gets hit then boots it. Anybody that's ever been rear ended will have known that feeling
  2. Yaaaasssss the rage is going to mad but the Max gets 5 secs This is wild
  3. That overhead replay looks mad for both of them
  4. Why didn't Hamilton just swerve past him ? What is going on? This result is going to Paris
  5. Senna v Prost and the French International Assistance
  6. That's fair enough put Max behind lewis then give lewis and bottas a stop n go for there infractions
  7. Correct..unlapped himself..changed bits of damaged bodywork and tyres
  8. Lol crofty is already saying the rules are wrong
  9. Hopefully...just for the tears from crofty
  10. F2 carnage...we might get a red flag on the F1 driver's parade here
  11. Police don't investigate old crimes any more https://twitter.com/RobDunsmore/status/1467434061610512387?t=ec0BUs7uKdOtU93wQNzOGA&s=19
  12. Villamoura in Portugal ye cannae go wrong there about half n hour from Faro airport Not a golf resort as such but the choice around is amazing...hire a car and book direct with courses themselves and with direct Ryan Air flights daily from Edinburgh it's a tremendous place to go if yer a golfer and won't break the bank
  13. Gearbox is ok on Max's car so will start 3rd
  14. I'm assuming bottas is going to get a penalty for nearly taking out Kimi?
  15. Meh points dropped but who cares we all have Falkirk to laugh at
  16. Other way around and the pitchforks would have been out Hamilton is on his way to the stewards for ignoring double waved yellows
  17. In an out in 25 mins and then went to the cafe for a full Monty to celebrate...well that was the excuse
  18. Some booster goodness in an hour for me today
  19. Covid pass or proof of double vaxx.....but that info is just over a week old so might have changed with Omicron
  20. Wasn't even a bank holiday in Scotland until 1958 because it was viewed as too kaffickly
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