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  1. Has anybody checked if wee Glenn at the beeb is ok?
  2. Just in case folk missed it Loads of free parking at Glenrothes beside the bus station and there will be extra services and will be £9.80 return.Same price from halbeath park n ride (beside junction 3 dunfermline) and kirkcaldy but less free parking available I'm doing the Glenrothes route as in past opens at St Andrews it's been really good
  3. Avoid Gatwick at all costs just now .Had a flight through there couple of weeks ago and I just ended up renting a car and driving back up the road and I'm a gold card ba member.Ba helpdesk a shambles Airport help desk a shambles I just binned it and sorted myself out or else I still think I'd be stuck there
  4. Keith will ask something about trains no doubt the totally useless wet wipe
  5. At times like this I always ask What's that c**t Gove UpTo?
  6. Nadine for chancellor just to complete the utter cluster
  7. Starmer only wants gammon votes that couldn't be more obvious than after today's cluster
  8. McLaren have paid the young laid back Californian a small fortune to sign him up to there drivers program whilst still letting him race for Andretti is even more bizarre but it's for a reason
  9. He isn't getting punted mid season...Austin for the announcement for next season allegedly
  10. Nope,most likely Colton Herta/Pato o Ward from Indy both in the arrows/Mac sp programme. Zak brown and the arrows half already said this the way they want to go with having cars in Indy/f1/formula e. They want to move drivers around the various different series Danny Ric will be in Indy next season is the rumours after buying a house in La
  11. Yeah couple of times The hole with the viaduct view is get the cameras out time as has been mentioned but it ain't cheap but a lovely track if it's a sunny day
  12. Protestors at Silverstone is nothing new https://youtu.be/dpesYL9iNRs
  13. Zhou was chuffed to bits that this was the first race his whole family could attend ....eeek
  14. Looked like Russell had a bad start and then too many cars tried to get on to the same piece of tarmac
  15. Twitter is some laugh after Ted brought up the fia looking at the floors of the teams cars ...which leads to all the lh44 types absolutely convincing themselves that everybody else is cheating bar you know who
  16. Sunday times poll https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/c4551f8a-fa1c-11ec-b060-3c9acf7f2ee6?shareToken=2c5e3da0223c880133d77f4a003724fb
  17. He beats boy wonder...much like schumi it's not allowed I'm sure there will be a media storm about the booing.....no chance
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