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  1. I hope its in the high 30s in Montmello next weekend 😎
  2. Every brexiteer just now "France need to stop the funny looking brown types invading our country "
  3. He should just ask Rory to marry him and be done with it
  4. Racing Point bought the brake ducts in 2018 when it was still legal and have the receipts to prove it they are saying...interesting twist
  5. Thats true but its all about finding out how Racing Point got all there technical specs now.
  6. No chance but he says he will give up being an assistant ref if he becomes first minister 🤣🤣
  7. Merc must have squeaky bums aswell over brake duct gate 😉
  8. They just disappear for about a week or so ie cummings eye test trip.So no difficult questions can be asked
  9. It really has they are rattled and poor kincy has been reduced to quoting zoomers from twitter forgetting people on his side murdered an mp in broad daylight
  10. 2nd Aberdeen player tests positve....fuel up the nukes
  11. Aberdeen player tests positive for the rona
  12. The No too a 2nd referendum party is changing its name to Once in a generation party going by the interviews today
  13. Plenty jakeball pubs on the list and also plenty upmarket pubs the rowan tree is called martins pub nowadays
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