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  1. First night in sun city my missus had this really nice steak house sussed out I dragged her to the wimpy
  2. Or the broch plenty wildlife there
  3. Plus there are Wimpy's everywhere
  4. Checo keeps the win ...5 sec penalty and a reprimand
  5. Yip no surrender then you must still keep attacking a retreating force or else they come back and cause problems for you later
  6. There's a noise law in Singapore (or used to be when I worked there) that no fireworks etc after 11 apart from a Saturday I hope the organisers have a got an exemption
  7. Goatifi not first out....give him another year
  8. Thunder and lighning at the track just now...lance stroll kinda weather for all the slagging he gets he is pretty decent in the wet
  9. Get the "regional" BBC presenters to do all the interviews usual softball shite from Laura k and Truss couldn't handle that
  10. House of Lords reform or whatever they have announced this time is a 2nd term thing already according to reports Along with the "we might" introduce Pr but we talked about it at Liverpool already being rolled back Shower of charlatans
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