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  1. You can still travel for essential purposes...but on the way back you will need proof of a negative test and 10 days of isolation
  2. if you have the cash for either of those options an essential work trip would be easy to arrange
  3. 25k for flights accom and the vaccine seemingly on offer from a company to the Uae or go for the american queue jump of a rather generous donation to your local care home and your name ends up on the list as you are added to the "staff" list of that care home 😉
  4. At work but check for the news story of the mayor of manaus diving off of a boat to swim on to the beach to open up beach party season. 4 friends that i used to regulary skype/keep in touch with from my time working in Brazil have vanished from social media for a few months so i have presumed that the covid got them when it was running rampant (it still is) down there
  5. Going to be fun and games after the 20th https://uk.news.yahoo.com/trump-jr-wanted-questioning-dc-093935450.html
  6. I think its those that dont believe this is over as a public health crisis
  7. The mad tory who released the "pull ups"video has been suspended from the tories for slagging off people who use foodbanks
  8. Nope but you got asked if you had travelled to the Amazon areas when you arrived back in Paris flying from Rio.Dont know about the heathrow flight I used to travel Air France
  9. 13 branch leaders or temp leaders since 2007 do you think they will get the hint this time or will number 14 just be the same old same old?
  10. Resigned or "was" resigned 😂 Agreed it will be Sarwar
  11. Whats going to happen is there will be a headline grabbing "heres some cash" to the fisherman but none of it will actually go to the fisherman and the boat/license owners willl all be driving about in a new car 😉
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