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  1. Im living on toasties from now on..just discovered the breville in the cupboard
  2. I just watched louis Therouix follow up to the original documentary and she was in it after just being kicked out of the nutters church and yip she was working as a nurse.
  3. I am now at the "looking at hair trimmer" stage
  4. Sweden the latest "herd" country about to be put into lockdown
  5. Best jail everybody that works for the sun just to be on the safe side
  6. Yip and then jail the sun reporter and photographer for A /working for the sun B/Also breaking the non essential travel ban
  7. Stamer win means bad news for the snpeeeee in jockoland headlines incoming
  8. Start panicking jackie ballie won the branch deputy leader ballot
  9. Havemt worn clothes for 5 days in a row.Im living the big lebowski life now
  10. Ill say it again I wish I had a dial a booze business just now
  11. Gordy broon sneaking out the back door and not staying for the result showed the true class of the gold seller
  12. Will clapping the nhs replace poppy day for all the fruitloops?
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