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  1. Bob -1 after 4 at harbour town
  2. Since we are storming holyrood I'll dress up a highland coo, buffalo's have no place in scottish takeovers
  3. Well that's 2 second votes at least for the greens in mid scotland and fife
  4. That's my postal ballot filled out Good guys 1 green good guys 2
  5. 12 o clock kick off makes it a post match red pudding suppers kinda day
  6. Ross may aswell chuck it now...he is toast
  7. Daily Express journo https://twitter.com/richmjourno/status/1382065323290071044?s=19
  8. I wonder if the "B" word will get mentioned amazingly it never on the bbc debate
  9. They really are the zoomers zoomer this mob...I had a look at some of there "bloggers" twitter feeds...total Q freaks if they were in the Usa
  10. Matsuyama probably winning it in covid times is a blessing for him.. there used to be a dedicated japanese film crew for the golf channel japan that used to follow his every move even on down time but when he hadn't won for a while they called it off However they will be going nuts in japan just now (about half 7 on a Monday morning) where golf is a religion Buuutttt it's not over yet
  11. "what's Hideki daeing there Tam"
  12. Hideki trying to blow this
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