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  1. Internal flights are much cheapness and google mango airlines
  2. Around 11% of the total production of the Gulf of Mexico and 6% of Uk sector North sea and that doesn't include any fields that they are partnered in.Nowadays all the major players are partnered up in all the oil fields so they all take a share in the risks and they profits but one of them takes the lead in that particular area
  3. $15 billion worldwide total $6 billion of that in the uk last time I checked I'm sure they manage
  4. South Africa is great you will really enjoy it but a couple of days in Joburg is plenty.Worth going to Sun City for a few aswell ( missus can chill by the pool and you can play the 2 courses there ) and direct flights to Cape Town from there aswell if you want to move around a bit.
  5. The Saudi series logo that Kokrak had on his bag then disappeared from his bag is back at this week's pga event
  6. Mauritius/Maldives or South Africa? I'm assuming you have flights going somewhere in that vicinty so plenty of options for those countries maybe a choice
  7. Train driver wages for bin collectors
  8. Yes there is and also a chipping and putting practice area but it's been a few years since I last played there
  9. Didn't all the Tories vote against a windfall tax just last week ?
  10. Seemingly wee Dougie is just sitting in the chamber at holyrood because there's loads of reporters waiting for him
  11. We just need to accept this is a spin around Monaco in f1 cars for the sponsors as this is the money maker for the teams
  12. Only thing that spices up Monaco is getting a carry out from the supermarche down at rascasse and drinking it before the race starts
  13. In Texas aswell the home state of this latest madness
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