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  1. I know you aren't a member anywhere but also check your nearest pro shop as a lot of the on course pro shops have decent 2nd hand clubs for sale as the weekend warrior buys the latest major winners gear after owning the last major winners gear Most club pros will price match the cheap places
  2. My particular favourite was when he had everyone retweeting that there was no more home testing kits left
  3. Brazil v Argentina volleyball is on just now. Volleyball (beach or court) is the unofficial sport of Brazil and it's still national shame that Argentina beat them in this at the Sydney games.I was on a flight to Rio a few years ago when the men's beach team were coming back from the world championship and they hadn't medaled so there was protesters to meet them off there flight it was very bizarre
  4. Sung Kang will have mares over the par 5 18th....but 5 shots better than yesterday ...a 7 today
  5. Louis heading for another top5/10 finish on the PGA,his caddy must love it everytime he tees it up chaaa ching
  6. Easy to miss in amongst the waffle I just noticed a few journos were on about it today
  7. Bit of a stushie brewing with the figures being released...seemingly if you have had a positive test before say a year ago and then test positive again it's not counted in the figures
  8. Weds night here Thursday in Japan..first tee offs are at half 11 at night here
  9. No surprise Deroidbeau had to pull out I always thought he might "struggle" with Olympic testing procedures Bubba and Phil are the only 2 golfers I can remember saying publicly they are vaxxed
  10. Waheeey Kang has a 12 on the par 5 18th on the uspga...there is hope for us all
  11. That's a joke, the land alone would be worth ten times that at a minimum I'm guessing it was the only deal on the table to keep it as a golf course.Selling it as land would have seen it bulldozed and new builds spring up
  12. We got ourselves a Statue guarding lifeboat attacking type
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