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  1. If you can't let a flare off in the San Siro then where can you let one off?
  2. The Coppa Italia is a farce... unless you win it of course!!
  3. Lucky to get 40.000 at the San Siro for this one.
  4. Mazzari sacked. Mancini in by the end of the weekend.
  5. Italian christmas dinner. From 12.00 till 18.00 at the table, small break then back to the table from 21.00 till 01.00. The worst thing is boxing day is just a repeat!
  6. Was at the cup game last year, was pretty tense! Not good to see. Got to work on Saturday so will not make it to the game but trouble is expected. Got to give the police a bit of credit, they have been more organized in the last few years, before if it kicked off it kicked off big time and their was nothing they could do about it (inside or outside the ground). Important game for both teams, Verona have made a good start to the season and are playing well.
  7. Thought Inter deserved more yesterday. Played really well and come a long way since last season. San siro was rocking when Icardi scored!
  8. Big Ibra is one of the best players I have ever seen! In every team he has been the focal point (apart from barca) and has been successful every year. The guy is a winner. I have never seen him bullied by anyone on the pitch. Good guy too as it happens!
  9. No surprise that the elections take place next month! Berlusconi is famous for this, Just before every election Milan make a big signing that gets publicity, and everyone talking. If there was no election there is no way Milan would have gone for this move. Also doubt Allegri will be able to tame someone like Balotelli if Mourinho and Mancini both struggled. Shame because his potential is massive but he is just bat shit crazy!
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