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  1. I'm sure Gav tried to keep him, but Peterhead probably offered him a better deal. He didn't play much after the start of 2020 after we got Graham on loan from Dundee Utd. Hopefully he's got something similar up his sleeve again. A pity because he was good, but I agree with T&G, esp after so many players buying into Gav's plans and signing new/longer contracts
  2. Great performance against last year's bogey team with special mention to Spark and Cooper. Canna complain about 3pts and a clean sheet. Finish the year with the start of a Scottish Cup run please.
  3. Elgin City v Rangers 25/11/2012, Game postponed the day before as home team had sold more tickets than the ground was allowed to hold.
  4. Saw two adults and a couple of kids trying to get into the tier 2 area when the rain was particularly heavy but stewards put them back
  5. 3 points and a clean sheet which is the main thing. Had it not been for the Annan goalie we would have been 3 up by half time. The team played well and I'd have made Spark MotM, especially in the dying minutes when he was putting himself about after he got hit where it huts the most.
  6. Firstly hope Clarke makes a speedy recovery. My take on it, for what's it's worth, is that the ref made a decision, which he deemed not a foul. Should Bronsky have made the tackle, definitely yes, because that's his job. Was it a deliberate move to injure the player, no. Why was Bollan shouting at the ref by name and not "Ref" as I can't recall any manager ever shouting at ref/lino by name. I can only speak about what I have seen of Cowdenbeath under Bollan and they seem to have an attitude when they don't get their own way and try to bully officials, start fights as seen when they played at BB back in March.
  7. Never thought about that, but I agree with you.
  8. Tom McHale extends contract to Summer 2023. Very happy with that.
  9. A bit miffed with commentary running a couple of seconds ahead of play, but as previously said, it's not Sky Sports. Thankfully 2nd goal has come.
  10. I'm only getting commentary with sound full up on laptop and on my TV. Anyone else having issues?
  11. I bought my 'ticket' on Friday. As an aside, I follow a English Conference South side (6th tier) and they're charging £10 PPV so we're getting a bargain.
  12. Just checked SPFL website and saying dangerous play. I did see SA player down on box. Serves Hester right for picking up stupid 1st booking for kicking ball away. He was looking good. Apart from the sound no complaints from me re quality of streaming.
  13. I couldn't get logged on and missed the first 20 min, thankfully didn't miss anything. What was the sending off for? I was updating my daughter by text about the goal, looked up and saw the red card on the screen.
  14. Started off well with some in depth knowledge of who teams had signed or lost players with the exception of Annan and Elgin. You spent more time discussing whether Blair Henderson could make it at a higher level than about those two teams and even more time on your fantasy manager XI. Despite my complaints, it was good to hear something about this league and I'll be watching again.
  15. Any reason why we've worn the away strip for the friendlies?
  16. I remember him playing at Borough Briggs for Stirling Albion midweek and grabbing a City player's leg, in the 90th min, pulling him down which only the lino saw. We scored from the pen for the only goal. Was well past it (35 yrs old) when he signed for us , played at CH and couldn't run. Left after Christmas break. Teenage daughter couldn't believe 10 years or so earlier he was a £1 million + player and internationalist.
  17. Josh Peters signs up for new season. Decent strike force
  18. Will we need as large a squad as it's going to be 3/4 of a season. I'm sure a couple of loanees will come in.
  19. Omar divided the support at Elgin in his two seasons with there. He would get stuck in, get a few goals but would pick up stupid yellows and reds. He was called up to the Iraq U23 squad last season about Dec/Jan and missed a few games IIRC.
  20. He is a good player, but hot headed. Probably sent off about 4 or 5 times in his two seasons with us along with a lot of bookings. He divided the supporters by playing well then picking up a needless yellow or a red . Always glad to her of a former player going full time.
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