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  1. Agree with you Briggsy. I was pessimistic enough to tell people that if we didn't concede four, it would be a good result for us. The whole team were excellent (except Omar, who disappointed). Hester's second goal is one I'm looking forward in seeing in the highlights. I thought Towler and Tony Dingwall were worthy of MotM as well. Draper is solid at the back and McHale is back to his best. Disappointed in the silly bookings that were picked up. Several Kelty players seemed to fall over easily.
  2. City are on a bit of a run just now and must be favourites. Hopefully the news coming out of BB won't effect the team's morale. We're closer to the play offs than the bottom. If results go our way this weekend will help a great deal.
  3. It was a good game for the home fans as well as Kelty and Annan ones.
  4. A great win for City, unbeaten in three with two clean sheets. Mailer was my choice for MotM, but the whole team were excellent after a poor start. Forfar were unlucky not to score a couple of times at the start of second half. Well surprised at the hostility from Forfar fans here regarding Harkins, I thought he was one of your better players .
  5. I think I said a couple of years ago in a similar thread that I'd rather have our poor spell early on in the season rather than in the run-in. We were on fire in the run up before the league was abruptly stopped in March 2020 (7 wins in 8 iirc) and I reckon we'd go up in the play-offs. A few seasons ago, we were top of the league in Feb, Sutherland got crocked and Darryl got tagged and came 2nd, losing by 3pts to the only team to beat us at BB with Duff a poor replacement for Darryl (thinking about us losing a late goal against Annan to draw 2-2 at BB)
  6. In fairness regarding the crowd, Annan wasn't going to take any support (did they take double figures) and only one committee member was there. Agree about the strangeness of changing the keeper.
  7. Probably the worst performance from Elgin in a long time. McPhee missed two good chances, Sopel was ineffective, O'keefe was easily knocked off the ball. The only bright side was Little wasn't starting. Hopefully Hester's brief appearance won't hamper his return to fitness, he shouldn't have been risked. Triallist looked quick and enthusiastic. Little's lack of pace cost us their second goal. In hindsight, I wish David Wilson had stayed and that's saying something. A special mention to Annan's time wasting from about the hour mark onwards. Think it was about 4 or 5 times a player went down and stayed down. the better team won.
  8. I'd disagree with that. I've not been impressed with Little since he joined and thought Nicholson was the better of the two when he replaced him in the Forfar game. Surprised that he didn't start him in the Edinburgh game the following week.
  9. Heard Jim Weir's name mentioned from someone else with connections. Don't know if he'd come back to be his former assistant's assistant. MacKay would have a good knowledge of HL players.
  10. Great display from the whole team, probably best performance I've seen from O'Keefe. Rovers' Nr 2 is going to need therapy after the O'Keefe destroyed him every time.
  11. New league campaign about to start. Have we got a strong enough squad to get us to the next level? We've got two good keepers, is Little going to be better than Bronsky? If Gav's happy, then so am I.
  12. A draw was a fair result, but it's goals that count. Hoban was excellent in goals for City and deserved his MotM. It bodes well that we have two great keepers. All round good performance from Elgin, vastly different from last week against Ross County.
  13. Elgin kit same as last season, but what a kit
  14. 99p to go and watch City's friendly v Ross County this Saturday. Book your ticket online on the club website.
  15. David Wilson another one away, after turning down a contract extension. I wasn't a fan of his tbh.
  16. Elgin players were immense considering how their top 5 games went without a break. Proud of them. On a side note, how many people were allowed in the ground? I know there were people standing about on the far side outwith the ground but it seemed there were fans behind the commentator (he did my head in) by the noise and when the camera panned to the left there were a few people sitting there.
  17. Miller, who's on loan from Rangers, has only made a single 15 min (roughly) appearance as a sub for Elgin out of 10 games on the bench, so he's not 'improving' the team or himself. He's also, at this moment, an Australian u17 player, therefore doesn't benefit the Scottish national set up.
  18. Innocent til proven guilty, so can't see how they could sack him. Possibly make him office based and away from frontline duties.
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