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  1. How many expected such an emphatic win against Peterhead! I fancied our chances, but Damn!!! I'm sure a few teams will sit up and fear Elgin. Hopefully that's going to kick start our season.
  2. Great result. Only weak link in the team today was McEwan, but Mailer, replacing him also made a difference. Soapy was my MotM, but Draper was worthy of it. Onwards and upwards.
  3. Seeing as no-one else has started a thread, I'll start it. First visit on league business to Borough Briggs. Can Elgin get their first league win of the season, I think so. They appear to have been unlucky so far, after being well humped by East Fife on the opening, three draws and then losing by a goal against the leaders, isn't the worst start they could have had. The re-signing of Draper, to me, is good as he'll add a bit of steel to the defence. Hester's scoring and for a change, he's not been the only one and we've had two cup wins against decent teams. 2-1 home win
  4. I'm with WeAreElgin regarding Draper. He lacks pace, but his experience and physical presence makes up for this.
  5. Definitely going to miss them, however I think we'll win by a goal. We've had two away draws so the team are showing some fight, whereas Stranraer have lost their last two.
  6. We were the better team overall, but rode our luck a couple of times. McHale was my MoTM. Hester seems to have some fire in his belly again and Mailer was putting himself about and getting stuck in.
  7. Hester extends his contract until Summer 2024.
  8. I hope the club retires the number 12 shirt in honour of him.
  9. If you look back at the photo of the team getting their trophy against Peterhead, he's not in the picture. I was in the stand behind them and noticed him bent down.
  10. Elgin City's general manager, Keiran Carty, issued this in response to City playing an illegible player against Ayr. Fair play to him . Keiran: 'I've got to hold my hands up for this one being my responsibility. I would like to apologise to all Supporters, Players, Management & Staff as I know how hard everyone worked to get the result at the weekend. I know the outcome on Thursday will be a 3-0 loss for the Club. As a token gesture I will personally refund all travelling supporters who made the journey to Ayr.'
  11. Pretty sure its available on PPV, so you can still watch it.
  12. Annan to win with Forfar to be in play offs. Elgin to finish somewhere between 3rd and 6th.
  13. I was well impressed with the team in the match against Peterhead today. The young players out on loan last year were sharp and buzzing. The only player who, imo, didn't merit a 10/10 was McHale, but that was because he had next to nothing to deal with. I have to disagree with T&G regarding being short in midfield and in the wings. Soapy was excellent, Rory and Dingwall were getting stuck in and Machado and Lawrence were terrorising the Peterhead fullbacks. Anderson and Dolansky were a good pairing in the CB positions and considering both our FBs were midfielders, they were also solid. I also thought that Fraserburgh were poor, considering that they are the HL champions in our first game.
  14. Elgin releasing a strip to celebrate 100 years at Borough Briggs.
  15. I'd be happy enough to have him back. Lacks pace but still a good player at this level.
  16. Hope so, brought back stability just when we needed it.
  17. Jevan Anderson signed on 2yr deal. Well happy with that.
  18. Elgin to scrape a win by a goal. The way Edinburgh and Stenny have being playing of late, it looks neither want to be in the playoffs.
  19. A good all round performance by Elgin. Edinburgh, considering their position, were poor. Hoban was untroubled throughout the game. Peters played his best game in ages and deserved his goal. Might get a T-shirt made with 'I was there when Peters scored'. Mailer deserved MotM Considering we entered March looking to play the top four teams, we can hold our heads high with just one defeat.
  20. It's not the fans who are the problem, it's (mainly) the stupid young boys, often out on a works do in hospitality. Surely their employers if there should have words with them. Most of the time it's banter, but this time they were utter bellends.
  21. Hoban deserved his MotM although special mention should go out to Mailer and Dingwall. Sopel had a better game than usual. Hopefully McHardy's injury isn't serious. A big shout to the bellends in hospitality for the non stop abuse at the Kelty bench. Did think Kelty CB was going to jump the wall and lamp on of them at the end of the game. Time to put a couple of stewards to monitor their behaviour. Ref was poor btw.
  22. You forgot to mention drug dealer Matt Flynn who was guilty of assault in the same incident as Goodwillie.
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