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  1. Kane Hester signs on til Summer 2022. Happy with that.
  2. Are the crowds dropping? Saturday's crowd was approx 200 up on Edinburgh's visit earlier on in the season. According to footballwebpages.co.uk, our average gate is 630 this season, second only to Cove.
  3. Better team won, but Elgin had a few chances and despite the first goal, McHale had a good game. The makeshift defence, esp after Spark went off, did well. Shane seemed to try and take on the whole Cove team by himself at times. On a different note, what a souless little ground, in the middle of an industrial estate, no ladies' toilets in the away end (there were two port a loos admittedly), non existent PA system in the way end (still waiting to hear who won the 50/50 draw).
  4. One of the Brechin committee took umbridge when someone shouted 'cheats' when they decided to treat the drop ball after Bronsky's head injury as a free kick into the box. Bad sportsmanship?
  5. I'll start this one off. Hopefully Elgin will get their finger out and give the fans some Christmas cheer with a home win. I'll go 2-0. Think McDonald's still suspended.
  6. Poor performance all round. Shane had a good 2nd half, Bronsky had his poorest game imo, McKay was awful and should've been punted at HT. Aitken isn't a footballer and for his size, doesn't old up a ball and is too easily knocked over. 5pts off a playoff spot sounds better than 6pts off bottom.
  7. gordon9736


    There's a Premier Inn just on the outskirts on the Aberdeen side, so at least you know what you're getting with them. The Mansefield and Mansion House would be the classy ones and there's the Sunninghill, Royal and Laichmoray which are beside the train station and central.
  8. I think I read on here of Stenny fans laughing at Elgin signing Dingwall. He's been a class player for us this season so far.
  9. We lost the league a few years ago by three points to East Fife, who beat us at home in the run-in which was our only home league defeat. We'd have won the league that season had Darryl not got tagged and Duff played instead.
  10. Fantastic result for Elgin. Could've and should've been two or three more. Poorest Annan performance I've seen. They were starting to lose it amongst themselves and the only thing which would've made it funnier would've been a cameo appearance of a Jim Chapman meltdown.
  11. Saw that. Didn't realise that the kitman was part of the management team. Would we get a transfer fee if he moved teams between now and summer 2021?
  12. Apologies, I typed then changed what I was going to say. Your team won't go down.
  13. Better team won. Could've got a couple of more goals, but happy with the result. We were a better team with Cooper back at RB, cracking goals from Shane. Only disappointment for me is Aitken, he reminds me of Kyle McLeod that we has on loan a couple of seasons ago, and he was a donkey. Aitken can't trap a ball, and for the size of him, he gets knocked over too easily. QP fans, your team won't not go down.
  14. Both teams coming off Scottish Cup wins last week. Elgin have won their last three games so hopefully have put their poor run behind them. Not aware of any injury issues and all three loan plyers available again. Home win.
  15. I am. We got a good result down there earlier this season and despite them being two divisions higher, I don't think we have anything to fear, esp if we string a few good results together before then. We've won three games on the trot so hopefully we've had our poor run.
  16. Alloa at home. Beaten them already this seaon in the Betfred, so it's winnable. Could've been a worse draw for us.
  17. Omar was my MotM. Although we were the better team in the first half, we didn't put our chances away, which thankfully didn't hurt us in the end. Definitely an improvement in the second half when Cooper replaced Wilson. Thought Soapy was anonymous and Darryl poor when he came on, maybe still lacking game time.
  18. Delighted with the result. Hopefully we'll get a home draw this time, preferably ICT or at worst ICT away.
  19. On a slightly different note, why has the club's website photos not been updated? We're still showing last year's team photo as well as goal celebrations not only from last season but the season before (Allan and Reilly). There are only pen pics of the management and about six players.
  20. All teams go through a bad spell during the season and this is ours. I'd rather see it now than towards the business end of the season when we will be in the running for the play-offs.
  21. Any reason that the sending off was not shown seeing as it apparently was the turning point despite the fact we were winning at that time.
  22. As an aside, I thought we were meant to get a complimentary caramel wafer for attending the games and also it was a poor attempt at a programme.
  23. Take i there were no sports reporters there today? BBC Football has "Elgin shock 10 man Dundee" and Local radio has Elgin scoring last minute winner. Keeper was sent off after 2nd goal and the only shock was that it wasn't more. The whole team was immense as were the travelling support.
  24. Hopefully with Soapy and Rabin back and back up to speed, Elgin will get back onto the winning track again. Home win by a goal.
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