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  1. Sturgeon on about banning gatherings of 500 plus is regarding not tying up police and ambulances but Elgin don't have either at games and I'd imagine other clubs at this div don't either. Do any other clubs other than Elgin and Cove have crowds regularly over 500 for league games?
  2. The last game of the season. Hopefully we'll have cemented 3rd or 4th by then.
  3. What a bunch of dirty scumbags, but what do you expect when the manager's calling a fan a speccy b*****d and the first team coach is telling another to step outside and then came back up the tunnel to look for him. Back to the football, Elgin should've scored more. I blame Cove for not beating them in the play offs the year before.
  4. Yet another big game for Elgin. We're on a roll with 5 wins in last 6 games and pulled back 9 points on the visitors in that time. Not sure of how bad Spark's injury was, but with Smart scoring on his first start and Shane making a comeback, everything is clicking. It'll be a hard game but I'm going for a home win by 2 clear goals.
  5. A good home win. Whole team played well (disappointed with MacKay tho). Smart did well in his first start and hopefully he and Kane can form a partnership for next season. Only downside was Spark's injury. I missed who got MotM.
  6. As a total aside and seeing that Vodka Vic commented, do any of the older Elgin fans remember Vic Kasule playing for Elgin during the John Teasdale years? Might have been just the once as a triallst.
  7. Another good 3 points. A bit of a bugger if you turned up a few minutes late.
  8. TBF I live just outside Elgin and it's glorious but windy.
  9. Wonder how Bollan got it called off?🤥. Sun shining and no more rain forecasted.
  10. I'll start the thread then. Massive game for both teams, dare I say more for the visitors as they've been on a bit of a slide. Hopefully home advantage will get Elgin through this one even with Shane out. It's going to be blowing a gale and a half tomorrow, but I fancy Elgin by two goals.
  11. Think you'll find we're chasing 3rd spot as are QP.
  12. Great win. Wished I'd managed to get the day off work.
  13. Tom McHale resigns until summer 2021. Happy with that.
  14. LIke Philip Schofield? It's a joke and not a homophobic attack before anyone complains.
  15. Would like to see a home win for a change.
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