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  1. Elgin City v The Binos

    It was in The Northern Scot the other week.
  2. Elgin City v The Binos

    Thanks for that BB. I knew he'd been at SA before Clyde, but assumed for longer. If it cheers youse up, he's announced his retirement at the end of the season.
  3. Elgin City v The Binos

    Did the guitar playing Stirling fan have it taken off him by the stewards? Had a smile when they were singing "Goalie, goalie, give us a song!" to Gourley, but a laugh when Elgin fans sang "You're not singing anymore!" when our third went in. I also saw Stirling fans having a go at JP McGovern at full time, but he seemed to give as good as he got. What was that about?
  4. Elgin City v The Binos

    Cracking game and a well deserved 3 points. After going down so early Elgin came back strongly. Stirling keeper had some very good saves in the first half to prevent Elgin being ahead in the first half and a great fightback to take all the points. Wilson's still a bomb scare tho, but not as much as Stirling's nr 6. Hester would be my choice over McLeish up front.
  5. Elgin v QP

    Tuesday 26 Feb, 7.45pm ko
  6. Elgin v QP

    Apologies, I went to bed rather than sitting on the internet all night. I don't know if covers were put down. You decided that City had done nothing and I asked where you read that. The above comment indicates to me that your 'probing' (unusual word if asking a straight question) is akin to trolling, but I'm not playing. Have a safe journey up if the game is on.
  7. Elgin v QP

    Where have you read that they haven't taken some action?
  8. Elgin v QP

    City have played well the last two games and on that basis I'm going for a home win.
  9. Elgin City v Edinburgh City

    Another good performance from City, definitely a roller coaster of a day. Thought Darryl was MotM, and the whole team played well although Shane was poor compared to what he can do. Hester and Roberts fitted in nicely. Hopefully we've turned a corner.
  10. Elgin City v Edinburgh City

    Home team to cause a wee surprise.
  11. Elgin City 2018/19

    Heard this story at the start of the week, but saw on Weymouth website, they signed a keeper from Dover on Saturday past.
  12. Hibernian versus Elgin City, 19/01/19

    I wish City played every week like this. They fought hard, everyone of them. I just hope that Gav Price takes note and starts McHale from now on. I also wish that that many fans turn out every week at BB rather than just big games. The only upside of being 3 down t half time was that the silly wee drunk boys all buggered off.
  13. Elgin City 2018/19

    McHardy, Wilson and Cooper all signed new 2 yr contracts.
  14. Elgin v Cowden

    I agree. I'd imagine that Dingwall was keen on remaining full time hence Raith Rovers. Heard a story a couple of weeks ago that McHale wants to leave due to lack of game time. Hope he starts now,
  15. Elgin v Cowden

    Starting to agree with Elginer about Price. I remember when Weir left hearing that Price was the brains behind the operation. Probably our worst home performance in many a year. The best team won. I don't understand why he resigned Gourley when we're needing a striker and have McHale, a member of the last England C international squad sitting on the bench, who I think is a better keeper. Will Gourley play against Hibs next week as Dundee signed a keeper on loan, meaning they won't need to recall him? Why bring on Wilson, a full back, when we're chasing goals, when Beattie (admittedly past it), a former international striker, could have caused some sort of problems in their box. Maybe we missed McLeish's running about today. Never thought I'd say that! For what it's worth, I thought that Cowden were lucky to get their 2nd goal, as Morrison was fouled by their captain(?) when he connected doing a scissor kick.