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  1. Will we need as large a squad as it's going to be 3/4 of a season. I'm sure a couple of loanees will come in.
  2. Omar divided the support at Elgin in his two seasons with there. He would get stuck in, get a few goals but would pick up stupid yellows and reds. He was called up to the Iraq U23 squad last season about Dec/Jan and missed a few games IIRC.
  3. He is a good player, but hot headed. Probably sent off about 4 or 5 times in his two seasons with us along with a lot of bookings. He divided the supporters by playing well then picking up a needless yellow or a red . Always glad to her of a former player going full time.
  4. I'd imagine like McDonald, O'Keefe and some other their contracts were up and therefore we couldn't furlough them so they were released. Maybe we're slowly working round the players we want and possibly they'll re-sign.
  5. Me too. Pretty sure Tatters said in his interview that he was due to sign on the day football was cancelled (Brechin game?).
  6. Conor O'Keefe resigns for another season.
  7. I'd say to fellow City supporters (and others) not to give Telford Street Troller the time of day by replying to his attempts at winding us up. He obviously gets his rocks off on it. Most of his comments have been about Elgin.
  8. I'm heartened by the amount of dislike (could use stronger words) of colt teams from fans of all the lower league teams.
  9. Fans boycotted the Challenge Cup games against the colt teams so why would they go to watch them in league games?
  10. All clubs are in the same boat and with players from higher up league teams available it may be a case of swings and roundabouts.
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