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  1. Rory McEwan and Euan Spark both work at pest control, I believe.
  2. Had a look myself, but I think it's gone now, def there last week. I'd imagine it's being updated for tomorrow.
  3. There was one done for the original game. You should be able to find it on the website.
  4. Is he not angling for the Director of Football job at Celtic?
  5. Josh Peters signed til Summer 2023.
  6. Forfar v Elgin City friendly free to watch via Forfar's website.
  7. Maybe settle for 18 game season due to missed weeks plus teams possibly still in Scottish Cup. Enough league games to allow play-offs
  8. Surprised no-one mentioned how good Elgin City's sausage rolls and pies are especially how cheap they are.
  9. I'm sure Gav tried to keep him, but Peterhead probably offered him a better deal. He didn't play much after the start of 2020 after we got Graham on loan from Dundee Utd. Hopefully he's got something similar up his sleeve again. A pity because he was good, but I agree with T&G, esp after so many players buying into Gav's plans and signing new/longer contracts
  10. Great performance against last year's bogey team with special mention to Spark and Cooper. Canna complain about 3pts and a clean sheet. Finish the year with the start of a Scottish Cup run please.
  11. Elgin City v Rangers 25/11/2012, Game postponed the day before as home team had sold more tickets than the ground was allowed to hold.
  12. Saw two adults and a couple of kids trying to get into the tier 2 area when the rain was particularly heavy but stewards put them back
  13. 3 points and a clean sheet which is the main thing. Had it not been for the Annan goalie we would have been 3 up by half time. The team played well and I'd have made Spark MotM, especially in the dying minutes when he was putting himself about after he got hit where it huts the most.
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