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  1. Ironically, weren't you, very recently, chastising 'Redwedge77', in the club thread, telling him/her to grow up, act their age and not be nasty? The thing is, I don't think the intention was to insult you by saying you were the "unofficial illiterate club spokesman". I think it was more describing you. Accurately too, in my opinion. Which part(s) of what was said would you care to actually disagree with?
  2. So, someone told you something that you believed, taking it as 'the truth', before referencing a 'suspect', who actually isn't, before discovering that it had no foundation in fact at all? How ironic! And is "my bad if not" as far reaching as your own apology will go?
  3. I know that any answers to my questions would be posted on here, but are there any fresh rumours of who may be coming in to manage and/or play for us? Not particularly impressed with the names bandied about so far. Also, is the pitch going to be returning to its original dimensions? Ha-ha, ideally I'm looking for answers in the positive for both.
  4. No? Admittedly, like a lot of managers, the last season with whatever team they're with wasn't great. Not being great is exactly why it's their last season. Perhaps you can tell me who was our manager for our highest ever finish in the Scottish league system?
  5. I don't think that we should be looking to jump on the 'usual suspect' bandwagon. Shouts for Archibald, Naysmith, McCulloch etc. are ones that, I hope, don't materialise. If you look at our last few appointments, they've generally been pretty successful - when choosing someone who is new and has something about them that hasn't been moulded by, possibly, accepted methods elsewhere. Newbies Hartley, Ross and Goodwin were/are all relative successes. The 'experienced' Lennon and Smith, not so much. Personally, I would like it to be Andy Graham too. The man is a born leader, obviously well respected by the players and, probably, any manager that has had the pleasure of picking him in their team. He knows everyone who's already here, which wouldn't affect too many aims for this season or cause too much disruption. The guy has also plied his trade around exactly the bazaars that we would be shopping in, and I'm sure he has a fair idea of who he thinks could do us a turn. The vast majority of us fans, I think, would be quite happy if he was given the gig. Player/manager? Absolutely for me. We've done it before, McCann, Garner, Sullivan and Goodwin spring to mind. And who wouldn't have loved to have seen Hartley do the same? The constant that is Paddy Connolly is also there. And if he doesn't know the club's philosophy regarding management, then no one will. If Andy Graham doesn't want to do it, then I hope that we don't go for a lazy appointment. I would like to see someone who will do everything in their power to improve on what is already here. Most people know exactly where the aforementioned Hartley, Ross and Goodwin started their management careers. There's a reason for that - success. Apart from Alloa fans, football hardies and their own families, who could name Lennon and/or Smith having us as a stop on their own journeys? Not for me someone for whom this is just another line on their CV. Again, these could be all moot points if Goodwin stays. Interesting few days/weeks ahead.
  6. Reminds me a little of yourself. Except both your music AND your patter are "utter crap"!
  7. Having read all of the recent posts, particularly in relation to Marr and Holmes, I can only echo what has been written. Both of them have been excellent for us over the piece. That they've been with us for five and six years respectively says much for them as players and people. And I don't think that they have trotted out the usual rhetoric in expressing how they viewed the club, staff, fans etc., plus that they wanted to stay. Obviously extremely disappointed at how it all ended but, and we'll never know if it would have made any difference, I can't help but point the finger at Goodwin for leaving Spence out of the starting line-up for the first game at Brechin. This was our top scorer and, for me, inexplicable that he did so. After recording the game and watching his interview on Alba prior to Saturday's game, he was asked about that. I can't remember exactly what he said but he came away with some utter bollocks about the pitch/getting behind their defence etc. Why couldn't he play to our strengths - which was surely to accommodate the guy who'd already scored over twenty goals? I get the impression, rightly or not, that Goodwin thinks he's a little more cerebral than others in how he views the game, players and tactics. Well Jim, how did that ultimately pan out? I thought that he was trying to be clever for clever's sake. I've played in teams when similar things have happened. What it does is, instead of instinctively doing the things that have paid off for you a lot of the time, you take that extra nano-second to process and evaluate your next move. Which can make all the difference. Additionally, I would be certain that there would be a few raised eyebrows amongst the rest of the team about that decision. Yes, the manager's choice is final and he'll succeed or fail as a result of making those choices. But because he's the manager, doesn't mean to say that he's right. Only that that's what he believes to be. Sure, he speaks well and is spoken of in good terms by others. Unfortunately, that goes for many people. Including some I myself have absolutely no time for. It's all about opinions. I just hope that he gets it right in the weeks and season ahead.
  8. I am very disappointed that both McCord and Cawley are away. They, in my opinion, are the two best 'ball-players' we have. They had skill, composure, the intelligence to see most of what was available and they certainly contributed in the goals department. Sometimes spectacularly so. They weren't only that though. They weren't shy about putting the effort in. They didn't miss many games through injury either. Very good signings for Raith and Dumbarton. I predict that both will flourish at their new clubs. Also that Lennon, and some of the support, might just wish we'd managed to keep a hold of them. Hope I'm wrong!
  9. In your case, 'Wasps1', intelligence, coherence and decent banter - to name but three things.
  10. Now I don't usually get involved in petty name-calling, but the man is a total buffoon. In fact, as soon as I see one of his posts, he inspires the same feeling with me as Rihanna must experience as soon as she hears "honey, I'm home".
  11. Yeah, apologies, my mistake. However, my point still stands. Is taking off Buchanan to push Cawley up a significant enough alteration to change anything? No, I don't think it is. The fact that, as you say, Cawley is put back once Ferns came on makes it even more of a head scratcher. Bring them both on at the same time and at least try and give Rovers something to think about. By asking if the above change was all we could do, I was bemoaning the lack of something different. We are in the second tier of Scottish football. Surely we can attract someone who offers us that option? I don't know if you are trying to pick me up on the fact that there was no "significant tactical" change after me saying that if that swap is our only one then we aren't going to surprise anybody. That was my point.
  12. For me, Marr, Gordon, Simmons, Cawley and McCord were our better performers. Meggat and Doyle weren't great, with their hands raised, mostly in apology, to those in front for a ream of misplaced passes. Both, however, did improve after the break. Meggat, for some, man of the match though? Marr was, and by a distance too. The players we have that can do most damage are those who are quick and have a decent touch. Wee give and go's, I feel, would be playing to their strengths. The amount of times a ball was launched skyward towards Spence and Buchanan was very frustrating to watch. A little different when a ball is played from wide into the box, but not when they have their backs to goal. Either get the ball in to them or give them something to run on to. We really looked devoid of any ideas. Is bringing Eddie Ferns on for Buchanan and moving Cawley up front really as tactically different as it gets for us? If so, we won't take much sussing out. I was disappointed to see McCord go off, although I thought Flannigan did alright. Holmes would have been who I'd have taken off. Gibson has to take the majority of blame for the goal. Why he didn't, or at least attempt to, make sure that a ball no more than a few feet from him was his was baffling. There wasn't much to draw between either team yesterday. Neither goalie was overworked with, if anything, us having the better opportunities. As has been said, with the limited chances we did create, a little more composure and/or luck wouldn't have gone amiss. On an aside, I was a little disappointed to see that no longer do the subs carry out wee drills at half-time. Petty? Perhaps. But it looked a lot more professional than simply doing a bit of keepie-up and firing a ball at each other. We have no bad players, but something, or someone, else has to be introduced into that team before we find ourselves playing too much a game of 'catch the ninth placed side'.
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