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  1. Celtic fan pontificating about clubs behaving in a proper manner? Please stop.
  2. The thing that lets the Showpark down is the lack of parking, but it’s pretty much perfect for everything else. As for EKFC’s proposed new stadium - you would be hard pushed to find a more inconvenient site for a ground if you tried.
  3. No thanks. He hit a couple of decent free-kicks and scored a couple of goals but he went missing in games too often. Not what we need.
  4. One of those people I follow but I can't quite remember why, and definitely don't know who he is or what he does. “Raping someone is wrong. RT if you agree” 50k likes and retweets.
  5. James Melville is the worst account on Twitter by a distance.
  6. Rovers were in a perilous financial position even before Covid-19. Hopefully this will hasten their demise. Fife is *** stronghold anyway, so I doubt anyone would care.
  7. Reassuring to see that a rare outbreak of civility in our thread was soon quashed 😂
  8. The failed Lib Dem candidate would give Random Guy a run for his money in the tedium stakes.
  9. Tears and snotters indeed! Dry your eyes, mate.
  10. I’m still laughing at how seething their fans were that day. Some quality ‘haud me back’ gestures from the Main Stand rounded off by the Thistle da abusing their fans with his young daughter in his arms. Lovely stuff.
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