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  1. I said it at the time when we lost at Cappielow in March, but Muirhead’s antics that day were hilarious. You don’t get enough of it in football nowadays. It worked for him that day, blew up in his face yesterday. That’s what football is all about.
  2. The game that saw the legendary ‘A great feeling at Cappielow’ thread burst into life.
  3. Morton will come for a point and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it.
  4. It isn’t difficult to understand why they are so vehemently opposed to even the most basic level of scrutiny. Appalling stuff, especially from that Beastall geezer.
  5. Really enjoying John Rankin’s post-match contributions.
  6. Kenny MacIntyre shut the f**k up about Man City for five minutes challenge: IMPOSSIBLE.
  7. Apart from one lapse in concentration, I thought Hodson was outstanding. Would be happy to see us go with the same starting XI
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