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  1. Beast FC’s cup final. Will be a tough game.
  2. Byers Road Benitez to remind us all how clever and cunning he is by making 6-7 completely unnecessary changes only to lose 1-0.
  3. Our club is currently undergoing Airdrieification. The process will be complete once we’re part-time and playing in front of sub-2000 crowds.
  4. John Brown sat next to us on the train on the way back from a Thistle - Dundee game at Firhill. Sat and had a beer with us and was really good company. It’s fair to say he’s not Rab Douglas’ biggest fan.
  5. Wanks: Paul Paton. Offered me a square go on the pitch the day we were presented with the league trophy in 2013. Spent the rest of the night offering our fans out on social media during a team night out in Glasgow. Paul McGowan. Stuck his shoulder into my mate for no reason and started trying to scrap with him. Had to be pulled away by his embarrassed missus. Good guys: Lionel Ainsworth, Ally McCoist, John Brown, Conrad Balatoni, Christie Elliot, James Craigen, Chris Erskine and Tommy Burns.
  6. Daft little ground, silly game, f**k off.
  7. A very savoury, but weird game of football. I actually thought the Airdrie commentators were pretty fair and decent for most of it.
  8. Under normal circumstances, I would be delighted to see McCall binned. But there’s no way we can afford to compensate him and to be honest, would you trust Low & co to find a competent replacement? We would be a stick-on to end up with Shelley Kerr.
  9. Genuine question though. Apologies. I saw a few tweets during the week where our fans were trying to link the call ups to the success of our academy which is a bit of a leap to say the least.
  10. Cringing like f**k seeing our fans trying to latch onto this.
  11. Airdrie for me too, but with the school football team. We played Airdrie Academy in the Scottish Cup and after the game, the local neds put a brick clean through the window. They could have at least aimed for our teacher. Many an away bus has come a cropper to neds with bricks, bottles and golf balls when visiting Firhill. I think it was Hibs fans who got it particularly bad in Possil in the 90s.
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