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  1. I think someone has put some mushrooms in my pint because I’ve just witnessed Scott Fox competently deal with a header from a corner.
  2. All things considered, I’m hoping for a Dundee victory. Killie and Airdrie/Morton would make for a delicious championship. The Diageo, William Begg, AT Mays, Marvin and Dayna b*****ds.
  3. That’s a tremendous finish. Brilliant game so far. Really enjoying this.
  4. she can go f**k herself I'll be in the pub monday.
  5. Trips to Airdrie or Greenock to look forward to next season. Oh Scottish football, you really spoil us.
  6. Just had my Croatia tickets cancelled too. Ah well, didn’t want to see the Davor Suker b*****ds anyway.
  7. Still conflicted on who to give my list vote to in East Kilbride. Will probably end up giving it to the greens, but not entirely convinced by them. Managed to convince (pester) my apolitical girlfriend into voting SNP on both lists in Tory held Ayr.
  8. Really looking forward to a feature length ‘Father Ted accepting a golden cleric’ speech from McCall on Sportsound. ...”and now we move on to liars...”
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