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  1. I’m locked up for saying Neil Doncaster has a face you would love to punch.
  2. Someone compile a list of Jacqui’s lowlights so far, please.
  3. We’re not just a football club. We’re a family.
  4. Cowering from Clyde. Just when you think we couldn’t sink any lower.
  5. It’s been turgid and embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as supporting a tragic bumpkin outfit who are happy to shaft their own fans to accommodate a far-right, rabble-rousing, carpetbagging scumbag like George Galloway. As if electing Alister Jack wasn’t embarrassing enough! Would be a real shame if the Nith burst its banks this winter.
  6. No surprise to see Queen of the South rolling out the red carpet for a far-right extremist, British nationalist like Galloway. Despicable wee club. Will enjoy their imminent relegation and liquidation.
  7. An important and often overlooked point. Wait until Big Alec finds out about those pesky Slovaks and Czechs.
  8. Travelling to an empty stadium during a pandemic to rip down some fences and fight with the police because their team lost a game of football. Scruffs.
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