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  1. With good reason. Many do not trust her and these feelings of distrust seem to grow by the day.
  2. I’ve got quite a few people like that on my Facebook. I really don’t know where to start with such idiocy.
  3. I’m fairly sure my first pint would have been a pint of Miller in 2004, in my local scheme pub. Plenty of change from a fiver when I was buying that and a Guinness for my mate.
  4. And yet you are still below us in the league. Maybe you should look elsewhere
  5. Salty, Tory tears. The perfect appetiser for Thursday. As you were......
  6. Never let it be said that Dunfermline fans lack self-awareness.
  7. Another one of my accounts bites the dust. Trying to set up a new account but having no joy as they keep getting shut down immediately. Any advice?
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