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  1. Champions league the rightful home for the Bairns, first stop promotion from League 1.
  2. Unchanged side...plus Luke Holt on the bench
  3. Why cant they all just keep it simple and respectful like the Cock Destroyers
  4. I'd have Liam Brown from Queens Park over Hetherington/Telfer without a doubt.
  5. Neither Ruth or Keena look good enough to lead the line for us but until Christmas we need to play one and I think I'd have Keena over Ruth. Don't think there's much in it though. Also have no faith in our amazing new recruitment team to get a proper starter in the door. This is Sheerins big test now that the whole squad look just about fit, he'll be able to play his "best 11" hopefully from now until the window so we absolutely need to see a change in results. No more excuses.
  6. I actually think we were better today than we have been the past few months which isn't really saying much tbh. The team that finished the game is just about our best 11 and i thought before the penalty (clear handball but the type that you don't need to give) we were starting to create a bit more but first half we created nothing at all. Conceding like that though ffs, awful. I honestly could believe Ben Hall is doing some performance art where he's doing this on purpose.
  7. We look okish so far but we're so passive it's unreal. Seem to want to be either 40 years out or in front of an open goal before we have a shot. If they're fit enough I'd have Morrison/Williamson on early second half to give us some form of threat down the right hand side. I know every team in the world probably thinks this but we could really do with the first goal here.
  8. Honestly think we'll look like a new team with Williamson and Morrison back
  9. Dune - Cinema 8/10 Loved it, I was really caught up in the visuals though and how it just felt like how I'd imagined Dune while reading it, the whole film flew by and I can't wait for part two. Oscar Isaac was great, Rebecca Ferguson stole the show and I maybe wasn't too convinced by Chalamets pouting. I wonder if you haven't read the book though whether it would be clear as to what's going on so maybe turning it into 3 films rather than 2 and taking more time to build up to the betrayal/attack would have been better or more satisfying.
  10. I think football is theatre and we're perfectly entitled to boo/cheer/moan about anything that's football related. Nobody is turning up to watch Falkirk because of our scintillating football method, it's about the passion of watching your team and going through the highs and (more likely) lows as part of a group. As long as it doesn't become personal then I don't see any issues at all.
  11. I thought he had a really good game today. So did Telfer. Miller, McDaid and (amazing goal aside) McGuffie are not good enough for us. In January we need to be bringing in a new left winger to be starting. McDaid in particular just seems way off it and looks like he's just going through the motions. Ruth was much better today but he needs to be much stronger if he's to lead the line. I thought Keena was awful when he came on too. Next week is huge, somehow we're only 3 points off the top and we need to build on the good parts of today. Hopefully Williamson can be back in contention too
  12. You can't have it both ways, either the board is culpable for hiring the manager who wastes their budget or the manager is at fault for wasting the budget. There needs to be some accountability. Absolutely nobody is suggesting that we have a divine right to promotion, just the simple logic that the biggest budget in the league managed well should be able to at the very least deliver a real challenge.
  13. The place the club finds itself is nothing to do with the board, the people whose job it is to run the club? Is that what you're saying here?
  14. Just finished the Q&A The positives: I thought Phil Rawlins, as he has done previously, seemed the most competent of them all and I do agree with the points around building a better infrastructure for the club. I get the impression that if given time, the club will be better for him being involved. Holt talking about the youth academy was good to hear and I am very happy that we have restarted it. Not exactly a huge positive but I didn't think Sheerin came across as poorly as others have said, he clearly believes in his style and thinks it'll pay dividends in the future, only time will tell I suppose. The negatives: Everyone has mentioned it but the comments about the fans and "that's a statement" were absolutely wild and an insane tact to begin the night with. The guy who got shot down with the "statement" had clearly researched a very reasonable point and it deserved more respect. Deans initially came across quite poorly and condescending as he has done several times. Defending the recruitment made absolutely no sense to me, if we have the biggest budget in the league and we sit 5th with a negative goal difference then something is clearly wrong. It is obvious that we have not made great strides in recruitment no matter how bad it was before behind the scenes. Nesbitt aside we have not recruited any better than our previous seasons in League 1. I thought that after the initial horror show it settled into an interesting watch although I don't think I'm more or less confident about our chances. If the recruitment doesn't improve significantly in January then all the infrastructure in the world won't save us and them heralding the new approach as a grand improvement scares me.
  15. The opening Colborn statement, Jesus wept. Couldnt have started worse than that, absolutely incredible.
  16. That's a fair comment, I was more meaning the stuff about how many goals he scored last year and it being his first job etc. Even when he was rumoured for us the Dumbarton fans couldn't believe he would be offered a full time gig anywhere. Nothing against him personally or anything and I hope he can prove me wrong, just sticks out as a truly bizarre panic signing.
  17. Can't believe the comments from Holt around Wilson, he looked absolutely hopeless in every appearance, scored 5 goals for Dumbarton last season and isnt some raw teenager, he'll be 24 in 2 months. Can't imagine many things in football that would surprise me more than Wilson coming back from Elgin looking semi capable of starting for us.
  18. The Falkirk Supporters Society launched their website etc yesterday, essentially looking for a monthly donation to buy at least 7.5% of the club and have a seat(s) on the board in the future. What do folk think of this initiative? I've always thought fan ownership is the way for Scottish clubs to go but this stops short of that with the "three legged stool" model. Anyone with more experience of board interaction able to give some insight over the possible influence a group like that might have? https://falkirksupporters.org/
  19. That was criminal, we had absolutely no answer to Airdrie today. If you add in Morrison and Williamson we are still nowhere near good enough. Holt has to answer for the recruitment, it is completely unacceptable for "the biggest budget in the division" to assemble this squad. Sheerin has to answer for the tactics, we clearly do not have the players to play the style he wants and despite playing 2 strikers today, he's not making the correct adjustments to the style based on what we're seeing on the pitch. The board need to answer to overseeing this shambles.
  20. Very poor from us today, we just have no idea what to do once we cross the halfway line. Despite everyone (correctly) clamouring for 2 up top we're not making use of it and the game is getting played almost entirely in our half, again. No clue what I'd change in the 2nd half other than booting every player up the arse, options on the bench don't inspire much confidence.
  21. No arguments there, but I think that's certainly an example of Dixon putting a foot wrong so it's no real shock he's been dropped.
  22. I thought Dixon was awful first half against East Fife, swanning about and misplacing loads of passes. Deserved to be taken off imo
  23. Guessing it's Martin Miller McKay Lemon McDaid Telfer Hetherington McCann Nesbit Keena Ruth
  24. Interesting that McCann is in over Dixon. Nobody on the bench I'd want to start so that's positive I guess? here
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