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  1. Took that in as a (somewhat) neutral tonight. Thought QP defended well but maybe missed an opportunity by just launching it the entire game. The introduction of Murray livened things up but was maybe too late to make a real difference. Dunfermline look to have some better quality players but had little drive or desire about their play. I'd still have them as favourites for the tie but wouldn't be confident in either side for the final.
  2. Cheers for that, turns out i can access it via mobile but not on desktop.
  3. I live round the corner from Firhill so i was going to pop round tonight to hopefully see you pump Dunfermline, been looking at buying tickets from the link below but both the home and away links on that page take me to buy tickets for the away end. Can anyone forward on the link for home tickets please? https://queensparkfc.co.uk/match-tickets-dunfermline-athletic/
  4. Paul Watson till 2023 too i think. Same as everyone else, maybe would have kept Telfer but his best quality has been being slightly less shite than the rest.
  5. Didn't we have Spencer on trial during the Hartley debacle and didn't offer him a deal? May have made that up. McGlynn, Bennedictus and Spencer would be a fantastic start to the window and credit to the board if they can get it sorted. Sensible and decisive, fair play.
  6. What a shambles of a year, national laughing stock again with too many ridiculous moments to list. The Q&A being the real stand out. Club really seems like it's in a death spiral. No clue how they'll pitch season tickets to us this year but as someone said above, this past couple of seasons have been so grim I'll likely wait until we've assembled the squad to decide or just go game to game. This is the first year I've just not bothered going to games on the ST, I live round the corner from Firhill and wasn't even slightly tempted today.
  7. I'd agree if the cat wasn't already out of the bag, get the feeling it'll be flooded with B teams before too long
  8. That's... actually a reasonable idea (unless you have to pay £40k like the LL), presumably the East of Scotland conference leagues?
  9. Worried it'll be Rice but at the same time, not sure how much better we can expect to get. As for Dowds, wish him well enough, Holt/Deans threw him under the bus a bit but it's not like we could name more than 3 or 4 really good performances. As with everyone who leaves, the issue is more trying to find better replacements. Still think if we'd been able to keep Keena, Morrison and him fit in the M&M season then we'd have went up. it was clear that the plan was for Dowds to play off Keena and have Morrison as our main creative force and as it was Dowds just never really looked like scoring.
  10. We do this pretty much every 6/12 months...
  11. Really thought it would work out for Rennie and I do actually think the club deserve a bit of credit for trying something different and particularly for making it a 6 month deal. However, it was a complete disaster start to finish and he absolutely could not have been given an extension. Even if you believed in Rennieball, keeping him on would have been so toxic in terms of people renewing season tickets etc. No idea who will come in next and what sort of scope they'll have for rebuilding but it is a huge appointment for the club. Pretty much nothing to build on in the current squad, no youths, a (justifiably) mutinous support and the club not exactly flush with cash, get your applications in now!
  12. Can accept it being the clubs idea but the execution of it, which Hartley absolutely was part of and bought into with his pal "Mitch", couldn't have been more shambolic. Everyone gets a share of the blame for that debacle but to try and absolve Hartley is absolutely wild, why did he accept an entire team he'd never seen? Who scouted and signed Haber/Froxilias/Fasan/Mackin/Russell? Who agreed to punt the majority of an underperforming team who'd just finished 2nd?
  13. There can't be another team in Scotland that passes this much to their CBs, torture
  14. Enjoyed seeing Kenny Miller losing the plot at us having 5 players defending deep while we were on the attack
  15. Starting to think we won't go up this year
  16. I know what you mean but not one of those players at the highest point in their careers would be as good as Brown at his worst, moot point though if he can't (and absolutely wouldn't) sign
  17. Any chance you can post the link you're using? I'm still seeing the SSC stuff
  18. the links available are all for SSC members, should i keep refreshing till a non SSC option is available?
  19. Fair play to him, didn't look a day over 40 imo
  20. I'm in the same boat, hardly even celebrated the equaliser tonight. Can't see me bothering again this season anyways.
  21. Rennieball can fucking f**k off. ATS, Jacobs and Mackenzie Lemon on when you're drawing at home to Peterhead. Awful signings, awful tactics, awful team.
  22. I agree that I'd like to give Rennie/Miller next season and some proper backing to let them build their own squad but looking at the list of contracts for next year we're going to have to keep more players than we'd like. Was happy to see a fightback in the 2nd half yesterday as I spent first half thinking that my apathy had grown to the point that it was the least annoyed I'd ever been at seeing us losing. I think a decent end to the season is needed to generate some positivity for next year and goodwill towards the new board/management team.
  23. I always enjoy this part of the new manager cycle when all the diddies get punted until you realise you're witnessing the villain origin story for some new signing. I genuinely can't believe Holt signed Hall for this season and brought up his injury as a main reason for our collapse last season. Going to miss* that thing Hall would do where he'd look almost competent for 88 minutes or so then gift the opposition a comedy goal. * can't wait to never see again.
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