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  1. I'll just be going to tick it off the list but if it's as bad as it looked then I won't be back.
  2. Was wondering this myself, away tickets not on Dundees website either Edited: All tickets for this fixture are physical tickets and can be purchased in the Club Shop or over the phone on 01324 624121.
  3. Agreed but it's likely a 20 minute fix on the website, could add a Google calendar link or something to help fans track games easier. Just seems amateurish to not have them updated rather than anything too dramatic. Bigger fish to fry but it's something quite easy to fix.
  4. Agreed, hopefully he'll for into their style a bit better than he did at Livi. Happy to see him get a good move.
  5. The trebuchet has been unleashed, Wilson, Sneddon and Ross (Seb, not oor Ethan) next please.
  6. Russell at fault for the crash there and couldn't get the car started, no idea what he's whining about. Also it's not his job to try and help people who've crashed, all he'll have done is get in the way of the medics, FIA made the right call.
  7. From Holt's interviews at the time around signings and the youth academy, he really emphasised his desire to pick up players who'd lost their way in professional football and give them a platform to succeed. Sounds like a nice plan but also leads to ignoring all supporting evidence and signing players like Wilson who are nowhere near the quality of any league 1 side on a punt. Not Wilsons fault we gave him a TWO YEAR deal but it's incredible he made it through a trial.
  8. I thought Williamson was incredibly disappointing last year, it really looks like injuries have done him in and he never really delivered on the "good going forward" part of the deal to accept his defensive shortcomings. He'd be in the trebuchet for me.
  9. Finally, ahead of Montrose, let the good times roll
  10. I'm assuming the trialists are from the youth team?
  11. Looking a bit grim squadwise for tonight but suppose nothing else too surprising. I think we're in for a season rebuilding rather than dominating, another couple in permanently and then the rest on loan late in the window.
  12. Out of interest, any idea if people been booking tickets for the KM7 stand over the Main stand for tomorrow night? Normally for a friendly i'd head to the main
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