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  1. 100%, Todorov did what target men are supposed to do, win headers and hold the ball up. I'd start him and DKD next week for Jarvis and Petra.
  2. Relegation Royal Rumble

    That'll be that then. Wouldn't be surprised if our next league win was in League 1
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    This is a low, McKinnon did well to steady the ship after the mess Hartley left us with but he has to take the blame for today. We've been abysmal for 2 years now and we must have a top 4 budget for this league. Utter shambles. Wonder if this will give the fan ownership model a boost, that's possibly the only positive I can find.
  4. Absolute shite, Alloa deserved that and we're off to the seaside leagues. We simply dont know how to attack and I think at this point the blame has to lie with McKinnon. Tuesday was bad luck but we deserve to go down after a performance like that.
  5. Not surprising but I'd have liked to see Jarvis and Rudden together
  6. Was just saying this to a colleague this morning. Goodwin has done an excellent job there, I imagine there'll be a lot of teams looking at him for next season. Really nervous for this game, would take any kind of win. I think we've got a decent squad now and it's still in our hands but for whatever reason we still look a bit disjointed going forward. 2-1 Bairns with me watching the second half through my fingers.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I'd agree with this, I think Osman is a decent tidy up player (although he looked horrendous in his first few games), he'll break up attacks and then pass the ball to the nearest guy to him. Problem we've got is that we don't seem to have the players around him to make that useful and we end up quite static. I think with a more adventurous midfielder beside him he'd be a real asset but at the moment a midfield with Paton/Osman and McShane is way too plodding. I'd like to see that lineup too, thought Waddington and Jarvis were both decent on Tuesday and deserve to keep their places.
  8. Queens v Falkirk

    Pretty even so far with us probably shading the play. Waddington and Jarvis have both been decent, Waddington giving us the width we've lacked recently. Problem weve got is that the central midfielders are painfully slow at moving the ball around so decent looking moves are breaking down before they start. A bit more purpose in our play second half and we can win this.
  9. Queens v Falkirk

    Yeah, it's more that he seemed to offer a bit more physicality and balance to the frontline which I think we're lacking, as you say we haven't seen enough of him to judge properly. Saying that, I don't think you can drop Petra and keep all 3 of Paton/Osman/McShane as there's then a major lack of width. It would likely need to be more than just a straight swap.
  10. Queens v Falkirk

    I think a change in attacking style would help us a lot. Playing both Petra and Rudden is great for work rate but neither player can make the ball stick so we end up giving the ball away up top a lot and then have to defend the counter. Todorov has looked decent in his very limited appearances and I'd have him in for Petra and maybe bring Petra on late in the game so we can use his pace against tiring defenders. I'm going down to this tonight expecting to see the same starting 11 though.
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    What's the fucking point, absolute shite
  12. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Stripped of his skin and dragged through salt, more like Salt? These modern footballers have it too easy, should be dragged through lava, see how sore his teeth are then.
  13. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I reckon that'll be it exactly. They were banging on about McNulty on the radio on Saturday so maybe a chance for him. James Forrest the oldest starter, hopefully we've got the bones of a team that will be able to develop for the next few campaigns.
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Just saw the interviews from yesterdays game. DKD comes across really well, I'd love it if we could sign him at the end of the season if County go up and dont need him. I think he would be much better behind the striker but we'd need a decent LW to allow him to play there and McLean hasn't impressed at all aside from his first game.
  15. Lucky to go in equal here but a great finish to the half. Caldwell has set Thistle up well and we're having trouble getting put of our half. We really need to set up with more width in the midfield or we'll get punished again.