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  1. Total pish. Mutch and Dixon played well and pretty much everyone else was poor. Really dont know what M&M or anyone could do with this lot. Durnan made so many mistakes, it was incredible he lasted the 90 and Sammon was truly awful. Just dont see us going up and im not sure we can afford major changes in the squad.
  2. Durnan is an absolute bombscare, cant believe weve got another 18 months of him. Thought we started well without creating any clear cut chances. We dont seem to know what to do in the final third of the pitch. Dont think the midfield of Miller and Gomis is working. Doesnt seem to suit Gomis who's had a bit of a poor half. Hopefully we get a bit more creative in the second half and the ref gets a better grip on it.
  3. I think that after every managerial change you start to hear things about improving fitness etc so i usually take these things with a pinch of salt. As others have said though, it was really noticeable how lethargic we were as a side under McKinnon. Against part time teams we should absolutely be trying to make those extra training/recovery days show on match day, otherwise what's the point in being full time? McCracken was always big on fitness so hopefully this translates into more intensity on the park.
  4. Have to say i feel a bit bad for Johnstone, injuries look like they've really taken their toll on him. Hasn't shown anything positive in his limited appearances and I can't see him playing much except in games like today when the game's over. Really can't imagine where he goes from here other than part time.
  5. I think we deserve to be ahead, cant see Stranraer keeping up the high pressing throughout the second half but they look miles better than in the away game. Im not sure what Miller is offering us tbh, especially when we've got 3 centre halves on the pitch. Would prefer Tidser in there. Credit where it's due, i think Dixon has been good again. Nothing coming off for Sammon so far and Doyle (goal aside) has been poor.
  6. Unchanged team. No McMillan in the squad again either.
  7. We got £25k for Jimmy Nicholl?! He can't have been at the club for more than a month or two.
  8. Aye, plus I think Lewis Moore, Robbie Leitch & Gary Miller
  9. Aye, i'd agree with that. I just think McMillan isn't quite the answer for us. Would prefer someone younger with pace that we can use to change games if it isn't working for McManus & Sammon. I'm not sure McMillan is an upgrade on either (he obviously is on Johnstone though!) and I'd imagine for the wages we'll be paying for McMillan we could do better.
  10. Looking forward to going to either of these places. As others have said we will hopefully have done some (minor) surgery on the squad by then that can get the best out of the players Rays lumbered us with.
  11. I think it might be that we're sending him back in that case. If it's a straight choice between him and McManus i'd choose the latter and I don't imagine McMillan fancies being a bench player in League 1. As for the game, Stranraer were the poorest side I've seen this season in the away tie so I'm hoping we can get another win to get some momentum behind the team.
  12. 100% this. Outside LB the central midfield is our strongest position. He's a good player but he's chosen to retire from Scotland and if we actually manage to qualify then we'd be insane to drop someone who's contributed to that. If he was a centre half or a RB though it's a different story!
  13. Is McMillan injured or are we just stopping him getting cup tied in case we cancel the loan?
  14. Maybe the champ manager classic 41212? With Toshney sitting and Longridge behind the striker?
  15. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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