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  1. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    So what you're saying is, it would be crazy for me to get out of bed and drive to this game from Glasgow?
  2. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    I'm hungover, get it cancelled.
  3. Snake lovers v The Snakeless Morton

    One thing Hartley was good for was getting these games cancelled. Only 3 games left in 2018 too, hope there's another snowmageddon or absolutely anything to get these games off.
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I feel like you skipped past the points we've made and just took it to an extreme. There is a family section at the stadium and people using the language you describe should not sit there, which I think is the point in it. I still think that we should be allowed to voice our opinions in the stadium as long as we don't cross the line, if that makes me a total roaster then so be it!
  5. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I think the argument has to be about the type of abuse. Football is theatre (or panto in our case), groaning and moaning about poor play is fair imo and like others have said, can be taken as balance for the wild celebrations that you can get, like we had up in Inverness. If you remove the tribal aspect of football then all you're left with is the quality on display which might not go down too well for us... For me, the issues come up whenever the abuse goes beyond footballing ability and that's where the line should be drawn.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Will we have a vote of no confidence in EdiBairn? I'd rate Mays chances of success higher.
  7. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Alloa were well worth the point and might go away thinking they could have won the game. I think today is the first time I've been disappointed in McKinnon as I thought it was quite clear after half an hour that Alloa were stretching out backline and our midfield 3 were becoming spectators. The second goal was comically bad from Fasan, he has absolutely no presence at all in the box. How many goals have we conceded this season which were a direct error from either Fasan or Mitchell? It's tough enough getting results with this squad without gifting goals away.
  8. Falkirk vs Alloa

    That was coming, Fasan is an absolute calamity
  9. Falkirk vs Alloa

    We started really well but Alloa have came well back into it. Not sure Muirhead is contributing too much as a defensive midfielder as Alloa are getting a lot of space just in front of our defence. I fucking love watching Rudden play, hes definitely rough around the edges but he is a constant threat. Also, after being one of his biggest critics I'm absolutely delighted with Paul Paton 2.0
  10. Falkirk vs Alloa

    Imagine the state of us if Ray hadn't brought in Rudden at the last minute
  11. Checked the lineups on live score. Seems like a few bold choices by Rodgers tonight
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    to the Waterboys tune: You Saw the Goal of the Boone
  13. Falkirk vs Alloa

    This 100%.
  14. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I genuinely cant believe that we signed so many players this summer without signing a RB. Especially since Hartley brought in Tumilty almost immediately.
  15. Scenes That was absolutely amazing