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  1. You think General Nonsense is a better shout?
  2. I'm happy enough with Holt although I'd maybe rather someone with more management experience to guide McCracken and Miller but hopefully hes got good contacts and a clear vision for the club. Only thing to be sure of is that the plastic pitch is going nowhere, he chose ours and absolutely loved praising Livis whenever he could. Get the impression Holt isn't cut out for management for some reason, he's left two jobs where he's been doing okish.
  3. Gilmour will be happy with his development and getting eased into the starting XI of a massive club at his age is excellent. They clearly think a lot of him and long may it continue. Only worry id have for Gilmour is the Euros coming at the wrong time for him where he might not have established himself before the tournament. Clarke seems like a safety first manager and I imagine he'll have a lot of loyalty to the team that got to the Euros and it would take someone like Gilmour starring week in week out to displace them.
  4. Yeah I agree with this, i actually quite like our league setup and i think the split in particular in the top tier is brilliant. For me, the more meaningful games for teams the better but I do agree we play each team too often.
  5. I thought this with my vet but now they've taken my dog away
  6. 8 days before the 10 year anniversary of the thread?! If the Hartley era didn't kill it off I doubt Covid will.
  7. I suspect it's more a comment that we don't even see it as a contest or a chance to give the OF a game, just a chance to pick up a hammering and some money.
  8. I reckon I hated the ones like Paton, Haber, McShane etc more than the random dross from the English lower leagues. These guys had been fine at championship level or above but abysmal for us.
  9. Just finished A Man by Keiichiro Hirano. Thoughtful Japanese mystery novel less about the mystery and more about the idea of identity and how the past influences the future. An interesting read, would recommend.
  10. Trust was an absolutely brutal watch, stuck with me for a while.
  11. I enjoyed the interview too (thought there was some probing questions too that you don't often see), this level of transparency has been needed to get some trust between the fans and the club so credit to them for putting the effort in. Thought the comment on Gow being "obsessed" with ownership was interesting and I got the impression we had a Director of Football lined up. Very glad to hear that we'll be moving forward with developing younger players in some format, for me the damage done to the club won't be repaired until we're in the championship with some sort of youth pipeline. I'm not clear on how we'll be able to buy shares either but I'd imagine that information will come out once the prearranged deals are completed with the Rawlins etc.
  12. So if we're getting some investment in do we reckon there's a chance of new arrivals for the weekend? The league is there for the taking and I think we need to improve on a few key areas (tactics aside) to start winning games comfortably. I'd want a RB who can as actually cross, an energetic midfielder and a striker who wants to be the scorer rather than creator.
  13. We had got into a pattern of squandering loads of chances but still scoring enough to get by and the last couple of games we've created absolutely nothing. I think we were over reliant on Morrison for creativity and we've not got the creativity or legs elsewhere to counteract teams marking him out of the game. We need to improve quickly if we're to maintain our lead in the league. Assuming there's no new arrivals and Keena is still injured I'd go for Mutch Mercer Hall Dixon Kelly Telfer Gomis Morrison Alston Connolly Sammon
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