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  1. Absolutely, got to be RB for the remainder of our games.
  2. Our crossing is very poor, getting a load of opportunities out wide too.
  3. M&M riding on the wave of their manager of the month award to scrape a 1 nil home win against a part time team that has played 40 games in the last 8 days or something like that.
  4. Very on brand for M&M to have us playing well enough and getting back into the game only to change things immediately.
  5. Howler not even hitting the target there. Don't want to break ranks but we've actually looked ok the past 5-10 minutes
  6. AI cameras doing us a favour here not showing us the action in our box.
  7. Harsh from the commentator criticising the Airdrie communication levels 20 seconds in
  8. Evens for Airdrie or draw would be pretty decent even if we were in good form
  9. He didn't look great for us but if I remember correctly he was coming off a really bad injury that had kept him out for a long while. I remember Thistle fans saying that if he was fit he'd have been a great signing so I'm not too surprised he's done well for you.
  10. I've got the same level of confidence as the rest of the Falkirk fans here but there is absolutely no margin for error anymore. The loan players have all been better than the players they've replaced in the cup games so now is the time to start them. I will be fuming if Leitch starts again, he must be amazing in training because he shows nothing in the games.
  11. Been getting back into exercising during lockdown 3 after doing pretty much nothing in the first 2. Trying to get into a 3 day cycle of 6km run/1 hour bands workout/yoga. Finding myself able to increase the distance/intensity of these exercises and I'm recovering faster too, becoming quite addictive. Also making sure I'm out for an hour's walk every day unless it's apocalyptic out, my job is quite sedentary by nature and will be at home for the foreseeable future so I've really wanted a better routine. Anyways, I know BMI isn't the world's best indicator but today was the first time I've weighed myself since probably 2014/15 where my BMI was in the healthy range so I'm quite happy. Probably lost 13kg or so in the past couple of months and I'm hoping to lose another 10kg but likely over a longer time period. Just really happy to be able to see the change on the scale, my clothes etc and as a result my attitude towards food has improved too. Sadly still a Falkirk fan so it's not all positive.
  12. This website is fantastic, thanks for this. Data is presented really well.
  13. The only thing that gives me any confidence about the title is how inconsistent our rivals are. It'd just take any team clicking into gear and we'll have wasted a golden chance at automatic promotion
  14. Very poor result but the one we deserved at the end of it. Didn't create nearly enough and Dumbarton knew that eventually our centre halves would give them some joy if they kept trying to get in behind. M&M get the blame for me, persisting with Leitch when he's shown nothing to deserve this faith, taking Keena off when bringing Dowds on and sticking with Gary Miller at RB.
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