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  1. I hope that when everyone is fit and we get (when?!) a few new faces in, that Miller will effectively be a utility backup player for RB, CB or CM. If he's considered a main starter in our best XI then we're in trouble.
  2. Nailed it, more quality through the spine of the team and we can do alright.
  3. I think it was part of the half hour interview with Ian Fergus and Holt so you're probably right it could have been communicated better. It says in the signing announcement that we'll hear more about the actual development squads this week so will be interesting to see what it actually looks like.
  4. I thought they stated when they announced the scheme that they were effectively going to be looking at players aged 16-20 who had maybe fallen away from other academics to build the initial development squad before adding younger teams as they went along. I was pretty much expecting these sort of signings tbh. Still waiting on a first choice striker, centre half and probably a box to box midfielder though.
  5. Got my Ayr ticket, great place to watch a game. Especially if the weather holds out, can't wait.
  6. Cant argue about the 2 year deals, really odd unless there's a break clause for the club at the end of the year.
  7. He came in last year, looked decent preseason then got injured in the League cup, was out for ages and when he came back he looked hopeless. The hope is that he was just rushed back and he'll be an asset this year but we're yet to see it. As for Wilson, I'm really hoping he's on buttons just to make up the numbers and will be 4th choice striker at best.
  8. No doubt about it, Miller sold the jerseys there. I thought we were looking fairly comfortable at that point too. Leaving annoyed but as long as we can keep Miller, Hall and Wilson out of the team and bring in some better quality through the loan market I'm a bit more positive about this season
  9. Thought Hamilton could have had 3 in the first 20 minutes from us playing a high line and Mutch being too hesitant coming off his line. Not certain the team are fully up to speed on the way Sheerin wants them to play yet but we grew into the half as it went on.
  10. Sheerin isn't quite as happy go lucky on the touchline as his interviews would suggest
  11. Passing out from the back is going to be some laugh this year
  12. Good to see Keena on the bench too. Not sure what to make of Miller at CB but you get the impression from the noises Sheerin has made about him that he'll be more than a bit part player this season. Probably backup DM, RB and CB.
  13. Same here, making it difficult to focus on tbh.
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