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  1. I'm not saying I'm looking for a refund or anything, just suggesting a way the club could add an incentive to people not taking refunds if the time comes. Can imagine a precedent being set by fans of bigger clubs who're missing more games with a more expensive season ticket, that would leave the smaller clubs having to make a choice on the matter.
  2. I've had tickets to festivals which were cancelled and they've asked people to roll their tickets over to next year with some incentive attached or given them the option of a refund. Considering we're only missing something like 4 of the 18 games on the season ticket I'd hope they'd offer something similar, i.e. a proportional refund of the games if you really needed it but if you waive the refund you get the most cost effective of a discounted season ticket for next year subscription to falkirk tv the offer of free tickets to the Betfred cup games vouchers for the shop. parking space at the stadium for next year something like an open day to watch training so you can help the club out by continuing your support rather than taking money out. That said, times will be tough for a lot of people so can't grudge anyone taking a refund.
  3. I love it but i can see where a few people are coming from here. Football is all about the ups and downs but Falkirk have been on the decline for a decade which i think makes up for a lot of the malaise. Even in our 2nd place finishes in the Championship we were never properly challenging and this years attempt at a title with a relatively massive budget has been a shambles, add to that the closure of the academy so we don't even have the community club feel. I actually think the general standard of the top tier is improving but we've not been, I do agree though that if we were playing decent football and hitting the positions a reasonable Falkirk fan would expect (challenging for 2nd tier/bottom of top tier) then we'd feel a lot more invested. For me, I've not got a real local connection to the club as it was my uncle who got me into supporting the Bairns when i was a kid and it's stuck (cursed me for life). I recently bought a flat in Glasgow and I'm thinking of going to watch some of the new West of Scotland league when it starts along with Falkirk games, Maryhill are probably the closest team so I'll go for them. I'm probably in the "happy to get out on a Saturday" camp so I've never really taken an interest in things at SPFL board level so can't speak to that.
  4. I'm quite glad thats the opinion he's got of us tbh, he had that magic combination of no talent and lots of confidence which seems to have served his career well.
  5. Pretty much this, no easy choices at the moment. Just got to hope Dundee's posturing actually brings about our promotion. In which case Raith are welcome to the title. Only thing everyone can agree on is that it's been a farce from start to finish and serious questions have to be asked of the people running the game.
  6. https://spfl.co.uk/news/spfl-clubs-to-vote-on-curtailment-of-ladbrokes-s?fbclid=IwAR1g_uaIutM9CQMudLN5O9XiKP6ifNu4znCD7bI8Ip96OLtER6QZLqLd0dc Screws over us and Partick Thistle in a big way, I imagine it'll get voted in but I think promoting 2 from each league, cancelling relegations and running a 14 team top league for 1 season would be the best way. The line "If the resolution is approved, the SPFL has also committed to consulting with Clubs over the possibility of League restructuring ahead of Season 2020/21" makes it more ambiguous which isn't helpful. There's no good decisions at the moment but can't help but feel there's a better way.
  7. Problem is that im not sure starting Miller and Gomis together would be a great idea just because around an hour is probably all we can expect from them. I'd go Todd for De Vita but thats more out of hope than any evidence as i haven't seen too much from him yet.
  8. We're well on top here, mad from Ferry for the penalty and a good finish from Miller for the first. We seem to be set up as a 4132 with De Vita in the centre of the 3.
  9. Miller just has that bit of class and guile that none of our other players have.
  10. Best team winning so far, no idea why we changed the formation to drop a striker but still lauch it aimlessly up the park.
  11. Dont know what De Vita is but he's not a right winger
  12. Where do Raith fans sit if they want a decent view of the game? Is the full stand mear the train line not used at all?
  13. Dixon less so but Doyle is the same as he has been all season.
  14. Mutch Doyle Hall Durnan Dixon Gomis Miller Connolly Longridge Todd McManus Just picked 2 out of the 3 centre backs as they're all as bad as each other. Not sure of the order of the 3 behind the striker but I think this is the 11 that would give me the least fear.
  15. Its safe to say both sides will drop points elsewhere but i really think we need to win on Tuesday. Yesterday's result was a disaster for us and getting an immediate chance to repair the damage and confidence is welcome. Without doubt this is the biggest game of the season but neither side seems to be up for it. Score draw.
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