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  1. That was criminal, we had absolutely no answer to Airdrie today. If you add in Morrison and Williamson we are still nowhere near good enough. Holt has to answer for the recruitment, it is completely unacceptable for "the biggest budget in the division" to assemble this squad. Sheerin has to answer for the tactics, we clearly do not have the players to play the style he wants and despite playing 2 strikers today, he's not making the correct adjustments to the style based on what we're seeing on the pitch. The board need to answer to overseeing this shambles.
  2. Very poor from us today, we just have no idea what to do once we cross the halfway line. Despite everyone (correctly) clamouring for 2 up top we're not making use of it and the game is getting played almost entirely in our half, again. No clue what I'd change in the 2nd half other than booting every player up the arse, options on the bench don't inspire much confidence.
  3. No arguments there, but I think that's certainly an example of Dixon putting a foot wrong so it's no real shock he's been dropped.
  4. I thought Dixon was awful first half against East Fife, swanning about and misplacing loads of passes. Deserved to be taken off imo
  5. Guessing it's Martin Miller McKay Lemon McDaid Telfer Hetherington McCann Nesbit Keena Ruth
  6. Interesting that McCann is in over Dixon. Nobody on the bench I'd want to start so that's positive I guess? here
  7. No Time To Die - 6.5/10 Enjoyable outing for Bond, Craig is fantastic in the role but I thought the story lets him down throughout, especially the middle to end. He really does capture Bond brilliantly though and I think his will go down as the most interesting and complex approach to the role. That said, I genuinely have no idea why Remi Maleks character was motivated to do anything he did after the opening scene aside from him just being a baddie. Seemed criminally underserved as a character. The Russian scientist was a cliché too. Ana de Armas was fantastic in her short time on screen and could easily support a spin off of her finding her way in the world of spies. The new 007 was fine without being overly interesting, seemed like they played that character as safely as possible but I'd be interested in seeing a version of that character continuing. In terms of what they do next, I think Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender and Henry Cavil would be great shouts if you were casting 10 years ago but I think they'll go the opposite way now and show a much younger Bond learning the ropes. Especially after 15 years of Craig's (fantastic) depiction of a haunted, cold Bond.
  8. I was in that stand and I thought that shout was out of order against Hetherington. It was nil nil and he had just been smacked in the face and was bleeding ffs, you got the response your comment deserved. Happy for you to slaughter Holt right enough.
  9. Yeah, whatever the passing around the back is supposed to be doing for us it simply isn't working and it either leads to a chaotic punt out of danger or just more passing about the defence. I think ideally if teams are sitting in the short passing draws them out a bit and our fullbacks or the sitting midfielder are supposed to take the ball and start an attack but it just isn't working out like that. Not saying we need to go route one but we're creating nothing the way we set up.
  10. I think the booing was more for the constant passes back to him instead of playing anything progressive. Don't think the Falkirk fans have seen enough of Martin to be booing him specifically.
  11. Keena not warming up with the subs, halftime change? Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
  12. That was abysmal, Nesbitt aside were were awful. Cannot fathom Keena and Ross changing the game last week and not playing today. Dixon has a decent cross on him but his passing has been incredibly poor, we're really hurting ourselves playing these short passes around the defence too. Whatever it's supposed to give us it's not working at all. We simply need to change the system. Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
  13. Really surprised Keena doesn't get the nod for this, interesting that Martin is preferred to Mutch. Lemon over Hall is a welcome surprise too. Sent from my SM-G981B using Tapatalk
  14. Sheerin is sticking to a particular style of football that I don't think we have the quality to play unfortunately. He needs to show very quickly that he can adapt to what he's seeing on the park every week or he won't be long for the job. We do appear to have a much worse squad than you would imagine our budget could attract and signing Jaime Wilson(after a trial!) aside, I don't think Sheerin can be blamed for that. We have had poor luck with injuries but our beloved Sporting Director should have ensured that we were much better prepared for that.
  15. Mad game, the equaliser papers over the cracks without any doubt. Our defending for both goals was abysmal, fair play to Montrose for taking advantage. We simply have to be more direct in games, not suggesting route one but Keena and Ruth up front with one dropping deep has a better balance than our 4231, get crosses in earlier and make teams defend instead of 4000 passes between our defence and Hetherington.
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