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  1. I thought in a very poor side Neilson looked pretty composed last year, I'd start him at CB with one of Dixon/ATS dropped and he could be cover for RB or DM too. Really hope it's a possibility but with Smith leaving he's probably more in their thoughts.
  2. Just got to hope Hartley & "Mitch" get back in contact again
  3. What's gone on with QP? I know we're not ones to talk but I think everyone thought you'd be much stronger this season
  4. Excellent signing, instantly our best defender
  5. Very rarely disagreed with letting players go the past few years but we've really struggled to bring in better replacements. ATS looks ok enough and Kabia obviously had an amazing debut, we badly need 2 centre halves and an upgrade on Miller/Telfer (or both) for CM or we'll be on a hiding to nothing. Rennie/Miller will be all too aware of this though and i'm just hoping they're able to get in the quality we desperately need.
  6. Keena leaving increases the chances of me seeing Wilson on the pitch so I am not a fan. Other than that I'm not fussed, he does something decent every so often but he's pretty ineffectual most of the time. Got to assume we've got someone coming in.
  7. Would people accept us basically papering over the cracks in this window and saving money for a title challenge next year? I think there's next to no chance of 3rd or above and without serious reinforcements we will really struggle for 4th.
  8. He'd be a cracking signing, bit of badly needed leadership and dig in midfield.
  9. Ruth > Wilson by a country mile. I thought the man management of Ruth by Sheerin was pretty poor, drops Keena (who was playing ok) and puts Ruth in from the start against Alloa the day after he signed. Put Ruth immediately under pressure from the fans, likely pissed Keena off and was onto a hiding to nothing unless Ruth hit the ground running immediately, which we all know he didn't. Would have been better to get him into the team more gradually if he performed well off the bench. the team was in decent form at that time too.
  10. Seeing as Wilson has played for both us and Elgin this year, does that mean he can't play for anyone else?
  11. Regardless of the context here, i think this is quite nice to show how the FSS can function on issues like this.
  12. I didn't see the results of the poll when i voted?
  13. Aye brutal, I think he was agreeing that Dowds will be up for the rest of the season though.
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