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  1. Nice publicity stunt and one that gives awareness to those in the Independence campaign. Neale Hanvey twitter retweeting stuff about how little the SNP did doesn't help the cause though.
  2. Looks like it was protested was for not allowing another independence referendum.
  3. Young fathers release a new single today
  4. We haven't taken in £8.6-£9m this summer. We have taken in about £6m although the add-ons could make it £8.5m in the future. I think we lost more than £2 million last season as I'm sure we budget for top 6. We won't see the accounts for these new signings/players sold until November 2023. Last seasons figures could be horrendous although hopefully not the 5 million we lost the previous season.
  5. Ferguson will be a big miss if it is true he is leaving. Easily been our best player for the last few seasons and one of the top players since he's joined. Ferguson wanted away last season so best he moves on now. If correct 3 million for a Scottish international is a bit of a joke but sadly this is the Scottish game so players go cheap compared to other countries. No doubt Hamilton will have a selling fee on that as well so might have 20% on it.
  6. Manager confirmed at his press conference that Stewart is captain and he will also play his strongest team.
  7. Looking forward to the Peterhead game, even with Peterhead lack of numbers I don't see Aberdeen beating them by 4 or 5 as some fans expect. Be interesting to see if Stewart is captain again for this game. Wonder who will be in goals for Aberdeen and also will Ramirez start?
  8. Loving Gwenno new album Tresor. I love that she uses the Cornish language for the songs which she did on the previous album Le Kov as well.
  9. Haven't heard anything yet. Presume it is going to be in Poland so I've decided to book flights to Krakow the day after the Republic of Ireland game and take it from there.
  10. I thought the performance was good, it was a strong team we put out there so I would expect most highland league teams to struggle against us. Brechin keeper had a nightmare in the 2nd half being at fault for 3 of the goals. Lot of pluses for us performance wise we tried to play football keeping it on the deck. Mason Hancock looked good and very skillful and a great ball for the 2nd goal. Vicente Besuijen looked very good along with his two goals, Harvey scoring his first goal for the club and I think he should have had a 2nd as the assistant ref gave offside and he didn't look offside. Stewart captain was a surprise but once we made 7 subs then McCrorie became captain. Wonder if the manager will make it a strong first team against Peterhead or will he mix it up a little like what other teams have done in the League Cup group stages.
  11. Wonderful band with amazing albums and also created an amazing label Chemikal Underground that was so important for the Scottish Music scene in the 90s. I love the documentary Lost in France which was about a bus tour from Glasgow to France with those in Chemikal Underground playing in small town Mauron in 1997.
  12. Gutted if this forces Boris to resign. He is great for the independence campaign.
  13. 1-1 at half time with St Johnstone friendly. Bojan Miovski scored for Aberdeen.
  14. Iga Swiatek won 36 games in a row yet she is on Court 1!
  15. Its not on their website now so I wonder if it has been cancelled. https://pinatararena.com/football_center/inicio
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