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  1. In 1918 Sinn Fein got 46.9% of the vote in Ireland
  2. Horrendous financial figures https://twitter.com/AberdeenFC/status/1593757179126972418?t=5Hgz3VX3u9ixbJhHE3GJ_g&s=19
  3. I like him with his range of passes and tackling, he's not as good as Lewis Ferguson although a totally different type of player. Life would be boring if we all had the same opinions.
  4. None of them was at the meet and greet event after the game. Polvara along with a few other injured players was there. A very good event that gave an opportunity for ex-pats to go and see their team. Over 200 at the event and all players and staff there for 3 hours.
  5. I thought after 30 minutes I thought the dons was excellent. That 2nd is one of the best half we have played this season. Goodwin got to ditch the 3 at the back we looked so much better in the second half with 4..
  6. Aberdeen have some record from Friday night, can't remember us not winning in the last 10 years. Also have some record against Hibs at pittodrie that we haven't lost in 10 years with a crowd. I thought Aberdeen was very poor yet we won 4-1. Never had a grip on midfield at any time, was impressed with Hibs going forward. Good to see us set-up 5 at the back in the second half than the errors we made at Ibrox. I think we need to go back to a back 4 as I would prefer McCrorie in midfield.
  7. Good to see Ferguson do well in Italy especially as he is only 23. Great player for us and one we miss.
  8. Spot on with comments, best atmosphere at home and away games ever. I'm not talking about the Ultras but it's magic to see a lot of youngsters follow the dons these days which I've not seen since the 80s. Cormark did well to organise the red shed which has help with away days.
  9. My point was we had it for the last 3 games that's why Goodwin played it, very brave but I would rather play this way than McInnes did once Rangers got stronger. As someone posted on the match thread maybe best to get the balance between McInnes negative and Goodwin positive approach. Think today's game shows we are fair way behind Rangers but qualifying for Europe isn't going to be judged on these results and Friday game is massive.
  10. Few gigs in November arranged all due to fitba: Julia Jacklin (SWG3) - Aberdeen game got moved to a Friday night yaaas! Soccer Mommy (The Masquerade, Atlanta) - Aberdeen playing the day before LCD Soundsystem (Brooklyn Steel, New York) Will Sheff - Okkervil River (Le Poisson Rouge, New York) Also quite excited about Young Fathers having a new Album and tour next year.
  11. Why did mercedes go on the hard tyre compared to the other teams? Cost them the race. What a race and Alonso to finish 7th was amazing
  12. Everything points to a Motherwell win: Aberdeen haven't won at Motherwell since 2019 and our record against them overall is bad with 1 win in 9 (won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 6)
  13. Bit from old information here but its looks like we have only made profit once in 30 years. Better hope that Cormark pays off the debt.
  14. 4 million operations loss from last season. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/4939093/aberdeen-chairman-dave-cormack-will-cover-financial-shortfall-at-pittodrie/
  15. Saw them last night in Usher hall too and they was excellent. Crack Cloud was a decent too as the support.
  16. Watched Just Mustard in Berlin and they was excellent as they were in Glasgow. Went to Leipzig and watched Twilight Sad and the Cure. Twilight Sad was excellent had decent view but went for a few drinks and my view for the cure was horrendous, didn't see a thing and wasn't enjoying it much either so left early. I hate big venues where if standing if no big screens then they ain't seeing anything.
  17. That's impressive how many tickets did you get? https://twitter.com/PartickThistle/status/1582025155085213697?t=ijWJ6nDBSodyLJXspaA_IQ&s=19
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