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  1. 1-1 at half time with St Johnstone friendly. Bojan Miovski scored for Aberdeen.
  2. Iga Swiatek won 36 games in a row yet she is on Court 1!
  3. Its not on their website now so I wonder if it has been cancelled. https://pinatararena.com/football_center/inicio
  4. Best I've seen Isner play. Murray serving first 2 sets very poor. Not a terrible performance from Murray but just got to say Isner was excellent
  5. Good fight from Andy there. I hope they will now close the roof as this might suit Murray as the ball runs slower
  6. Isner is a semi-finalist at Wimbledon, knows how to play this surface. Returning on Grass is very difficult and also Murray is nowhere near the level he was previous unfortunately.
  7. That could be the first set gone for Murray. He will need to serve better than the last game.
  8. Norrie through, wonder if they will put him on Centre Court next game?
  9. Too early to judge, this season has been a disaster with Covid and injuries. Wimbledon was always going to be a tough ask after no preparation.
  10. Hurray for the riff raff has cancelled their UK tour so really gutted with that as was looking forward to seeing her play in Aberdeen.
  11. The maximum term of a Parliament is five years from the day on which it first met. The current Parliament first met on Tuesday 17 December 2019 and will automatically dissolve on Tuesday 17 December 2024, unless it has been dissolved sooner by the Queen. Polling Day would be expected to take place 25 days later.
  12. Haven't watched question time for a long time and after watching tonight I won't be watching again. They can at least have an audience that have difference options, tonight seem to have so many Tories going for Mick Lynch while Fiona Bruce interrupt him or not letting him speak.
  13. € - well maybe not 1 million but €675,000 according to P&J
  14. Always have good memories of Vaclav Hladky when he saved 3 pens out of 4 against Dundee Utd to keep them down in the championship. 4 days ago it was doom and gloom with the fans but 4 new signings later and everyone is buzzing.
  15. I heard they will be using last year kit with the new sponsors on Saturday
  16. I think Bow Crow will be looking down proud at how Mick Lynch dismantling any right-wing media interviewees and tory politicians. No doubt the media are trying to find out the dirt on Mick Lynch and no doubt there will be stories in the next few days.
  17. I think the train drivers are in a different union.
  18. Horrible to see the multimillionaire trying to stop front bench labour MPs from going on picket lines. No wonder labour is losing the working class vote.
  19. Use https://12ft.io/ that gets around the subscriptions
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