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  1. We have some record at Killie with the last defeat in 2011. Head to Head at Pittodrie Aberdeen have a great record only losing 2 since 2012 - hope that continues. Not sure what to expect tomorrow, we look like we are a threat going forward but a bit worried at the back. Short of a few players which might hurt us especially if we move McCrorie back in defence.
  2. I went to Rugby Park once. Maddison nutmeg 3 players in a row and we won 4-0. The pie was shite
  3. Premier Sports not having anyone at the game is disappointing.
  4. Last 10 minutes looked like the games have caught up on us
  5. I can't remember Kenny McLean playing in that position before
  6. Having watched Gallagher in a back 4 would give me massive fear. Looks more comfortable in a back 5. Porteous is a player who I think is decent but does some stupid stuff.
  7. Correct although wonder if there is pressure from the directors which has made him act like this. The amount of money Aberdeen have spent anything less than European place will be a failure.
  8. A lot of talk about Goodwin not good enough for the job. I think it's too early to judge with the new players still needing time to settle in. We do look a lot better than last season going forward but we look vulnerable in defence. Don't think our squad is big enough with us short in defence and 2 injuries in centre midfielder position has left us exposed against Hibs. Think the league will be tight as last season so see how it goes
  9. Goodwin comments are unprofessional and are designed to take the heat off the players after a disappointing performance against Hibs. We was dreadful before the controversial decision.
  10. Hearts starting to sit back which is dangerous with how bad it was in the first half
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