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  1. It's all about self respect now for Europe. I've never seen Europe play so bad
  2. Last 2 shots sum Europe up - horrendous
  3. Didn't even think USA played that well but looks like 3-1 today
  4. Depressing that this is over already
  5. Hole 15 - 3 players according to sky had a chance to win the hole, really dreadful coverage
  6. very true but that was fourball and europe won all the matches with foursomes
  7. Foursomes is normally Europe strong point but to be fair to USA they played brilliant.
  8. Sky coverage is as bad as the Solheim Cup coverage
  9. After watching Willie Collum wonderful performance tonight I'm looking forward to his ref performance on Sunday
  10. Yaaaaassss the McInnes debate again along with so much negativity on Glass. Lets give Glass time to get it right as he had so many new signings this season so the team needs a bit of time for it to gel. On paper this team looks very good.
  11. £36 is the padded seats where the hospitality sits. Prices have put us near Hibs and Hearts prices for Grade 1 games. Aberdeen/Celtic/Hearts/Hibs/Rangers are making it less a working person game to go to all these games.
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