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  1. Horrible timing with McKenna but there is no loyalty in fitba. McInnes should have had another defender signed by now as 6 isn't enough and we are lucky that we have had no more defenders injuried in the last 3 games.
  2. It was fine last time once I had arrived on the Wednesday but I did hear a few dons getting their flags nicked on the tuesday. Police was well organised as they had issues the previous season with Feyenoord.
  3. Aye me, I was originally disappointed with draw as it's a place I've been to already. Rijika is so cheap so will be enjoyable and square was excellent last time. Think this is my 20th consecutive European away trip following the dons.
  4. Hearts are very physical team and nothing wrong with that but I'm so pleased we can match them with a battle. Felt Thursday match caught up with us after 60 minutes so to turn around the match from 2-1 is very pleasing. Our new signing look so good this season.
  5. The heat is going to be a factor tonight, this is the hottest place Aberdeen have been to in Europe. Rijeka wasn't as bad as this so let's hope we have water breaks like we had in that game.
  6. Rovaniemi wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be but Tbilisi isn't as cheap as I thought either. Nice place Tbilisi and had a local dandy help guide us to best pubs etc which has been great.
  7. Tie got reserved for us due to two Georgia teams getting through and playing at same stadium
  8. Just back from Finland today and away to Georgia on Tuesday. Uefa don't make this easy for fans traveling. Good the game on later on at night as weather is in the mid 30s during the day. This team has beaten a few decent team so tie isn't going to be easy.
  9. Aberdeen was drawn at home first but two teams from Georgia got through playing at same stadium so they reversed Aberdeen fixture
  10. In the last lot of years people raved about these managers at a certain time Jackie McNamara Paul Hartley Robbie Neilson Jack Ross Just look how their careers have gone and not in the right direction for all apart from Ross who isn't doing that good at Sunderland. To me the minimum requirement for an Aberdeen manager is qualify for Europe and we have achieved that in every season under McInnes. McInnes has achieved great results without any training facilities so lets see how he goes when we do in October!
  11. Feel this is going to be a tough game for us, hopefully we will win without conceding a goal. Pre season hasn't been great with the amount of injuries we have and think there might be a few missing tonight although McInnes didn't mention them in interview.
  12. Stating the obvious but Killie need to have a points database system in place. Aberdeen points system does work well so those regulars that go home and away get first shout. Good luck in Europe as you will be the only other Scottish team that I'll be supporting in Europe this season!
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