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  1. Mcinnes was in a worse position when he started but he noticed centre midfield with Stephen Hughes and Gavin Rae was a major issue. Glass I hope will see the issues we have and have a look at the team but has a free run at 3rd and also the Scottish cup.
  2. Good win for us today. Wasn't the best of games but once we got the goal we looked a lot more confident. Things hopefully now starting to look a bit better after a dreadful run.
  3. Brutal game, not much highlights from either side. St Johnstone impressed early on with their pressing but as the game went on it has been pretty poor from both sides.
  4. St Johnstone pressing is very impressive, we can't get out our half. Going to have to change formation soon if this continues
  5. Our game is on the Sunday compared to the small game the day before.
  6. We have changed our style of football to be more on the deck and a bit more attacking under Sheerin. Last chance saloon for the dons on finishing 3rd and as you can see not very confident.
  7. Our 3rd trip to Perth this season and everything points to a St Johnstone win even though they are yet to beat us this season. St Johnstone record in the last 13 games: Won 9 Draw 2 Lost 2 - They have lost only narrowly to Rangers/Celtic and draws with Aberdeen and Hamilton. Last 6 games: Won 5 Draw 1 Aberdeen record in the last 13 games: Won 3 Draw 4 Lost 6 - Scoring a massive 2 goals in the last 11 games. Last 6 games: Wins 2 Draw 1 Lost 3
  8. Really like Line of Duty but I'm not enjoying this series.
  9. Some saying on twitter that Panelbase prompted for 'The Alba Party (led by Alex Salmond). Think only 1009 took part in the poll so how can they get that figures for Alba and All for Unity
  10. Alba doing better in this poll, ahead of the Lib Dems, even George Galloway party might get a seat.
  11. Confidence is an issue but hopefully today win hopefully helps in the future. Sheerin has changed our style to be more position based - needs a lot of work as bit too slow
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