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  1. He was shite in the Aberdeen game I watched. Roy Keane played 13 games for Celtic going with soccerbase: https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=4076
  2. Just got an email about my Gig on Monday that Screenshots are not valid for entry. The only way to get ticket is through there ticketmaster app and downloaded my ticket on to google pay.
  3. I have the same issue with Beach House who are playing Barrowlands on Monday and I refuse to download ticketmaster app. I have logged on ticketmaster website and taken a screenshot of the QR code so hopefully that is fine to use that. Also got the Great Eastern festival this weekend although line up isn't as good as last years but still some decent bands.
  4. Thought Aberdeen was unlucky nae to win especially with first half performance. Ref/Assistant ref made some terrible decisions. Think the ref was asking for VAR for the penalty ffs. 2nd half was dreadful and back to the poor stuff I've watched for the last lot of games. After watching Considine I wonder how he is getting release compared to Bates and Gallagher who are a lot worse than him. Was a great performance from Considine. Goodwin is under pressure as he has had a terrible start as manager. I think he made the wrong call telling players they can leave as some players down tools. Next season start to the season is critical now. Decent crowd as many turned up for Considine especially with cheaper tickets. Great to see a big St Mirren support considering early kick off and nothing to play for.
  5. Andy Considine RedTV appearance about his career is very special (last over 70 minutes).
  6. I do like Jill Lorean album This Rock. It is up there in my top 10 but not hard as not much great stuff this year.
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