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  1. Tommie Hoban is with the Physios at Cormark Park Derek McInnes on RedTV: It is for us to fulfill our commitment to get Tommy Hoban fit. Under the current restrictions we are not able to sign players.
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-29/u-k-household-bank-deposit-at-record-as-shoppers-stay-home
  3. I think the Scottish Government website is excellent for figures as it reports daily at 2pm: Number of reported cases, deaths, patients in ICU and management info such as number of 111 calls and NHS staff absences: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-tests-and-cases-in-scotland/
  4. Aye as watching Caribou at the Barrowlands in April which I've booked up hotel for a few nights (paid upfront last November). Love his new album so really looking forward to it. On a positive note the dons fixture has been moved to a Friday night.
  5. Just watched King Creosote and his 9 piece band in Aberdeen. It was amazing musically and also visually with the film "From Scotland with love" on the big screen. I believe there is seats left in Perth on Wednesday which I so tempted to go to that.
  6. I thought A Winged Victory For the Sullen was wonderful gig.
  7. Yip I agree that. I'm in the camp of giving him more time to sort it out but I can't continue to watch terrible football for the last 2 years. I hate to see the support so split at moment. Got a feeling the change of management looks likely at the end of season unless results continues to be terrible.
  8. If we win tonight then we move up to 3rd, other clubs like Hibs and Hearts would love to be in our position.
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