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  1. Shut yer ane pus. I wont be asking your permission to respond to antagonists.
  2. And by the same token you'd think fans should stop booing at matches and send a rep onto the pitch to reason with the players? The smart arses on here defy belief....
  3. Another oaf so desperate to post that he comments without reading the thread. This is he who has the startling insight to point out that we can only watch a match if we're facing the pitch....
  4. Say, you really are as simple as your avantar suggests...
  5. No. Read what I said before making your moronic comments.
  6. They werent booing about the score, they were booing because the team had decided theyd done enough. Thats why Ayr have a massive goal difference - they keep goingf while we feck about. You baztards deserve the shite thats on offer.
  7. I cant remember the last time I boo'd the team; I normally reserve that for referees. But I understand why some did yesterday. If I go down for a pie at half time and get only half a pie and being told half a pie tastes as good as a whole pie I'd be pissed off.
  8. Fans who boo their team are morons? Not just morons, but absolute morons. I've heard it all now. Calling people morons who have paid good money for compaining about receiving half a performance must itself be moronic.
  9. The booing was for a second half of lack of application, going through the motions, an attitude that has cost us dear this season in both results and crowds. The difference between us and Ayr is that there's an intensity to their play which we lack.
  10. Overall the players' attitude as well as standard of play has been pish. There's been a serious lack of application in games for most of the season, and has resulted in numerous unnecessary lost points to teams like Forfar Stranraer Albion Rovers and even Peterhead in the Cup, and has taken hundreds off home crowds.
  11. If we manage to beat the mighty 'Raer next week we'll be top by a point, with Ayr's game in hand at the Recs on the Tuesday, not an easy place to go. Still got to fancy them tho.
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