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  1. If Ellis gets the job we're as well just preparing for league 1 the following season. That and a massive reduction in season ticket sales. Yawn. Some may argue we're going to have that regardless...
  2. Pretty sure Cameron is Ian Murrays assistant at airdrie.
  3. He got a team promoted from this league. That's all he's achieved, which is weirdly more than mcglynn has ever managed. I still 100% do not want him as our next manager though.
  4. Mcglynn has probably watched more football in the past week than any of us have in the past year. He absolutely lives and breaths football. We've not had a particularly "big" team during his second spell. Set pieces have been a bit of an issue at times due to that.
  5. When and where did Thomson say that? Be interesting to listen to it.
  6. Is that chat only coming about due to him being out of contract and mcglynn going to falkirk?
  7. And Matthews has been captain in the past season. It makes sense for him to get it, should bene not be resigned.
  8. I do wonder what part the Germans are playing long term but I thought you had more season tickets than that this season? Any idea how much the likes of chalmers cost?
  9. Youve made a tidy profit for the past year haven't you? From what I understand he's been training/ coaching with you to help with his badges.
  10. Id love for the bene we had during the mckinnon season in fairness. He looked like someone who could be playing in the top league. He shows it in flashes but he's not consistent enough since the leg break.
  11. Bene is as good with his left foot as he is his right. That being, not very.
  12. He likes to talk about one. He has no idea how to instil it in to his players though.
  13. So do away goals count in this competition? Please.
  14. I think you're a moron. A troll and a moron. Feel free to explain how I'm a hypocrite. Spencer is a player who has offers from clubs at a higher level than falkirk. You where the one who described other fans as being "deserving of the manager they get"
  15. Danny lennon shouldn't be in contention. I'd hate for another member of that team to sour their legacy with the club. Thomson has done as expected at Kelty but is considered a good coach as well. My preference is Murray. Honestly though, none of the suggested names fill me with confidence. Mcpake though? He's a guy who was lucky Adam decided to turn up in the playoffs last season. Unless we have the money to sign someone like that, he's pointless.
  16. You're a fine one to talk about nonsensical statements right enough. PS - you where the connection.
  17. Him saying he hopes they sign on for next season means he's going to drop down a league? Our club has the supporters it deserves...
  18. Still his team that's there and they replaced him with coyle so hard to judge. Ellis is a good guy and by all accounts good coach, but a good coach doesn't always make a good manager.
  19. Unlikely to be in place for next season now then, thankfully.
  20. Mcglynn tried to sign Austin for us at one stage. He also tried to sign dowds.
  21. Don't think that's possible with the regionalised draw. Happy to be corrected though.
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