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  1. No offence tx but I'm not taking spelling lessons from someone who spells colour, color. However I do agree, I was just stating he's an option and I reckon he will play against Dunbar.
  2. Masson as well. I hope to never have to see devine in a rovers strip. Don't rate him one bit.
  3. The biggest problem musonda had at us was his injury at the end of the covid season. He didn't get a pre season under his belt and subsequently couldn't nail down a regular start. He was moved around constantly but bar a couple of games never really let us down. I worry lang might struggle because of not getting a proper pre season under his belt as well, even if he is a fitness freak (for lack of a better term). We really do need two good cbs to come in now. We've got a couple of players who can play there at a push and Mason, who is untested. We need players who are tested at this or a similar level for the first game against cove at least though.
  4. He can step in to any position across the defence which makes him very useful. If he can stay fit for Ayr, I wouldn't be surprised to see him being one of the best defenders in the league next season. He's also a genuinely decent guy who seemed to enjoy engaging with the fans. If Murray can bring in someone of similar or better standard then it's no massive loss but, we haven't actually had any rumours at this stage for cb, so it is a little worrying.
  5. It will surely be unveiled this week at some stage. The open day is next weekend and it's to be on sale at that.
  6. Both valid points. Millen has my full support the same as every other player who plays for us. I hope he does well.
  7. Who really cares if someone goes back on what was said during the Goodwillie episode. At the end of the day we all support the rovers and the pettiness is just that, pettiness. For what it's worth, I haven't bought a season ticket. I'm not ruling it out. But I'm not really in any rush to get one. I would ideally like some confirmation that he's gone before I do get one. I am pretty positive about Murray as manager but I do think his next couple of signings need to be good. Millen doesn't instill confidence having seen how the fans of his previous clubs have rated him.
  8. Macdonald is getting older, Thomson is injury prone. Bow leaving means we would need another 'keeper in if that is the case. I can't imagine Robbie is being binned. Coach and a good backup for the championship. Binning macdonald would be madness. It does tie in with what Murray said about the squad shrinking a bit though.
  9. I'm still pretty happy with all of Murrays signings. Tumilty was always going to be the hardest defender to replace. With millen signing I would assume we won't be left as open next season and we definitely have the midfield options to be creative without our fullbacks bombing forward. Couple of cbs, maybe Patterson in at lb and a striker and we're done with permanent signings? Dick is not a cb. He can play there if needed but he's a lb and I think he will do better without the expectation of getting forward as much.
  10. Only posting this because I'm fed up seing Goodwillie when coming on the app.
  11. Those where the days. Signing players on two week contracts...
  12. Did we not essentially do that during the daizel period where we didn't know who was playing for us on any given match day?
  13. Rovers have re-signed Brad Spencer as well. Don't know if that counts as a signing or not.
  14. Midfield is definitely sorted now. If we can get the same level of player in for defence and striker then we could have a good season.
  15. There is plenty of time to get it all done. These things move at a fast pace at this time of year. He hasn't even had the players he has in for a training session yet. There is no need to panic.
  16. That's why I'm OK with some of the defence moving on. Mcglynn had the defence set up to aid our attack rather than solely focus on defending. That may not be how Murray wants us to play, so it gives him a relatively blank canvas to work with. I would absolutely have liked tumilty and musonda to stay though.
  17. Does he not stay up spam? Probably can't be bothered with the commute to falkirk.
  18. Should still be two. We must be paying him a fair bit considering he's proposed to his soon to be Mrs while at Disney World congrats to them though.
  19. Our form dropped when Spencer got injured and then tait leaving seen us go further in to a hole. I'm not saying tait had an amazing half season for us but the type of player he was, wasn't replaced which did impact on our season imo. We were pish long before Goodwillie was signed.
  20. I think alot of people didn't realise just how good a player tait was for us as well. He played a role that I think mcglynn thought stanton would fill but due to our form falling off a cliff, he never really got going in that role. Happy with Murray's business so far. If we sign anymore midfielders I'll probably be questioning Murray's sanity though. Still plenty of time to get rest of the squad sorted and hopefully the players coming in will be of the same standard or better.
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