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  1. They're not the worst iv seen. Some will like them. I'm just having a joke with you bud. The new rovers tops only a couple pound dearer if they have stock left.
  2. Iv got a mate from Indiana and we both struggle to understand each other at times to be fair.
  3. Really let the old creative juices flow with that one tx
  4. This game was 5 days ago. There weren't any big issues. Everyone seems in relative agreement the better team on the day won. Let the thread rest.
  5. I'd be surprised if we see anyone other than frederiksen in before January (assuming his wp comes through before then). Not itk at all but I think he'll be happy enough to see how we do to till then and then use what budget he has left then.
  6. Would have been better for everyone if the games that where postponed where played this week and these Cup games punted to a Wednesday etc.
  7. We've technically won this cup back to back so as long as we get away from the game without any injuries etc then I couldn't care less about the result. Hopefully we see more game time for the likes of Spencer as well.
  8. So it's us that's been choosing to do it? I didn't hear the normal collective grown when it happened on Saturday at least.
  9. He's also out of contract in January so has everything to play for. He shouldn't be lacking in motivation but definitely had a bit more of a swagger about him after his goal and rightly so. I do wonder if we're going to have a game where we kick in to the mcdermaid stand in the first half again this season. I think that's the past 3 home games they've switched it.
  10. I thought we'd had it longer than that tex. Must just be used to it. It doesn't play badly at all andhas actually had less use than expected due to covid etc so hopefully lasts for many a year at a good quality.
  11. Did you not make that same joke a couple of weeks ago? Standards are slipping.
  12. You've just described every player who has ever went on trial at a club. We obviously have assurances that he will have his work permit or I doubt he would be flying in today.
  13. Where does that nickname come from? Although if he's 6ft 8 I can probably guess.
  14. So you're a bellend with little else to do with your life? Just asking because you're posting on this site in the same way that everyone else is[emoji1745]
  15. Will the pitch not be due to have the top layer replaced in the next couple of years?
  16. In fairness, who the f**k are any of us to rate anyone?
  17. When we have Ross millen at rb, theres always something else to talk about.
  18. I'd have kept musonda but it was a good time for bene to move on. He's at a level that he can look a relative standout for what he brings to the pars now and I think we've upgraded by getting o'riordan. He doesn't have the experience bene did but he looks a better all round player than we've seen from bene for a few years now imo.
  19. That song was apparently written for the original karate kid, which is why they did that scene. Nice throwback. Iv loved cobra kai but it's probably best to stop at this season.
  20. You certainly couldn't look down on a signing like him.
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