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  1. That's why he's playing championship football. He's young enough to progress and I'd be happy to see that happen at us.
  2. I'd imagine he will have been but it hasn't been publicly stated. He's a very frustrating player as on his day he's unplayable but he's also very inconsistent. I'd be happy to have him here next season.
  3. You realise you finished on less points than East Fife? You're literally worse than 3 teams in Fife.
  4. I think your right with that. Remember being really impressed by their midfield that season. Was it reilly that banged in an effort from 20-30 yards at starks? He will be one to watch with interest this summer. Would have taken him at starks happily when he left (as I now know) Stranraer.
  5. Did they not play together at Forfar? According to wiki iv absolutely fucked that. I thought Turner was at Forfar when Spencer was.
  6. If Spencer signs on again then I'd like to think he'd be able persuade him. Would depend on if they were on good terms though. I think we should be an easy sell for young players looking to progress right now.
  7. In fairness alot of the team that was around Nisbet where hopeless. Could see us going after Turner from the pars. Has played well with Spencer in the past and although not the same level of hendry, is more than capable when he has a manager who trusts him.
  8. Nah, wouldn't wish anyone an injury. He can make a reckless tackle of old without injuring someone in the process.
  9. Should just put davo on the bench and bring him on with a minute to go to let him go out in a two footed knee high lunge of glory. I'm not really suggesting he should be injuring anyone.
  10. Arnott is already on the books as a central midfielder if football manager is anything to go by. Would rather the youngsters were given the chance than signing a backup player.
  11. If we somehow did the absolute impossible tomorrow, it would be one of the greatest triumphs in playoff history and make Dundee look ridiculous. That will be why you're nervous. It is however pretty impossible so chill out.
  12. King is pish. Was trying to be nice about it. He can be filed in the davo/mendy camp of, after tomorrow, I will hopefully never see them play football for the rovers again.
  13. We need to bring in players to improve the starting 11, pushing the current starters down the pecking order. That's how to progress a squad. We won't be able to do that for every player but bringing King in permanently would be a big mistake. He can do a half decent job. aka not even decent.
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