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  1. I'm guessing he means mcbride as the other striker. Connell has shown he has the ability against Ayr and in flashes in other games. Iv not seen anything to suggest mcbride is up to much though. I'd rather have zannata than him quite honestly. Dario at least had the ability to do something. It's a transition season though and as long as we can progress from where we are right now, I'll be happy enough. What is worrying me, is connelly not making as much of an impact so far this season. I think alot of that has to do with him having to wait 5 minutes on millen getting beyond him and then him subsequently having to cover for him though.
  2. I'm still baffled how anyone can eat a 3 course meal at any time of day and I'm a fat pr*ck these days. It will all come down to careful consideration of losing out potentially on things like hospitality against the cost of actually having the lights etc on essentially. I don't think our walk up gate is going to change drastically. Either way I'd like to see the club put it to the fans or at least the fan groups, then work from there.
  3. I don't know how busy pitch hire etc has been so I can't really comment although that will likely change over winter with the floodlights on at night more. I did think twice about putting it that way, for that very reason [emoji28]
  4. I don't go to many away games so having the option to legally view a stream would get my vote. As you say, it's easy to get a stream of the games but I'd still pay the 10/15 or whatever quid instead of watching it illegaly if it was an option. Let's be honest, away supports are going to get smaller over winter due to the rising costs so having that option will allow clubs to bring in a bit extra they otherwise wouldn't have had.
  5. Makes sense for clubs to do it. The cost of putting the floodlights on must be through the roof now.
  6. The rapist is gone, so that's something at least... I agree with some of what you say but it's time to put it in the past or move on from supporting the rovers. Nothing else is going to change with it all. It is what it is.
  7. You are aware that it was mcglynn that actually signed and pushed to sign him? The same mcglynn that is in charge of... Who's footballing department has provided tremendous banter for years now.
  8. He cannot sign for anyone in the UK until January. He can only sign for a club which is in a country where the transfer window is still open.
  9. Is Smith still playing? I'm sure they would do fine. Young squad and plenty of experience between them to counter ballance it.
  10. What's the preference between the two? Naysmith would be the known option, albeit he hasn't done much elsewhere. I can only assume agnew was at your game at the weekend to show his interest. Bit shit of him considering we were playing at the time, unless he had actually left before it was anounced.
  11. grumswall

    Fifa 23

    Iv been playing the 10 hour trial of it and it really is a poor game. Iv won 6/7 games iv played but I can't see the point in wasting money on buying it. Iv not looked in to the new shot thing that seems to be a gaurenteed goal but it's rather annoying.
  12. You could probably do alot worse than getting agnew. Could probably still do a job in l2 as a player and seems pretty well regarded by the players he's coached/ played with. Unproven as a manager obviously and there is the outside of football job which seems to be a big reason he left us, but if you can get it to work with him then I think he could do a good job for you. Are there any names doing the rounds for who's in for the job?
  13. Yeah I think he said they were considering it. I do wonder how it's being paid for and wether it will just end up as more debt on the club though.
  14. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/news/politics/council/raith-rovers-plans-for-new-community-hub-at-starks-park-double-in-size-3855980
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