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  1. You can't sign for a team outwith a transfer window as a free agent unless you were a free agent when the last transfer window shut.
  2. It's Kirkcaldy. Haven't heard that since primary school 20+ years ago.
  3. That guy really doesn't have an off switch does he[emoji23] despised by everyone apart from the board he works for and spouting that. Tremendous stuff.
  4. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of it either. I think it was done for charity rather than reclaim the rovers though.
  5. I wouldn't forget about Tommy Wright with that.
  6. You'd like to think between the tait money and the celtic money we could at least make an offer for Ross, who I thought was a more effective player than Kennedy last season. Unlikely we could outbid qp though.
  7. It would be some laugh if Grant actually managed to turn this around now. Implausible as it is.
  8. Can all clique members please meet at the usual spot in the morning. Somewhere between the left and right ear of Raith_raver, rent free as always.
  9. That's when Frank comes out. You don't want to see that happen. That isn't a euphemism.
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