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  1. The Germans were sat just to the right of this photo, as you look at it. Topless, singing and generally having a great time. I was sat in the North stand watching them more than the game[emoji23] think it was rougier cutting in down that end to win the pen, if memory serves me right?
  2. Fenix is surely due a singles push? The guy is just a joy to watch. Archer has surprised me alot in how good he is as well. Not just your typical big guy. I must have missed where they went in to more detail about big shows deal?
  3. You probably don't have much worth gripping on to you sexist pig...
  4. In my need to be big time enough, I may have overstated my hand. I have 13, not the 14 I had stated. I'll just go numbers to make it easier, 8, 47, 91, 82, 51, 174, 172, 160, 178, 156, 140, 133, 145
  5. Im up to 14 doublers after another 6 packs yesterday. Am I big time yet?
  6. I brushed the comments off at the time as fermer being fermer and him clearly thinking he's a character. I was more bothered about our performance than the pish he was spouting. Its undoubtedly a bit sexist though.
  7. Well deserved win for arbroath. We were murder. King and Abraham both look like poor signings. Haven't really offered anything yet. Mcglynn needed to make the changes earlier than he did. Tactically wrong and ugwu and gullan offered nothing. Doesn't help when the midfield pass the ball backwards at every opportunity though.
  8. Far too slow and negative with our passing. It's giving arbroath all the time in the world to get in and organised. We haven't really offered any attacking threat so far. Need to make some changes to try and get a grip on the game.
  9. grumswall

    Resident Alien

    Started watching it yesterday. Thoroughly enjoying it so far. The throwaway jokes about human nature etc are good fun. Spoiler Find it strange he has a Mrs and that no one in town knew him though.
  10. Sorry I'm not big time enough m9. Will do though.
  11. Was going to ask if anyone was up for a trade. Iv just started today with 10 packs so only got 9 doublers.
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