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  1. Next to the black and white photos of when East Fife where last relevant?
  2. I think there's a difference between someone being a marmite player and him continually letting the club down by being stupid on the pitch and mouthing off at fans when he gets sent off etc. The guy does have some ability but it's doing all that, that let's him down. Spot in with what you said about Allan. I think he's fucking torture, having originally stuck up for him but anyone booing a player on or off the pitch needs to get a grip!
  3. Thank you. You've put it far more eloquently than I could and should have.
  4. Had my previous effort typed and ready to send without sending before I seen this... Apologies. I don't see as much wrong with Matthews getting sent off for a committed tackle on a wet pitch as I do davo going in at waste height. In saying that, the fact it was a wet pitch it was a silly tackle to make (davo actually made a similar one early on in the box) and he has let the club down. Davo is an experienced player who knows he shouldn't be going in like that. I'm not having a pop at him due to not liking the guy. It's because he should know as a senior player he can't be doing that against the team top of the league when we have Falkirk the following week.
  5. Fair enough, from where I was sat I seen a fair few applauding him in a way that didn't appear sarcastic. He was having a great game up until that point and had he continued to I wouldn't have questioned it one bit. Iv bashed him a fair bit in the past but I do see what he offers and if it wasn't for his recklessness etc I wouldn't give a f**k that he's a bit of a bell end.
  6. Why was davo clapped off the pitch and then subsequently voted motm when he has yet again let the club down? The guy was having a good game and again let's everyone down with a rash tackle outwith a danger area.
  7. So the ref had a good game then. Bene was motm for us. Why davo got the fans motm when he has yet again let the club down is beyond me. I'll never understand why fans clap a player off when he's just made the task even harder for the rest of the team. He was having a good game up until that point. Matthews will be a bigger loss next week but tait has shown he can play a part so I have no problem with him starting. Watson also did reasonably well yesterday.
  8. They're very well done. Picked mine up through the week.
  9. I never actually seen any bother from them but they did charge passed shouting about getting "them" We could have played all night and not conceded. Absolute shitfesting our way to wins when we're without the likes of hendry is absolutely glorious to see and something we haven't been able to do for a few years now. Mcglynn getting it right as predicted...
  10. So a mother and child being pinned against a bus is OK? What an absolute shower of c***s Airdrie seem to be just because they managed to win a few games in a row.
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