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  1. They're not all up yet so no. If they were it would be ample time though.
  2. Does seem a bit weird but let's just enjoy that our fans are stepping up to keep our club going (again)
  3. The Mrs managed to get some kind of cashback (insert Alan partridge) deal on it, so it's only cost us 11 quid for the year. She done this last week and only told me about it yesterday or I would have given you all the heads up. I'm not sure why I'm even with her at this stage...
  4. Cheers for giving me the clap you arseholes... Eta: genuinely nice to see people come together in such a way. If they could all do as they are instructed then it would make my job alot easier.
  5. Mrs came in and told me she was quite touched by the clap, that's her getting booted out.
  6. And in Scotland Brora are champions. Knowing the sfa/spfl they will follow what's happened/going to happen in England though.
  7. Before he broke his leg I would have argued he could have socially distanced in the premiership.
  8. Could maybe extend this thread to be a league toty aswell. Up to the op with that one.
  9. There's having a laugh and then there's being like alot of the arseholes in Kirkcaldy are doing and going about their day like there's nothing going on. Bene being out for a run is fine as long as he's distancing though.
  10. His Mrs stays up that way. He's maybe isolating with her...
  11. Can't look past the best player in the league for our poty - regan hendry. Macdonald is a close shout though, he's been excellent for us but hendry is just a different level. Our ypoty would undoubtedly be Bowie although tait has also been very good when given the chance. In the league I'd still have hendry as poty although there are a few who have impressed me this season. Mcmanus is an obvious shout from falkirk. Wallace at ef has looked the key to them winning games by dropping in between the lines to feed dowds etc.
  12. There's little chance of the league getting finished so it makes sense for him to go and be with his family.
  13. Really does just seem to be business as usual around my bit today. People still not social distancing aswell. What is it actually going to take for these morons to realise the severity of the situation.
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