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  1. There's a few on signs at the roundabouts as you come off the a92 to dunfermline that have clearly been stuck up by of "fans". At least that one was a dunfermline one, in dunfermline.
  2. Over a week till the game and its already descended into madness in the match thread. I fully expect a pars victory but they're not who we are competing with this season. Mid table should be our aim, clear of the bottom, but not quite good enough for the top. I'd be happy enough with that after the past few seasons. I'm perhaps in the minority of rovers fans, where I want you to win the league. The seethe from hearts fans would be glorious!
  3. I would also add that using anything other than chrome tends to lead to buffering issues on my end but once I switched to chrome raithtv has been flawless. I reckon on paper between the two sides there's a fantastic team to be had. I don't fancy our chances in this game. We tend to leave gaps at the back with how we play and players like Thomas and Dow will take advantage. In saying that if hendry can leave the Inverness game behind him and get back to his normal self, he has the ability to control the game for the likes of Armstrong, Ross and tait to really feed off of duku and cause problems. Very interested to see if Murray's hair has moved an inch since he played for us. He is also a massive threat at corners so hopefully we have a plan for that.
  4. You've only gone and missed the weather report [emoji85]
  5. https://matchcentre.spfl.co.uk/home Login then go to fixtures and click on the icon next to our game.
  6. Go to fixtures then next to our game there is a live video option to click.
  7. It's showing a black screen for me? What time does it normally go live before a game?
  8. Probably jd if it's available anywhere.
  9. The service was decent enough. The pillar made it seem like I was actually at the game so was a nice touch[emoji23] I don't think we were ever in any danger of losing the game today and could have stepped it up if we needed to. You did have a few decent chances in the second half to draw level but we defended fairly well with a makeshiftish defence. Barr and glass where the better players you had today imo. Kavanaugh? Looked not to bad once he was more central as well. Russell looked pretty useless though and your 'keeper was quite hesitant at times but made a couple of decent stops. You should have enough about you to be upper mid table based on the one game Iv seen... All the best for the rest of the season.
  10. Apparently Coulson made his deboo against morton.
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