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  1. I think he said in a previous interview he was looking at loan signings after he had got a winger 2 St's etc.
  2. Pretty much it in a nutshell. When you buy a season ticket there's no gaurentee you will make every game. You could be ill, games can be postponed etc. You buy it to give the club money with the knowledge you might not attend every game.
  3. Season tickets aren't a massive saving for any fan at this level. If you miss a couple of games, that's you essentially "lost out" fans who buy season tickets tend to do so through loyalty rather than for financial gain. It's the same reason very few people have taken refunds from their club for last season when most could have have easily seen that money go to better use.
  4. You have to bear in mind tx that alot of people are struggling financially right now, the same as the club is. Putting prices up too much will result in people just not being able to attend/ watch. The club have got the season ticket prices spot on imo. It will encourage more people to get them when you look at the prices being charged elsewhere aswell.
  5. Well at least we don't have to worry about getting shite players on loan from hearts for a while. I wonder if hibs have another gullan type to loan us? Imagine the seethe of an on loan hibs player scoring the goal in the last game that resigns hearts to another season in the championship.
  6. East Fife have been absolute diddys my entire life. Dunfermline have always been the main Derby for me. Either way, both are derby's.
  7. Stick with the story. Takes a while to get going but worth it.
  8. Was he not involved in a friendly at starks aswell? Can't remember who it was against.
  9. Hopefully your a child because any adult that uses that term should know better and actually be embarrassed by using it.
  10. Doesnt matter. He hasn't signed for us regardless. Shake hands and move on.
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