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  1. I know Dundee, who's he involved with other than them? Or is it a stupid question and the answer is celtic?
  2. I'd assume Smudger is by way of his wife endorsing someone for the job. As a side note, it was always dodgy with that, but with him being at another club in the same league system, surely that can't be allowed to continue?
  3. I want Ian Murray. Iv always wanted Ian Murray and I actually want him more now after looking in to Thomson more. Liam fox getting the job would be largely underwhelming. A guy who was replaced by Gary fucking locke after doing a shit job. Mcpake got lucky that Charlie Adam decided to turn up in the playoffs against us. Mckinnon is a snake. So Murray it is for me.
  4. I've just tried it and it's coming up with the error "get_config" im on android and do have an update sitting so I'm guessing it could be a compatability issue.
  5. I'm not convinced Thomson is worth waiting for if that is the case tbh.
  6. If we appointed Ferguson I think I'd be done completely with football. I'd say I'd be shocked if he had been interviewed but with our board, anythings possible.
  7. We've already got gullan to fill the "no idea what his position is" role tbh.
  8. You could probably argue half our current squad had shown they can't hack it in the Championship in the past. Just because guys have dropped down a level doesn't mean they aren't capable of stepping back up. Alot of the time some of these players drop down just to get more game time. See lang as an example.
  9. A "poor queen's park" who beat and relegated dunfermline, which is something we didn't manage this season.
  10. OK... That doesn't take away from the overall quality of the league being shite though.
  11. How shite is the championship this season if that Inverness team is potentially getting promoted along side that shite killie team.
  12. Didn't play this season but John Hughes once "thought" he should be manager of Scotland.
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