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  1. Happened to me last year. Enjoy it as best you can and I hope you recover quickly mate.
  2. MacDonald will start tomorrow. I think it's been heavily implied in the media output this week that that will be the case. Harsh on mcniel and Thomson who have both played massive roles in getting us here. It's a cup final though and you play your strongest 11.
  3. I think Vaughan has to start after last week. I think the only potential changes to the team would be Connolly for someone, which is a hard call for Murray and obviously millen should come in at rb unless he goes with masson but I don't see it unless millen is still injured. Must say though regardless of the result, we've got a big crowd coming and with accies getting 2k sold, it should make for a good atmosphere despite the diddyness of the stadium were playing in. I'm looking forward to it though as I had to miss out on last seasons final due to covid. I'm able to bring the wee one this year as well. Trying to convince her to wear my coca cola cup strip from when I was roughly her age is a struggle though...
  4. Why would our players want to play pt in league 1 next season...
  5. You should really bring in a note if you wish to be excused early in future.
  6. It doesn't bother me at all. I was making a joke...
  7. You could have at least made up a birthday party that started at 4 or something.
  8. He also made sure the wee guy that took a ball in the face during the warm up was looked after, afterwards.
  9. I can't have been sat far from you today. The movement on the ball was beautiful. I think Murray said earlier this season that Easton doesn't score tap ins...
  10. In fairness @TxRover macdonald has been dealing with an injury for most of the season. Robbie was getting ready but at no time did macdonald indicate he wasn't fine to play on. He will be absolutely fine for next week and it was a great save with alot of venom behind it that resulted in him feeling it a bit.
  11. You could tell cove are a team that haven't won many games recently. They where arguing amongst themselves and basically folded defensively. Fair play to the travelling support today. It's a long way to go when your team isn't performing.
  12. You play your strongest team in a cup final, regardless of the perceived diddyness of the cup.
  13. Big shout out to Scott brown for today's performance. What a difference having his dig and ability at cm again today. It let's the attackers go and play knowing they have him running about like a mad man winning everything. Isma looked alot better today and I thought mcgill done well once he got over the initial rustiness that comes from not playing. Dissapointing to lose the goal but can't really complain when we were well on top for 70+ minutes gameplay wise. Vaughan unlucky not to get his hat trick but it was a good save from gourley. Nice confidence booster ahead of next week. @philpysame...
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