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  1. Not totally true. We either sold players early for a reasonable amount, of held onto them for too long a g got pennies or nothing.
  2. That would be an expensive way to provide fodder though. By the time you include scouts and coaches, be as well picking up youths that have been freed and training them in the reserves. Not sure what the difference would be cost wise though.
  3. I'm sure he could share whatever he chooses to make up.
  4. You told us before that he was a stick on to sign for Hibs before the end of August. As has been said already, you talk an utter pile of shite. 350k for a championship player with 6 months on his contract Don't feed him, he'll follow you home.
  5. He was rumoured to be in a couple of grand a week. Clearly, the club never comments on contracts, and Loy was never going to out himself as a wage thief on that kind of level.
  6. Am I angry today? Nope. Wasn't yesterday either. Ah well, just have to put up with being typecast I guess. Genuine questions abive re gloating and injuries though.
  7. Kindly point out what is A, angry, or, B, incorrect. Becoming a habit of Ayr and Morton fans to claim someone is angry and then ignore the posts instead of actually reply. Maybe I should use lots of emojis to help the kids follow the difficult bits.
  8. I'd concentrate on holding onto Shankland beyond January before you start gloating over league positions. Long way to go, a lot of football to be played and a lot of injuries to occur. And there's a point too, our team is mince. We wouldn't miss anyone. Shankland leaves or gets a long term injury, or Dobbie gets crocked? Hilarity abounds.
  9. All the wee teams are gloating early this season. This could end up being glorious.
  10. Nah, he won't do that. He'll be too feart incase we ask for unicorns or something for compo.
  11. Won't be 100k a year. That's for certain. And we will be getting deducted points why...? Is this another thing on Crawford Raes Christmas list?
  12. Lucky its not American Football. Would be relegation time, then extra time. Then we'd draw and both teams would be taken out and shot. Doesn't seem so bad, to be fair.
  13. So you're suggesting that between McKinnon and assistant, wages will be 400k for two years? Assuming your lunatic chairman gets his mythical 100k compo? Hartley will have left with a few months payoff and Gordon Young left for another job.
  14. My word, it's 500k in compensation now? That's some heavy duty lead spillage through Greenock way this weather it seems.
  15. I'd settle for the Aussie actor Brian Brown right about now.
  16. I think it was more relief at getting Houston out while we had a chance of turning it around.
  17. This. We used to see the same the other way around. We would lose good strikers who would then go on to be bang average elsewhere. Very much the case of good enough players in a system that suits them. Now we have until January to see if we can do the same with this lot.
  18. Doesn't have to be physically hard, but there's no way they should be getting off the training ground until they are getting the basics right, time after time.
  19. Is this possibly why Robson has been consistently benched, despite being one of our best players? Greenwood as well? I know Ray seems to prefer 4231,which may not suit Greenwood, but you'd have to fancy him for one of the attacking 3 slots? I'm hoping like hell that I'm right too, I like an away day at the seaside, but during the summer, not on a rainy Saturday in February. We are missing a bit of luck, but teams that are playing with confidence seem to make their own luck, so we'll probably need a win or two before anything starts falling for us. God help us all.
  20. I'm not in denial, we've been rank rotten. Where we differ is that I believe that properly coached and motivated, these players are capable of getting results. And I'm hopeful of being proven right, because if not, we will be sunk by the time the window reopens.
  21. We aren't getting championship players in at this time of year, so we either coach these guys hard twice a day or pull the shutters down in the season.
  22. Couldn't have done worse than Hartley, to be honest.
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