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  1. We could get an entire defence out of that list. Shame we can't to them as a swap deal MacDonald would be a great signing. We'd get 60 Minutes out him then bring on Froxylias for the last half hour.
  2. I'll take every one of them. Which is a sad I dictment of our recruitment.
  3. Ian Black wasn't even very good at betting against his own team.
  4. I reckon we should replace the entire board with a tombola machine full of random management ideas. At the end of each season, we pull out enough balls to make a mission statement, and that is what we go with the next 12 months. We might end up replacing all match day staff with squirrels and only playing players older than 40. But it's a more coherent vision than we are likely to get.
  5. We'll, to be fair, 352 is a 532 with a slightly different set up. A 4321 is a slightly different 4231 or 451. Point still stands, if you've tried both of those, and played around with them, then you've tried at least 6 different formations and set ups. So if it's not the formations and the players are OK..?
  6. If you've tried all the formations, then it's not the formation that's the issue.
  7. Currently being applied at Rangers, apparently.
  8. Don't be bringing rational statements in here, this is a football forum. Thank for actually bringing a sensible answer in, not that it will deter any Morton fan. Rae has probably shut up after taking legal advice. Or he's realised he made an utter fanny of himself.
  9. It's probably not, given that your chairman has publicly stated what he thinks the outcome will be. Given the public statements he's made, any competent lawyer would get a case tossed before it made it to a judge.
  10. There's nothing else happening in their part of the world. It's really that simple. It's been implied, if not outright stated in regards to Sammut being at Chelsea. He's not going to play in the first team, so he's surely just filling a jersey, yes? And the boy that's gone to Rangers. Until such time as he's in someone's first team, we don't know what he's doing. He may or may not have a great future. I said that he may well have been in the reserve team to fill a jersey because of injuries, instead of merit. I got shot down for it, but I've yet to see anyone prove the contrary.
  11. That's is a priceless statement from you. Really is. Bizarre that youth coaches responsible for coaching a player would feel that he was a great player. Really is. Wouldn't at all be putting the boot into the club that binned them.
  12. Silly me, keep forgetting that every academy in the land is only filled with players of the highest caliber. Nobody gets released and there's never any wastage or players hanging around riding out contracts. We've never moved players around to fill a jersey, and neither has anyone else. Thanks for clearing that up.
  13. Good for you. Not say g it was a great decision. But it's done now. Was poo ting out that the hooha over him playing a reserve game has been blown way out of proportion. Christ, even when we had a good academy squad, half the players who played reserve football were average at best. Yeah. Again, was my point. Look at our current mess. We should be chasing them over the state of the first team, not distracting ourselves over what an academy player may or may not achieve.
  14. Of course they do. Are you suggesting they run with an academy of 14 players and drop reserve players down to make up the numbers?
  15. Your chairman has what evidence that we induced Ray to break his contract? To get compensation from Falkirk, that will have to be proven. Even then, there won't be points deducted. You're pretty much becoming a fixture here. Nobody wants you here though. A bit like the Morton thread. And every other thread. And no, I'm neither angry nor raging. My heads not gone either. You however, are tedious beyond words.
  16. Nice bit of whataboutery there. Was does that prove? How many academy players do clubs the size of Rangers have? They need a set number of players to fill out squads, training sessions and the like. The fact he is an academy player means they feel he might have promise. Can't believe after everyone saying that Sammut is a jersey filler at Chelsea, we've now gone the other way and are saying this guy is great because he's got a jersey at the Rangers academy and has played a reserve game. If he makes a lot of appearances, and gets on the bench for a league game or goes out on loan, u til then there's literally nothing to see other than a club signing a young player to fill a roster spot in a youth team. Has it occurred to anyone that he was likely filling a jersey due to injury or similar, or are we just off on another f**k the board rampage.?
  17. How do we know the guy wasn't just filling a jersey for the reserves? Let's not collectively piss or pants again.
  18. In behind Rudden and Haber could be a thing of wonder. Or an utter shit fest. Scenes either way, that much is guaranteed.
  19. That's quite a list of good managers at good clubs, and McInally and Ferguson. A McInally/McCall management team would provoke quite a few strokes, I would imagine. Wee Jobby is a good coach when he has the players he wants in, but that first season? Would be painful. Not as painful as being bottom of the league, but still.
  20. Amused at grown adults arguing over actual balls and English usage. Not even football, footballs. Never change.
  21. 6 games played, 0 goals according to Wikipedia. Standard, if true. Another very average player we appear to have squeezed a good season and a half out of.
  22. So many heads rolling around the ground in here. Can we get a Morton fan in here to officially call heads gone or raging status? Ta much.
  23. Agree re Duffie. Still doesn't change the point that he should have been sold when he was at the top. Injuries didn't help, but we still kept him around way past the point of him being any use. Several years of wasted wages. The Arfield one is kinda with the benefit of hindsight I suppose. We didn't sell him as we we wanted to stay up. If we had sold him, I'm sure we would have got st least another couple hundred grand as a premiership player. Hard one to judge at the time. He didn't want to stay if the championship. Who's to say if he'd pulled out the stops and kept us up he'd have wanted to stay instead of moving to a far bigger club. I certainly wouldn't want to be running the contract department of a football club. Seems you'll get it in the neck either way.
  24. Duffie? Held onto him way past the point he should have been sold. By a matter of years. Not saying we would have got a fortune, but he could have been sold for a couple hundred grand. We held into Arfield a season too long as well, though that might just be me, and money isn't always the best way to measure it.
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