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  1. You want us to phone Inverclyde Council and ask them where your carer has gotten to? Of course it's baseless. He literally said in that tear stained press release that he decided that's what he wanted. Until his dad died , he was responsible for making chocolates, ffs. Now he supposedly is a legal wizard.
  2. It's funny that they are run by a dynasty of apparent millionaires, but even on their best season they are still a bang average championship club.
  3. All chickens could have teeth, just like we could have a good board one day. Positivity, mon frere!
  4. I think most clubs keep their mouths shut because they treat their fans with even more contempt than ours does. Then you've got the clubs that have fans so thick they think they are going to get mythical levels of money for something that didn't happen.
  5. No thanks, fucking awful sweets. How does she say the season is fucked without implicating the players and the new management team? Maybe she didn't mention the oral claim, because, as a lawyer, she knows it's a baseless claim that the sweetieman pulled out his arse in a pique of huffery?
  6. The state of Rangers. Literally get away with Financial doping when Ogilvie and Co were running the game and have the cheek to get worked up over this flimsy piece of press distraction.
  7. Calm down Rev, I don't think you need to worry about that. Have some faith. Just like St Columba drove the snakes out of Ireland, the might csambles will drive Ray the Snake away from 3 points.
  8. Or it could all be bollocks and Rae has run screaming into the woods, where he is currently rocking backwards and forwards, alternating between muttering about unicorns and asking for Nursie. Essentially, f**k off, your getting nothing.
  9. Just need to find someone with a spare 150k a year.
  10. How do you spunk 300k a year on a reserve team though?
  11. I'm tempted to start another account just to greeny that twice.
  12. What was the cost breakdown between the academy and the dev team, not seeing/seen that anywhere?
  13. Maybe I am Hartley? Nah, not really. By the time he was shitcanned I was as done with him as anyone else.
  14. I think the point was made to let people know that although players that came through the academy were sold for money, most of that money was used to pay for the academy. Second place or ninth is the same with regards to getting up in this league. We'd all rather be second, don't get me wrong, but it still didn't get us up. Morton haven't been paid anything, the compo was for the hairy tramp.
  15. Clandestine, aye? How do you know that it wasn't your own chairman that let it slip and he's now feverishly back pedaling to cover his arse. Or someone else at the club that called us? And is it actually illegal for an employee of a club to discuss the contract he has signed, unless there is some sort of non disclosure agreement around it? You simply don't know what happened. None of us do, and the silence from Cappielow is becoming deafening.
  16. I'll happily call bollocks on the whole thing until Peat names names. This is press distraction from all the ex Rangers players that are away to get reamed from the taxman. It's a random fucking thing for anyone to suddenly give a shit about, unless there's an agenda behind it.
  17. To be fair, Branch Ton would wind himself up in an empty room. I know, I'm one to talk. #headsgone.
  18. We'll let it go when you all stop on about the potato famine. And the other lit forget about the boyne.
  19. We had a great plan, then for some reason the board left it in the hands of this fella and fucked off for the summer. Unconfirmed rumours that Ray has been seen running around with a pair of pants on his head and pencils up his nose.
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