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  1. If he can't summon up a win against the worst Falkirk team in decades, he needs fired off into the sun.
  2. Mutch Russell Muirhead Harrison Robson Paton Irving Froxy Greenwood Rudden Petra In a 4-1-3-2, I'll be at least four players off and the formation will be wrong.
  3. Does anyone think Lt Dan is ever going to get a run out for us?
  4. Coming out with patter like that and having a go at Lenny Henry in the same post. He's maybe not funny, but he'd kick f**k out you, on and off the stage. Here's hoping it's someone we've never heard of from the English lower leagues, we've not tried that yet.
  5. Think we wanted to come home, surprised there's not been any takers. Must be a right sound guy not to be at St Johnstone though. Black rhymes with Right Back, so hopefully thats a clue. I'm upset you with you on a deep deep level. Surely he would still be waiting at the airport, if true?
  6. Aye, agreed. Anything that helps get points on the board between now and the window opening has to be a good thing.
  7. You never know, did he not get bombed out a trial at St Johnstone, pre season? Short term deal to January might suit him well enough.
  8. Scott McDonald, a right back and a centre half will do nicely.
  9. Then AJ and Hartley take over at Morton. All the fucking scenes.
  10. Manager with no experience chooses assistant manager with a track record of failure. This really is the league that keeps on giving.
  11. Surprised he's bounced as high as he has, to be fair.
  12. We managed without it for decades, and even when we had it, most of the best players that came "through" it were 14 year Olds who'd been booted out other teams youth set up. Which begs the question why we were spending so much in the first place. We now should be keeping an eye for those cast offs and developing them. f**k spending a fortune so we can develop our own guys, when they always turn out to be a Shep or O'Hara.
  13. That was the bulk of the people complaining at the time, too.
  14. Which is exactly what the statement from the Chair said. With decreasing profits and rapidly increasing costs, it would have continued to be a burden on the playing squad budget. Shame we subsequently shat the bed with regards to rebuilding the first team. Still, Rome wasn't built in a day, and all that.
  15. Young guys and the edit button wasn't working.
  16. I'm not as good at this computer stuff as you
  17. Your club almost died in April 2018, so I wouldn't get too ahead of yourself #prayforfalkirk #prayforCrawford.
  18. Your club almost died in April 2018, so I wouldn't get too ahead of yourself #prayforfalkirk Hmm, no it didn't. I suggest you read again, and maybe as for help. If we hadn't taken the steps we had, we would have run out of cash. Barring further funding coming in. We made the changes we had to with ample time, and carried on. Our future wellbeing isn't dependent on the whiny whims of a daddies boy.
  19. Apparently there was also the cost of the dev team, so says Shodwall. The there's probably the cost of shunting Houston and CO on top of that? I'd hazard a guess that the budget will be on a Par with the sensible teams, everyone apart from Dundee Utd, Ross County and I'm assuming Partick are still spending more than most?
  20. Why's that named FM 17? Was that your avatar on the game last year?! That's what it downloaded as. No idea.
  21. We've been living rent free in his head for so long, I'm actually starting to feel guilty. Feel like we should buy him a rug or a spider plant or something. We can spend a tenner and he can pretend it's compo and go away happy. Only compo you are getting
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