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  1. 1, you might be confusing me with Bairnardo. 2, wouldn't be hard, since your thread is a barren wasteland where nothing ever happens. A bit like Greenock, to be fair.
  2. I stand by what I've said above. I said my peice yesterday. If he wants to discuss it, fine I will. If he's going to enter a discussion with a snide one liner, then that's a different matter. To repeat, I doubt enough of the players can be improved to the required level, but failing players coming in, this is what we have to work with. It's worrying that we seem to be having the same team see tons as Hartley. Robson, Russell, Greenwood and Froxy still cant get a game.
  3. And I said yesterday quite clearly to marshy that it looks like they can't be improved enough to get us safe. Might want to pop back and read that again, old fella.
  4. If you had actually challenged them, we would be having a discussion. You haven't. You've been a snide, patronizing dick.
  5. And yet you can't wait with the I told you so. f**k off and patronize someone else with your "son" pish.
  6. No, I'm just done with your smug, borderline arrogant bullshit. There's a few on here that seem to revel in falkirk falling apart, and you fall into that camp.
  7. Can't hurt. I mean, that's what coaches are supposed to do, yes? Morton thread for this pish patter. Ta.
  8. He's shite. Also one of the few people to score this season, so he's ready ahead of Haber, surely?
  9. Get Mackin in for the Alloa game. Exactly the sort of game the big lump is cut out for.
  10. You're off on the wrong foot, for one thing. I was referring to you gloating over the coaching remarks, but you carry on.
  11. It's not weird though, it's standard behavior for that lot. You know it's a serious illness when even the usually restrained Dunning is getting involved with it.
  12. I was willing to give Ray the chance to work with them before finally killing them off. Not going to apologise for that, it's his job to coach and improve players after all. It's increasingly obvious that a lot of them are just way above their level and need shifting on. And no, I wasn't. I was in Dundee with the kids enjoying a rare day out. Away and play real fan bingo elsewhere. And no need for aggression? Maybe don't quote people with single sentence digs if you don't want an earthy reply.
  13. You're actually loving this, in some twisted nasty fashion, aren't you? Again, since your too fucking dense or ignorant to get it, even shite players can be improved with effective coaching. It's literally one of the ways players develop. The issue is whether these players can improve enough. And it's starting to look very unlikely that most of them can be. Doesn't mean Ray and Co won't try, regardless of what your petty arse thinks.
  14. I've been thinking about that. We normally palm them off on Stenny, but they seem to have wisened up to that. I was thinking bus off a cliff, like the end of The Young Ones.
  15. We need a massive influx of players in January. Do t see how anything else will save us. We are on form to lose 1-0 to alloa the coming week. And that's me being optimistic.
  16. Brechin, Forfar, Arbroath and Montrose. Those are away games I could get to easily. Mon the League 1 bus, here we come!
  17. Stevie Wonder would have better reflexes.
  18. I think going down may be our only chance of getting rid of this board. Whether the club would survive that is doubtful.
  19. We're going down. Nothing could be more obvious.
  20. Could be a 433. Rudden Haber and Petra up front? Well have to score at least 2 to get a draw.
  21. Well cut it out and get down to the stadium and do some coaching. Does your laddie not play centre half too? Bring him along an all.
  22. We should get a big b*****d in to coach them. What's the actual Baptie up to these days?
  23. Better off kicking Dallison in the chuckies, easier target and far easier to catch up to.
  24. Anything less than five goals against us, I'll let you borrow our Alex Harris Trebuchet.
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