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  1. Well, you can take it with a pinch of salt. Would be on a par with a Dundee fan telling you the area around his stadium is better than the area around yours. It's just one rough bit broken up with slightly less rough bits. As far as car parking, I'd stick to the industrial parks and the college, park on residential streets and some wido might take a mirror out of cheek.
  2. Administration would be the easy way out of this mess. Would at least give us reason to cut some of the shite loose. Still, there's ways the prospect of everything clicking this coming game and we turn out to be magic.
  3. Dundee Utd fans can f**k off calling anywhere a shite hole. Yer own stadium is hardly surrounded by an urban paradise. It's Tannadice, not the Nou Camp.
  4. Can't be any worse than the 11 that are going to get mullered by Alloa to be frank. ETA I seem to have inadvertently found myself a stalker. Any betting on what one of the Morton buffoons it is? Slowly going through every post I've made and red dotting them. Someone has had a proper meltdown over something.
  5. Also funny as f**k to assume that because someone can score goals or pick out a sweet pass that he knows the first thing about picking out a player or motivating people. Thankfully his last two jobs will have kept him out of football for a long, long time.
  6. Look at you, greener than grass thinking that this common sense type post will gain any traction on here currently. I'm fairly certain we hung common sense from a lamppost just before pre season kicked off.
  7. Telling that put of the three worst teams in Europe, Hartley has recently been involved with two. Guincamp must be shitting themselves.
  8. Haber has had ample chances. Mackin up front to see if he can do better. Be surprised if he can't.
  9. Calling him a journeyman is harsh on Queens, tbh. And yet every season for the last ten we've deluded ourselves pre season that maybe, just maybe, this season will be our season. What a bunch we are.
  10. Don't be so hasty, if we lose to Alloa, we're pulling the plug on the whole thing.
  11. He was well thought of byt he fans, he said at the time that he was up here to get a fresh start from personal issues.
  12. Roll up, roll up. It's guess the team time again. GK MUTCH RB RUSSELL CB HARRISON CB DALLISON LB ROBSON RW GREENWOOD CM FROXYLIAS CM MCKEE LW DUNNE FW PETRAVICIUS FW RUDDEN Pretty much just throwing names against the wall at this stage.
  13. It's a job with good jobs for those fucks though.
  14. Get him in at centre half then. Got to be worth a chance.
  15. At this stage I'd say that Sammut and Froxy look more likely to create anything than Paton and Irving. Greenwood and Robson wide with Rudden and Petra up front sounds about right. Anything but Paton and Haber, basically.
  16. Good. McKinnon means it when he says they are working hard then. Theres gains to be had there, specially with Harrison as mentioned. Paton is beyond getting a bit fitter though. He simply does no contribute. Maybe they are giving him hour long piggy in the middle sessions to see if he can be trained to put in a tackle?
  17. Good to hear. I hope it's not just running around, I hope there's a massive extra dose of coaching getting thrown in too
  18. I don't see that as controversial, it's either both of them, or one gets dropped and we play Muirhead. He should be captain of the reserve team, at best. Can't wait until McGhee and Mitchell are back to fitness.
  19. Sorry, honey, September 7th was my last post in that desert. Unless I'm tired and I've missed one. You're right about you not posting on there. Mainly because you're over here all the time, which given your above post, just makes you look foolish.
  20. Seems I've picked up a forum stalker, or at least a stalker with a double account. Take a bow, @Mediocre Hat Stand Anyone fancy checking this creeps IP address?
  21. No, but the board sanctioned a massive spend on 17 or so players that are utter dross, and a management team that were utter dross. We paid off Houston, then paid off Hartley. Now we'll likely have to pay off most of Hartley's dross at some point as well. It's rarely fun being a Falkirk fan, but it's usually interesting.
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