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  1. Wife partner sister and mother. All the same person to you, aye?
  2. If those three have turned up, i feel sorry for the poor people of Paphos, if all the Russian gangsters weren't bad enough, shitty brown shoes is surely the last straw.
  3. Liam Dick will be lucky to make the season 11..
  4. I'd take that back three over a back four with Cracks and Watson at centre half any day of the week, yeah. Chrunchie putting amoruso on his arse 9 minutes in.
  5. Back three of Den Bieman, James and Sinclair. Have to admit, scary as that is, I've seen worse and would take it over McCracken and Watson any day.
  6. Board have just soiled their collective pants. Get the ticket money up front!
  7. I was behind the goal that Wright scored at and Ollie had his chalked off, we did enough to feel hard done by that day. Still hurts to think about. Haven't been to either of the other two, as that day still hurts like a b*****d.
  8. Or to put it a way that matters, we've been to three Scottish Cup finals in the "modern" era and lost all three of them.
  9. Ahm, yes. That will teach me to reply before I've had my first coffee of the day. I was referring to our performance in cup finals, so that point even though noone was talking about it, still stands. Good record in the quarters though, whatever that shows, given we have been rank most of the season..
  10. Shocking record when you actually look at it, given how many we've been to, you'd expect us to win one in a while..
  11. Three points are three points. Don't hear Celtic complaining about beating Partick.
  12. Good to see we made the chances that needed to be made. Dropped the goalie, brought back Grant. No Sibbald to slow the midfield down, can only assume we brought him back to sell him in january. Just need to punt Kerr and we'll have a working midfield.
  13. I'm sure the plan for most of the friendlies is to field entirely different teams in each half so that they get the match practice they need but at the same time, hopefully anyway, minimising the risk of injuries. Anyhoo, if the players have been keeping themselves as fit as they should over the close (big if, i know) then they shouldn't really be coming in "cold" as it were. Only time will tell, I guess.
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