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  1. 8 hours ago, Rudolph Hucker said:

    Good. Now, do us all a favour and work your way through your back catalogue and delete them too.

    Think you'd find if you looked that I've given the guy plenty of grief in the past, as have many others.


    Ok Sherlock, what Morton-supporting poster has called someone a sex offender? Care to name names?

    Thank f**k.

    Classy response.


    I'll be gone soon enough, don't worry. And I know nobody will fucking miss me.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Gmfc 23 said:

    Deleted it.

    You should never have fucking posted it. 

    Meh, I'll take guidance from you lot when you stop making threats to people you don't like and don't post pictures on minors of forums, until then jog on with the advice. 


    And also, noticeable the lack of grief the other guy is getting. Shit stained hypocrites. 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    Maybe, FH website saying McKinnon looking to bring in other free agents to freshen up squad and we have 2 currently on trial.

    Poster on FB who must be a taxi driver saying he has been dropping off a young black striker at the stadium who is on trial but doesn't know his name. Someone suggested he ask.

    Possibly Bia Bi up on loan? Not sure how I would feel about that. I'd say we likely need a midfielder comfortable with the ball at his feet. A striker that can score would be good too. We'll probably sign a guy with no career goals though. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Rudolph Hucker said:

    Much as the guy in question is a  p***k, to call him a sex offender is both ludicrous and worthy of being reported.

    I hope he does do tbh as your posts are like a tapeworm up the arsehole oh the message board.

    Deleted it, can't be fucked with moralizing from the like of you. Just out of interest, do you know him well, or are you just indulging in a bit of fake internet outrage? 

  5. 13 minutes ago, badgerthewitness said:

    I think we all badly need a win, we're currently filling the gaps between games by talking shite and chasing our tails over the same tired topics.

    imhhho (in my humble, heartfelt & honest opinion)

    A win would indeed be nice. I'd settle for a point. Or indeed, a pint. 


    Anyone else getting worried by the fact we apparently have funds available, but are inviting players on trial that conceivably could be worse than we already have at the club? Which is a terrible thing to even consider. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, ShaggerG said:

    We moved in to TFS in 2004 which is the same year that the 10k seats rule was changed so the planning & construction would have begun some time before. 

    Just our luck; things may have been a whole lot different if the timings were even a wee bit different!

    I thought it might have been around then, was too busy trying to cram food down my throat at work. Typical of the powers that be to wait until we were committed to something to change it. 


    Still, it required a lot of different things to slot into place in order to get to that stage, so we should be happy that something got built. Shame it's a three sided white elephant. Four stands for a compmiant stadium would have a far better atmosphere, and if your auntie had baws etc. 

  7. 43 minutes ago, Gaz FFC said:

    But certain Morton fans on here said the stadium is an expense on the Council tax payers of Falkirk. Are you saying he's talking shite?

    Just a bit. They are known for it. You'd think if it was dragging the council down, they'd do a deal in it. 

    42 minutes ago, ShaggerG said:

    Is that not hindsight though?

    When the stadium was being planned was there not a 10k seat minimum? I agree that the main stand is too big and would probably give us a capacity of 11-12 thousand depending on the size of any east stand which is too many. I assume that the council would have had  a major say on the design of the main and that they would want to include office space etc which possibly contributed to what we have today?

    I also quite like the Livingston, St Mirren type models as they're obviously large enough and could maybe be 'personalised' a wee bit easier as well. The Livi ground would be my preferred option in fact.

    I thought we started planning after the capacity change and we left the other side open in case we needed the seats later? The main stand was built the size it was so we could squeeze council off es in or some such. Was a while ago so I could be miles off. 

  8. 50 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

    The loans on the stadium aren't helping us. The figures quoted on here are anything between £350 - £400k we are paying back each season. How much that is affecting the quality of player we can bring in is anyone's guess.

    I still would rather have had a completed stadium with the budget we had than what we have now. Each to their own opinion though.

    We could have built a 6000 seat old fashioned stadium with stands tight to the pitch, and likely not even had to involve the council for their share of the cash. 

  9. We need someone with money to come in and bluff the council. We either play elsewhere or the council sells their share of the stadium for a couple million up front. They've had more than enough of us over the years, time to shoot that particular cash cow. It's a good bluff, if they say no and risk us moving, what are they going to do with the stadium, charge the Shire 300k a year? 

  10. 42 minutes ago, EdiBairn said:

    How on earth is having an ambition to finish higher than 7th a bad thing?

    Partick Thistle, Inverness, Motherwell, St Johnstone and Kilmarnock(all clubs with smaller attendances than us) have all finished in the top 6 recently.  Being ambitious is not a bad thing. There's far too much criticism of our board for criticism's sake on here.

    There's nothing wrong at all with the ambition. The issue is when you spend money you don't have, in the hope that you can finish high enough to repay it. It's compounded when you finish well lower than that, effectively blowing the arse out the following budget. As I said above, it's ego driven decisions that are poorly thought out and executed, time and again.

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