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  1. Stuggling with depression and bipolar disorder. You stay classy, why don't you.
  2. Classy response. I'll be gone soon enough, don't worry. And I know nobody will fucking miss me.
  3. I'm knocking myself into the ground here picking fights with people I shouldn't be. All I'm doing is making myself feel even more depressed and fucking worthless. I'll leave you all well alone, sorry for whatever it is I've done.
  4. As has one of your own. Go fucking moralise at him until he deletes it.
  5. Meh, I'll take guidance from you lot when you stop making threats to people you don't like and don't post pictures on minors of forums, until then jog on with the advice. And also, noticeable the lack of grief the other guy is getting. Shit stained hypocrites.
  6. Possibly Bia Bi up on loan? Not sure how I would feel about that. I'd say we likely need a midfielder comfortable with the ball at his feet. A striker that can score would be good too. We'll probably sign a guy with no career goals though.
  7. Ground breaking stuff, Harry. Maybe the board have been playing Football Manager.
  8. Deleted it, can't be fucked with moralizing from the like of you. Just out of interest, do you know him well, or are you just indulging in a bit of fake internet outrage?
  9. A win would indeed be nice. I'd settle for a point. Or indeed, a pint. Anyone else getting worried by the fact we apparently have funds available, but are inviting players on trial that conceivably could be worse than we already have at the club? Which is a terrible thing to even consider.
  10. It was literally a "what if". As in, what if we had someone with more money than sense. Sorry a flight of fancy has deeply upset you. Kindly take your passive aggressive w**k elsewhere.
  11. Wait, what? I'm red dotting myself? I'm fairly certain I would have noticed that..we should get someone on the staff to look at that claim. @mods?
  12. I'm not even biting, away snap at someone else.
  13. And to top it off if I remember, blast zone was for a storage site that ineos had planning permission for but never actually built. Couldn't make it up.
  14. I thought it might have been around then, was too busy trying to cram food down my throat at work. Typical of the powers that be to wait until we were committed to something to change it. Still, it required a lot of different things to slot into place in order to get to that stage, so we should be happy that something got built. Shame it's a three sided white elephant. Four stands for a compmiant stadium would have a far better atmosphere, and if your auntie had baws etc.
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