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  1. I'm pissed off with the way it's gone so far. Glad in didn't sound for a season ticket, I'd have had a stroke by now.
  2. Glad to hear it's only a niggle.
  3. How's the knee injury coming along?
  4. If it was only 2 or 3 teams better than us, I'd feel like an Inverness fan. Hey! I used to like you too..
  5. Sounds like he was in there to fill the team out so we could play a game. Poor bugger has probably been fucked around. Now expecting us to sign him on a three year deal. Does @Reggie Perrinrecognize him?
  6. Hamish French. Or a left back.
  7. Fairly certain it was a 1 year contract. I'm with Stainrod when it comes to Petra, I'd quite like to see him at right wing back.
  8. I quite like my fanny. Not sure I want to be swapping it for anything.
  9. I've heard that a few times on various forums now. He's being touted as the stopgap forward so they can let Lafferty go back to the sons of Attila.
  10. Maybe. I honestly think he'd be too arrogant to even consider it. He also seems to be cultivating a habit of being a dressing room wankers and we've got enough issues without that. We also can't afford his wages.
  11. Kenny Miller before Goodwillie, but only because Goodwillie is a rape b*****d.
  12. Given that we paid 40 grand for John Stewart, I'm not sure we should be mocking anyone for signing Phil Roberts.
  13. All things Dundee FC

    No, cause he'd probably turn magic and they'd fucking smash us into league 1. Cowden will do fine. Unless we can get Elon on the phone.
  14. It's simple enough, if the midfield is on an off day, which is pretty much guaranteed, then one up front won't work.
  15. I heard from a guy that empties the bins at Dens that Hartley's beard isn't real. He also said that we would comfortably beat QOS so make of that what you will.