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  1. McCrae's Battalion were indeed inducted into the SFA hall of fame today.
  2. That would be great. Don't bank on it though, because Hibernian haven't won a meaningful two legged football match since the 1980's.
  3. The day they die will be a good day. Their fiddling while Rome burnt last season will just become all the more utterly hilarious.
  4. It's absolutely hilarious that they still think this. We are now 810 minutes plus without going behind and have amassed a championship record amount of points in the supposed "toughest" championship there has been.
  5. Sow is probably our 5th best player. Hearts best player Morgaro Gomis and Prince Buaben are Hearts' best players.
  6. Our squad looks like this: Alexander Gallacher Paterson Ozturk Wilson McHattie McGhee(RB) McGhee(CB) McKay Eckersley King Gomis Buaben Nicholson Walker Pallardo Holt El Hassnaoui Sow Carrick El Hassnaoui Keatings We have Smith and Oliver to come back from loans and the likes of Robinson, Beith, McKirdy, Henderson, Buchannan, Roy etc. In reserve.I don't believe Rangers have a better starting 11 or bench than Hearts right now. I reckon we will also see Robinson and possibly someone like McKay moved on to make way for a signing or two in January as well. Possibly an experienced CB or maybe even a loan player to give us an extra option and strengthen the squad for the challenge. Rangers are heavily reliant on the fitness of Lewis MacLeod and Nicky Law IMO. Their fans hatred of Law is baffling. He's chipped in with decent goals already this season and looks their only midfielder outwith MacLeod that can turn the game with a bit of magic. Nicky Clarke has also been their only striker worthy of the name. Kris "stroll the league" Boyd is struggling. Their "good" players are getting on or are already over the hill. They'll be close by the entire season and will probably sit top at one point but I think we have enough in the squad to win this league. We have the best defence, best strike force and best midfield in the league. I'd also argue we have the best bench. No reason why we can't do it IMO.
  7. It is now :lol: 12 points clear on the 4th of October. Beautiful.
  8. Alexander Paterson Ozturk Wilson McHattie King Buaben Gomis Nicholson Keatings Sow With Walker, El Hassnaoui and Carrick off the bench hopefully. Don't think it will be the walkover people are expecting. Think it'll take a fair bit of the first half to get used to the pace and bounce of the artificial surface. I'll be happy enough if we give a good display and win it in the 2nd half.
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