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  1. Nice new strip. Also a nice gesture re the renaming of the stadium.
  2. Agree. I’ve asked the question of Whitburns committee but get no response
  3. And the sooner the committee realise the juniors is gone and move to eosl the better
  4. Nope the east juniors isn’t and Fauldhouse along with Whitburn should have left the juniors last year
  5. If they want Colts teams then there should be a full pyramid and they start at the bottom of the pyramid. Living down South the premier leaugue can play their u23’s in the EFL Trophy. None of them have won it yet. The closest to the final was Chelsea who got beat by my local team Lincoln City in the semi final a couple of seasons ago. Personally I’m not keen on that as they can field players who played in the champions leaugue the week before. There should be no B teams. If they want to develop players then loan them out to teams at the bottom to get experience.
  6. Yup. In my day used to be at least 2 busses plus cars to most away games. There is potential there to get closer tie with the youngsters get them and their parents along on a Saturday and be a proper community club
  7. I’ve not been for years in fact nearly 19 as been living down south and rarely back. My grandpa worked closely with Jim all those years ago and built up a good following but as you say that’s died away. They need to move with the times and move out the juniors. in saying that the juniors as a whole should have been part of a proper pyramid years ago.
  8. Absolutely correct, but try mention it in the Facebook group your comment/post isn’t accepted or deleted
  9. I sincerely hope not. Those running the club need to realise the juniors is finished and future is in the pyramid
  10. Aye and we should have kept with what Jim said. Sadly we’ve been left behind
  11. 20 years ago today Whitburn won the Scottish Cup. A great day out. Hopefully one day be back amongst our peers by moving to the East of Scotland league.
  12. You’re talking more rubbish than Boris Johnson
  13. It’s not the sjfa it’s the west region 2 different sets of folks
  14. If true and why would the paper print it without evidence then just null and void the season or finish it in the positions as was
  15. If true and why wouldn’t it be then they should t be awarded the league
  16. they can not host the game safely so it needs to be moved.
  17. seriously guys get over it and take your crap patter elsewhere. Back on topic is there any update on where the game will be played?
  18. so as your club is a junior club the folk are running it are morons then. Good shout. Is there room for improvements yes. If you think you can do better then get involved.
  19. Whitburn manager I am sure was was Brian Fairly. Somewhere I have the teams I think from them. It may be quicker to post on our facebook page as there was a great supporters website which had the lineups run by a guy called Bert Pearson
  20. kilbowie that was an extreme situation due to the one of the worst winters in years when football clubs at all levels struggled. no issue from me and I have posted the same and explained where I live I have Lincoln City who are in the national league and 3rd round of the fa cup then Boston Utd int national league North, Grantham Town lower down also Lincoln Utd. All at their level big difference is they also have better grounds
  21. A bit harsh to say should never ref again. Should he be pulled up for it yes he should. Should he be made to ref some lower level games or run the line then yes he should. should there be a statement from sjfa yes. Should we know if the ref is punished then no as that is between employer and employee. Will the sjfa deal with this and issue a statement? Probably not
  22. I live in Lincoln I have a few non league teams to follow all at various levels of non league with Lincoln City sitting top currently of the national non league. They are a full time club who over recent years have become more involved in the community, like wise are Lincoln Utd further down. Boston Utd were in the national league but ended up relegated and now play in the national north league and no should the gain promotion they will have to travel from there to Wrexham to down on the south coast. Each club is at the correct level and if they want to work up the leagues they know exactly what to do in terms of facilities as well. There is also the FA vase trophy for non league teams and Lincoln are playing a team well down the pyramid called Shaw Labe association based in Barsnley. For them playing Lincoln will give them a boost in terms of playing one of the top non league teams and also financial. point is there is a proper set up and clubs will find their level. The difference is down here more clubs can be full time due to the cash around TV deals but in Scotland they cant as it is a much smaller pond and teams and fans at various levels need to realise that. So what is needed is a complete overhaul of how the game is run and finances distributed until then football in Scotland will die on its arsewith the exception of a few clubs in the premiership
  23. there is a much bigger issue here ad that I how to improve Scottish football overall and that means a proper pyramid, clubs and local councils and Holyrood working together with the SFA to improve facilities and coaching
  24. according to Bo'ness threat there was a referee assessor there who apperently said that they could not intervene even though they knew the ref was in the wrong.
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