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  1. Good highlights. Ball looked to be bobbling a fair bit. poor goal to give away, and some poor finishing but some good passages of play.
  2. Because normally games aren’t moved to a neutral venue and there wasn’t a reason given when posted that venue had been changed.
  3. Why look to criticise instead of complimenting the club on using their foresight to ensure the game goes ahead and the fixture calendar moves on ? This is a first round tie taking place on the day of the 2nd round, so ensuring the game is played (and no doubt taking a financial hit for the pitch hire instead of playing at home) is something which Thornton Hibs should be applauded for in my opinion. How often do you put a 😉 emoji and you know full well the spirit it was made in Peter.
  4. Correct Professional fitba but junior pitches 😉
  5. I know someone involved in non league in England and when asked about social distancing said we tell them and have some signs up but we can’t make them.
  6. Why you talking out your arse? Seriously I was brought up with the juniors but they should have gone a long time ago
  7. Should have been replaced as the whole grade should have been out straight into a pyramid structure
  8. Nice new strip. Also a nice gesture re the renaming of the stadium.
  9. Agree. I’ve asked the question of Whitburns committee but get no response
  10. And the sooner the committee realise the juniors is gone and move to eosl the better
  11. Nope the east juniors isn’t and Fauldhouse along with Whitburn should have left the juniors last year
  12. If they want Colts teams then there should be a full pyramid and they start at the bottom of the pyramid. Living down South the premier leaugue can play their u23’s in the EFL Trophy. None of them have won it yet. The closest to the final was Chelsea who got beat by my local team Lincoln City in the semi final a couple of seasons ago. Personally I’m not keen on that as they can field players who played in the champions leaugue the week before. There should be no B teams. If they want to develop players then loan them out to teams at the bottom to get experience.
  13. Yup. In my day used to be at least 2 busses plus cars to most away games. There is potential there to get closer tie with the youngsters get them and their parents along on a Saturday and be a proper community club
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