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  1. That’s what most fans want and the committee now appear to want
  2. You really are pathetic. A post congratulating a club and you try turn it into your personal vandetta…. Do us all a favour and remove yourself from the forum instead of vast majority of us having to block you
  3. Nope just folk fed up of your stupid posts. We get it you don’t like the blazers but it’s time to stop
  4. More successful than it would have been had they not joined the pyramid. Part of the issue is they waited too long to join the pyramid but that’s a different issue all together.
  5. Nice try… I grew up in Glasgow and still take an interest in it…
  6. What rubbish. The blazers have answered plenty of questions on here… not like the old junior days and not like those blazers that run the higher leagues. You clearly have an agenda against at least one of them but it’s time to let it go or step up to the mark
  7. Obsessed… their is a management committee so not sure why you think just 2 folk…. Your getting as bad as Rob Roy Guy did
  8. You really are obsessed…. Have the blazers taken your ball off you? If you think you can do better go for it. Think they’ve handled it well the issue is the club who couldn’t field a team despite knowing the fixture.
  9. What a surprise at the first 2 posters on this thread
  10. Always had a soft spot for Tranent as my old man lives behind their ground. Well done on your promotion
  11. I am not involved in the process. Aye but that answer doesn’t work for 3points agenda…
  12. Not sure why folk are digging out those in charge when the bone lies with Blantyre. End of the day fixtures are published and folk know potential clashes. Have to deal with it. If certain folk in here think they can do better then get yourself nominated and try. For those calling for massive points deduction give your head a wobble. For those saying they know exactly what the situation again take a step back as you clearly don’t as only those directly involved in investigating will be fully aware (already been posts with rumours which aren’t true). Why not let the investigation take place same as it would in your workplace for a disciplinary issue. Better to take your time and get it right then rush and end up in a worse situation
  13. Hi, we are on holiday and going to take in the Edinburgh uni game today just wondered what their ground is like facilities wise and can you get a bite to eat and a drink in the ground?
  14. Aye but did you remember your hat so you didn’t get sunburn?!!
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