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  1. Troon lost the services of several players last season as Jim had to send them away to fulfil work contracts . This means that they missed both training and games. As this happens to any Troon player employed by Jim it will also happen to any player employed by Jim. No conspiracy just the problems faced by any player who works shifts or contracts.
  2. Chappy has been a great servant for Troon and is our longest serving player.No ball is a lost cause and he gives 110% in every game.....what more could you ask for.
  3. I can confirm that Troon asked for a game on May 9th both by email and in person following Thursday's SJFA meeting. I have been advised that Troon playing Shotts on May 9th would leave Hurlford and Shotts playing each other twice in back to back fixtures .This is the reason for the delay. I expect Shotts will have also requested the fixture and will have received the same answer I did. It suits no one to be idle as fans, players and committees all hate free weeks but we can only play the fixtures as they are cast. Hope this puts the conspiracy theories to rest.
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