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  1. My favourite formation to use on FM16 is the 4-2-3-1. This formation provides a good balance of attack and defence and is the best formation I have found success with on the game. These are the roles I find work best- Gk- Goalkeeper, Defend DR- Limited Full Back, Defend DCR- Centre Back, Defend DCL- Limited Defender, Stopper DL- Full Back, Attack MCR- Deep Lying Playmaker, Defend MCL- Advanced Playmaker, Support AMR- Inside Forward, Support AMC- Shadow Striker, Attack AML- Winger, Attack STC- Advanced Forward, Attack In the full back positions there needs to be one focussing mainly on defending and one focussing on attacking and causing a menace on the wing to set up goals for the strikers. Therefore one full back has to be a "limited full back" and one has to be a "attacking full back". I have found best success with having the left back being the attacking full back and the right back being the limited full back but it is personal opinion and what works best for your team. In regards to the centre midfielders, there needs to be a balance between defending and supporting. Therefore having a defending playmaker and an attacking playmaker makes sure that both these aspects are covered and also the ability to pass the ball and play football. The attacking midfielders are an integral part in getting goals for the team. As there is only one striker, the attacking midfielders need to be setting up and scoring most of the goals. The right attacking midfielder is an inside forward and is going to get you most of your attacking midfield goals as he will cut in from the right wing and shoot. This means that ideally you will need a left footed player with a good long shot and finishing ability. The centre attacking midfielder is a shadow striker, so he needs to be scoring goals also. The left attacking midfielder is an attack winger and he is going to be an integral part in setting up the three forward players he is playing with and also link up with the attacking left back. In the striker position, the most successful method I have found is to play the lone striker as an advanced forward. This role guarantees him setting up the attacking midfielders and also scoring many goals himself. This is the tactic I have found most success with on the game and I hope you give it a try yourself.
  2. I believe there are many ways Dundee can improve as a team over the summer. As a Dundee fan I understand there has been lots of controversy regarding last season, as we finished in the bottom six and we did not get the "cup run" that was anticipated by Paul Hartley at the start of the season. However it's easy to forget that it was only our second season back in the top flight of scottish football, and if someone had told me at the beginning of our first season, that we were going to be top six in our first season, and finish bottom six the next, and then to relegate United in the process! I would never have believed it. In my opinion, due to Dundee overachieving in the first season, they may have set the bar too high, and thus leaving many fans hopeful, yet disappointed when they finished eighth overall. We are now however expecting great things from the club in the future, due to some new faces on the pitch. Next season we are anticipating a much more challenging league as we play one of the largest teams in scotland. We have already signed James Vincent and Danny Williams from Inverness and also Yordi Teijsse from Quick Boys in Holland. These players look to be promising, and what more, they are very affordable members too, considering Vincent's performance in the Scottish cup final in 2015. It is now almost certain that Paul McGinn is departing after his storm down the tunnel during the lap of honour in the final home game and his lack of interest to stay at the club, therefore Dundee have had a decision to make in the right back department, they could place their faith in young Cammy Kerr, who stood in admirably when McGinn was injured, and bring another right back through from the youth academy, or they could sign someone else with young Cammy as back-up. If we are going for the latter option then we will need a right back that is experienced enough to add stability to the defence, possesses a good amount of pace and is a good reader of the game. What is more uncertain about this transfer window is whether one of our star men Greg Stewart is going to be staying around or not, he has already knocked back a contract extension that would have made him the highest paid player at the club, so whether he is keen to stay is yet to be known. However as it stands, Stewart is free to talk to new clubs in January next year, if he doesn't sign a new deal and doesn't leave in the summer. Plenty of clubs have shown their interest in Stewart and I believe bid of around £400/500k will possibly be enough to seal the deal elsewhere for him - That's my opinion, and there are many that will not agree with me - Many fans infact believe that we should be commanding a higher fee for arguably one of the best players in the country at present. With Stewart's contract expiring next summer I think the wise choice would be to cash in on him now rather than keeping him for one more season, and invest the money on other right wing targets with similar attributes. Kane Hemmings is another member of the squad that has been associated with a move away from Dens Park, but I can't see this move happening. He is contracted to the summer of 2018 and also seems to be enjoying life at the club. However every player has their price and if a club comes in with a bid close to the one million mark it may be enough for Dundee to accept. The final point to improve Dundee over the summer concerns Paul Hartley. Now, don't misunderstand, I believe Hartley has done a tremendous job since he has been appointed for us and from what I can see, with the team under his management we can get an excellent result, even if it's against all odds, but then we will lose to a team much lower in the table than us. Its this inconsistency that has been the difference to us finishing in the bottom six last season rather than the the top six. For example, we hard fought an outstanding draw against Celtic at home, putting us in a great position to finish in the top half of the table and then three days later, we lose against Hamilton and our only chance of finishing in the top six narrowly escapes us. This inconsistency must be improved on over the summer, if we hope to be successful next season.
  3. I think this game has a draw written all over it
  4. From what I have been hearing, Kilmarnock were still due Dundee 25k the time they signed Harkins in the first place and now that has been wiped out. So Dundee get Harkins and Kilmarnock don't owe Dundee any money now . Just what I have been hearing so not sure if true but it does sound about right
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