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  1. Morrison’s disallowed goal, Kennedy wasn’t even offside and Morrison was 2 yards onside
  2. 6 days, I would say two halves! We were rank in the first half, we looked shit scared of them until we realised the only tactic was to hump it forward. Getting the ball down and playing football in the second half made all the difference. Morrison was so much better on the right. Wee Max is on a different level, what a player. Every player had a great second half
  3. We’ve got to get Max into the team from the start, he’s to good to be on the bench. Hendo and McGinn have been excellent but he’s currently a better player than both of them. We’ve now become a team that wears out our opponents and then we come alive on 60 mins when the subs come on
  4. What was the point in that Peterhead performance? No tactic to do anything other than put men behind the ball, there was no out ball or even playing for set pieces. Wouldn’t it be better to go down fighting and having a go at some point?
  5. Did the discussion around ticket prices go into detail? Our ticket prices may not have risen for a while but current adult prices are already high for League One. On the other hand, kids getting in for free is brilliant
  6. We’re going to win the league mate, it’ll be the Fifers you need to beat in the playoffs
  7. 11 points above the North Lanarkshire Barcelona with a game in hand, we must be some team
  8. Our record is dreadful against Airdrie. It’s time for us to stand up and get results ourselves, we’ve been reliant on other teams losing for too long. If we win, I can see us winning the league, if we don’t then it’ll be the playoffs. Always a tough game at Airdrie who seem to save their best performances for us
  9. The council also use the offices for their workers so I would be surprised if they were looking to offload the stadium
  10. We were playing Stenny, no idea how it went, the players were arriving when i was there for my son’s football. Not a nice night for a game!
  11. He would be a great signing but I can’t see it. We are playing a closed doors game the now and the management team are definitely at the game
  12. Would be best to just let him go just now
  13. Having watched the highlights back, the decisions Kirkland made look even worse than I thought at the game yesterday. Blatant shove on McKay for their goal and another blatant shove on Mackie just ignored. The highlights didn’t include Morrison being through on the goal but the game being stopped due to obvious play acting by the Edinburgh player. Maybe it’s time McGlynn called the refereeing out, it seemed to work for Postecoglou and Celtic!
  14. Log in and the see the Forum is Hot and there’s 4 new pages…… still no signing announced
  15. He looked like a guy who had suffered badly through injury, was a slow and cumbersome. His previous record in Ireland was outstanding, it was hard to believe he was the same player
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