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  1. I wonder if the lack of signings is linked to the manager’s lack of experience working in Scotland. If he didn’t want to sign Holt/Sheerin’s previously identified targets without seeing them, that’s understandable. I had hoped Kenny Miller’s contacts in both Scotland and England would’ve at least put us in the market for some decent Old Firm B or English loan players
  2. There’s no point going overboard with Dowds interview. Maybe he doesn’t look the happiest but that’s fair enough, he was shafted by the previous management regime for Wilson and Ompreon. He scored a hat-trick today, enjoy it! As long as he performs for the rest of the season, who cares? If he goes on a pre-contract then you can thank Sheerin for pissing him off. If he goes this month then we get money for him
  3. We aren’t signing Goodwillie it’s time to move on from this toxic debate. Dowds was excellent today. His all round play of holding the ball up and his distribution were as good as we’ve had for a few seasons. 3 goals makes him our 4th top scorer this season Dumbarton were rank rotten. They would struggle in league 2 with performances like that. Our defending is wild at times, just marking a man seems too much for some of them. ATS did well in his first game considering he’s not played this season. If we could just go on a run and cement a promotion playoff place then I think Rennie would be a success for this year
  4. He looked completely disinterested from the start and then got worse every week
  5. Will the game definitely go ahead this weekend? We obviously had last week called off due to COVID, the knock on from that would be few players training this week. Playing devil’s advocate here but if we sign a number of players this week then we may be forced to play a game on Saturday with a team that has been thrown together last minute in front of a reduced crowd. Waiting until next week may not be the worst idea
  6. It’s covered in the two articles I’ve linked below, it doesn’t look like it’s very clear what qualifies for the exemption, it would have to be argued that the player was of significant quality https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/7507/uk-borderagency-gbe-requirements-men.pdf https://theathletic.com/news/scottish-clubs-handed-transfer-boost-as-work-permit-exemption-made-permanent/7iiIW8LkiGt8/?amp=1
  7. I couldn’t say I’ve got a great knowledge of the current guidelines for visa/work permits but historically the Old Firm have got permits for anyone they want while everyone else has struggled. Arguing that someone signing for a League 1 club would deserve a work permit seems like it would be more difficult based on their specialisms and skills. I suppose it’s all hypothetical until someone decides to test it
  8. I think we would struggle to get work permits in league one for Asian and American nationals. David Weatherston is currently in Norway and doing a fair bit of analysis on the players there and across Scandinavia. He had identified the young guy Hibs have just signed, I would hope somebody could get in touch with him as one of ex players for some insight.
  9. We need a mobile striker with decent pace to make the most of that style. I can’t see how Dowds fits in to that team. If a fit Keena ever exists then he would be fine at this level
  10. Heatherington was suspended tonight, should be back for Saturday. We just looked so much more prepared, you could see we played with a plan and kept going right until the end. Sheerin and Grainger kept on pushing the players from the sidelines. I agree that Wilson doesn’t look the best on the ball however his movement dragged the defence all over the place. I think a fully fit Keena (if that exists) would be a real asset when the team play in that style. I’m not sure if it could be picked up on the stream footage but Seb Ross running from deep caused a lot of problems. It’s obviously a tactic that’s been worked on. Early days but plenty of positives to take
  11. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a board member?
  12. There’s not an ounce of fact in this whole post. How was the Rice approach screwed up? Have you been involved in the discussions at club level? If not you’re basically posting rant after rant of absolute crap. Who got the Rawlins to invest in the first place? I think you need to consider that the dual managers were well backed, they managed to get Blair Alston in league one. The failings of the managers are the reason we are stuck in league one now
  13. Government money was meant to make up for the shortfall in income due to Covid. How have teams like Alloa and Arbroath lost 350k more than we have? They have part-time player contracts and smaller crowds. An absolute carve up to stop championship clubs going bust and f**k the rest of us
  14. The extra centre half was before we signed Kelly at left back. With Dixon in the middle now, there’s no real reason to look for another centre half
  15. If Gary Miller is asymptomatic then he will be available for Peterhead, the tests were done on Thursday and his 7 days will be up before the game. He won’t need another test
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