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  1. Was i the only one who thought Alegria was terrible today? He got flung about along game by Forster, failed to make runs into the channels, didn’t win headers nor hold the ball up. His goal really papered over how bad he was. We put out a team to pass around them today, the exact same style didn’t work against them in the first game, again it didn’t work today. The first half was pathetic today, players not fighting in any position
  2. Calvin Miller was a very decent player when he was young. He’s still only 24 and would’ve been part of the youth setup at Celtic when McGlynn was there. If McGlynn thinks he improves our squad then I’d be inclined to trust him at this stage, his signings have been good so far. I would think we would need to get some players out to afford Miller’s wages
  3. King’s coronation on 6th may, supposed to be the last game of season. Selfish
  4. Difficult to know what to expect. We’ve got a terrible record at Peterhead but they looked poor in our first game of the season. This is one of the big tests for us if we are serious about winning this league. Our recent form is really good
  5. It would be brilliant to win the league but promotion through the playoffs would be fine. Look at Queens Park, bang average last year and currently 3rd in the championship
  6. I’ve signed up today, I don’t agree with the wording but the club clearly needs our money
  7. They obviously feel it’s now desperation stage for money. It just could have been worded without the need for the good guy/w**k divide
  8. Did the Navy Blue group put 600k in or is that still a possibility?
  9. If the tone of the email was along the lines of “we are really struggling now, we need help or the consequences are x, y and z” it would have had a far more receptive audience. The on field performances have given us all hope that better times are coming. There’s no need to make it so passive aggressive and suggesting that you aren’t a real fan unless you’re a patron or FSS member is just wild. I think they need to remember the majority of people have no interest anything other than watching a game on a Saturday
  10. That’s been true for the last few seasons. This season we’ve been solid at home and our players are currently playing with confidence. If Clyde can get in our faces and spoil the game then they’ve got a decent chance, if we get time and space then this should be a comfortable home win
  11. That was a terrific performance tonight. We need to take those performances and impose them on league 1 teams. They might not get the glory and score goals but McGinn, McCann and Yeats were brilliant
  12. Henderson came over and apologised to the fans at the end, don’t think there can be any debate, it was a penalty. We were really good in the first half, if we scored a 2nd goal I think we would’ve won it. Second half, we rode our luck but should’ve scored at least once ourselves. Plenty of positives to take but we need to build on it. We can’t keep throwing in Kelty type performances. I don’t see Airdrie or Dunfermline losing too many games over the season. We need to be the same, a bad day at the office should get us a draw
  13. He was very young, think he was only 17 and then broke his leg 4 games in
  14. I think FC Edinburgh must be using some North Korean tv staff for those highlights, that’s a ridiculous “Highlight” package. These are the BBC stats for the game
  15. Alegría reminds me of El Alagui, not technically the best player but decent in the air, gets in good positions and can bring others into play. He seems to get the ball stuck under his feet too often the now. I think if we could go on a consistent winning run, he would also improve with the added confidence and sharpness Burrell is a completely different type of player, wants to play off the shoulder and run in behind. Both of them together could make a decent partnership. Burrell was helped yesterday by Fontaine being absolutely done, he just couldn’t keep up with balls over the top
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