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  1. Absolute scenes as Stevie Ray subs Pettis. Secures a playoff spot in PFL
  2. Looking like UK hosts next year
  3. We all knew Ukraine were winning that, was just hoping for a good show. It was quite underwhelming I thought
  4. Unofficial winner I'll take it
  5. Top of the league! SCENES
  6. Outstanding. Even slipped his new YoYo tune in there as well
  7. Grace Kelly has and always will be incredible
  8. Ooof I don't need reminding of 90% of the songs
  9. Unreal voice to be fair
  10. Unreal vibes. The evening is saved
  11. YES NOW. This is what we're all about. Come on!
  12. I have no idea what's going on at this point
  13. wow that's a really bright pink
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