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  1. Queens v Dundee United

    Yeah, absolutely. Said after last weeks game QoS are favourites to go down - they’re very poor- and they proved that again today.
  2. How did the next game pan out for you? #relegation
  3. QoS fans aren’t taking this well. Looking forward to seeing how raging they are when they actually go down.
  4. Uh huh. Who's arguing with you? I'm well aware of how football works. I was responding to one of our fans who commented on how many chances we created. Instead of frothing at the mouth for no apparent reason perhaps you should read previous posts before typing away furiously. As tough as relegation is, it can really lift the club if you bounce straight back up. Morton have been much better for it. QoS could do with this: they’ve been poor for years.
  5. A good team would’ve put all those chance anyway. Literally all of them. The sort of ‘luck’ you need in those situations just doesn’t come to those that are near the bottom.
  6. He really does. As well as that he seems to think Forfar and Brechin have two teams each. Thanks for playing anyway.
  7. Why were QoS wearing a Motherwell top?
  8. Learn your Forfar’s and your Brechin’s cause that’s where you’re going next season.
  9. Get over it Duffy - you were sh*t
  10. Played really good stuff - at times. Defensivly, an absolute horror show in the middle. A decent team would’ve went in at the break ahead. The game for me, passed McAlister completely by. Where was he most of the game? When actually called upon, he should’ve prevented the equaliser: if he’s just kept running he’d of held up Harkins and that would never have happened. That aside, plenty of positives. I don’t think we’ll be as low down the table as QoS. They relied on our mistakes to get anything from the game. Very poor side front and back. They’ll be hoping Ayr’s purple patch finishes soon or they’ll be left on their own to toil with Alloa IMHO. Roll on next week. Stuff to work on but performance wise a very encouraging start.
  11. Morton v Dundee United

    That’s the least deserved point I think I’ve seen us get. That was dire.
  12. The game was totally overshadowed by a Brechin fan having a bizarre meltdown at the front of the main stand.
  13. Morton v Dunfermline - 03/02/18

    Can we play you every week?
  14. Dunfermline vs Greenock Morton - Sat 20th Jan

    Apparently Gary Oliver needed to be dropped...
  15. Once relegated, Dumbarton shouldn’t be allowed back. Evidently not equipped to be a club at this level.
  16. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    You've watched too much Oyenuga.
  17. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Let's just take a minute to laugh at how pish Declan McManus is. He really is utter guff.
  18. Greenock Morton v Dunfermline Athletic

    Dinner is served.
  19. Jumping on the pitch to celebrate what turned out to be nothing more than a consolation. Let's all laugh now!
  20. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Replace him with Gary Locke, please.