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  1. 100k and a relegation later. Absolute patter.
  2. You should consider playing him in your next... Oh wait, too late!
  3. Hugely glad to see both of you could come to a sufficiently adequate conclusion to to this banter ridden day. Glorious.
  4. Nicked a manager, paid the fines, ended up exactly where he found them. That is tragic.
  5. Don’t be f*cking c*nts, Ayr and let them have a point. The patter afterwards will be worth the 70k.
  6. I could go on a Morton bus and probably not see you and your rabble for about 5 years. Get down!
  7. Hopefully you get lost making your way down to Stranraer and we never see any of your posts ever again.
  8. Glorious. What an absolute nick Falkirk are in.
  9. Imagine getting put out the cup by a floodlightless pub team.
  10. Further proof that Ayr are a one man joke team let’s all laugh now
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