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  1. Ton v Alloa

    Fair play to Alloa, they deserved the win without question. We lacked any kind of composure. Really poor, thoughtless effort from just about everyone today. Really does amaze me that there are teams worse than us in this league. Any other season we’d be bottom.
  2. Queens v Morton

    Justice at last for that utterly pathetic draw we contrived against that relegation rabble back in August. Onward, Upwards.
  3. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    According to McKinnon, our goal came from a free kick where the ball was still rolling;
  4. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    ^^^tear soaked grey jacket
  5. Morton v Falkirk - 20/10/18

    Aside from the goal, my favourite part of the game was the ‘hard man’ in the Falkirk end wearing the grey jacket storming over to the home fans, offering 2000+ people a square go cause they’re laughing at you. How rattled do you have to be to make such a tit of yourself?
  6. Morton v Ayr

    At least you understand my point though, that’s the main thing.
  7. Morton v Ayr

    At least you understand my point.
  8. Morton v Ayr

    After like 20 games being top of the league starts to count. Right now it’s meaningless, point proven by the fact it’s Ayr that are there right now.
  9. Morton v Ayr

    You could understand being ripped apart by decent teams at this level; like Hibs etc Ayr United though; that’s tragic and should never of happened. We score that penalty and they fold like the club they are. To go on and lose like that shows how gutless certain players are.
  10. FIFA 19

    Anywhere selling it or is the standard G-Force Thursday the place to get it soonest?
  11. Dunfermline deserve all they get for retaining that complete clown of a goalkeeper. That was absolutely laughable; there’s no excuse for that sort of incompetence.
  12. P*sh cover story for what was really happening behind the scenes. Do you genuinely think anyone is going to believe you actually wanted Ian McCall?
  13. Can’t believe all the fuss over Ray McKinnon Ray McKinnon Easily replaced.
  14. Needless to say the Cunty support has been quiet. Absolutely done by The Famous.