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  1. Was that edit to remove Howard Johnson or another Johnson name as signature?
  2. Exactly what i thought watching the trailers. Thats why i won't be paying to see it.
  3. Oops nearly forgot. Watched the Kingdom on Sunday. Pretty good movie, plenty of action and a great storyline (for a movie). The ending also summed up the reason this is never going to stop. Too many stubborn fuckers on all sides 8/10.
  4. My brother in law has a projecter/screen which we watched it on xmas day beats your 42" LCD TV. He also has a $10,000 speakers system I think that is going to be the problem with most people who see it. I enjoyed reading the books, but i couldn't think how the film would work. If you haven't read the book, i don't think you will enjoy it.
  5. Yeah, but it still doesn't alter the intial "shock". If that was non-cgi it would have been an 18 id guess.
  6. I have the feeling it is going to be another Blair Witch. Watched Beowulf last night. Was actually shocked at it at first, with the levels of nudity and violence not quite what you would expect for a PG/13 movie. The thought of a naked Anthony Hopkins is frightening. However that is more than made up by a "naked" Angelina Jolie. Pretty good story, some of the graphics for it was excellent. 6/10 overall.
  7. Its actually Harold and Kumar go to white castle. Obviously since no-one in the UK know what White castle is, they had to change the name.
  8. Someone that has a good picture should do one of Dougie Imrie, Iz at the tanning salon, impressn duffman.
  9. He is doing some NE sportsmans dinner talk around Peterhead sometime. Mmmm
  10. No, but that doesn't describe Alien. Even worse you are forgoing the other Alien films for the shite that will be AVP2.
  11. Is there a 1 missing in front of that mileage since it is only 680? or does it come minus parts?
  12. I wouldn't go on Ebay anyway, but he may have been trying to be helpful. If he does a lot of Ebay stuff, especially cars, he may realise you probably won't get what you want for it. Since you have it listed on Ebay it is obvious you want it sold, so he may be trying to do you a favour. Obviously he may have been being an absolute c**t, but i like to give someone the benefit of doubt.
  13. I know you are. He may not have been aware of it, as he hasn't read your post.
  14. What it is worth, and what it is worth on Ebay may be different however. He may just be telling you there is no way you will get 2,000 for it on Ebay.
  15. If you hand it in to the police, no-one is going to claim it, and you will get it back (they may even say just keep it there and then). Then you can spend it on a couple of extra pints and not have a guilty conscience.
  16. No. Not really. She is still young enough - as is most of the other people who don't do that. If she was in her 30s then yes it would be more of a worry.
  17. Yeah quite Got there, stood in line, got forms to fill out, filled em out, got to the desk and she put everything into the system. Then she asks to see my passport - which i don't have. (lost - applying for a new one right now). I tell her that, and she asks for other proof i can work here. I can get that from work - but why do i need it if i am only renewing the license, which i could have done on the internet if i didn't wait so long? she said she needs it and gives me an out of state change form showing me what i need. IM NOT AN OUT OF STATE RENEWAL SILLY WOMAN. Anyway gotta go to the international office and get my visa information, and go back on monday morning. Fuckers. Then to add to my annoyance, on the way back from paying my road tax, i get stuck behind one of the really really long trains going across a crossing, for 30 minutes. It has already been a bad day.
  18. yeah but you're not getting my point. It isn't for her you are doing it - it is for yourself.......you could even stick an old fish down the back of her radiator or something.
  19. You should go round asking if she wanted you to fix it for her, repair the "fight" between your families, and give you peace.
  20. Hardly ever, thought they were in it but no idea who they are.
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