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  1. Not to worry you, but if you caught something else from her, i would also be worried about HIV......... edited to add my PTTGOYN:- I have to referee 3 intramural football games tonight, and at the minute it is storming
  2. I don't agree it was a 10/10 and the best film of the year. I thought it was very poor considering it was the Coen brothers. No no no no, just no. They should come out, remove all traces of Alien res/AVP and state that the end of Alien3 was the end of the series. Ripley died, the Aliens are now extinct, end of.
  3. Personally i don't think there was anything "clever" about it - it is certainly hilarious however - a 10/10 film.
  4. The curse of being my father's son has hit again, and i now look like a lobster after getting sunburnt yesterday
  5. Unfortunately i just can't agree with that. edited to put it in spoilers.
  6. Me too. It is good clean fun (maybe that is the problem, too clean for people) - and it makes me laugh, as well as relate to the characters.
  7. SO do you mean it is actually an interesting character portrayal he does? or does he actually act like he is Arnie very well? (i.e. a shit actor)
  8. I have it, but haven't watched it yet. Baseball season has started so i have even less time now.
  9. I was putting "empty" chemical bottles out to be taken away, and thought i better check that the glacial acetic acid was cleaned (a moron Postdoc was supposed to clean it). To do this i thought take a quick sniff - sure enough i hadn't been cleaned out. I may get a sense of smell back later this week
  10. No Country for Old Men. 5/10. What a fucking dissapointment it turned out to be. It wasn't doing badly (certainly not worth the oscar, especially for Bardem whose performance was average at best). Worst thing for me -
  11. With Atlanta giving up this year, i haven't followed it really. Penguins are looking very good for the Stanley cup this year however. They put everything they could into getting Hossa (who should be back fit soon) which gives them 3 of the top scoring offenseman in the game (Hossa, Malkin and Crosby).
  12. As an update, there was a message from the same guy on the phone today - fucking idiot.
  13. Yeah but it is nearly a whole months wages (atleast the amount i get after taxes, car loan repayment, health insurance, retirement funds etc etc) To be fair though, that is the first time i have needed to put anything into the car in terms of the yearly service i give it. It is just pissy that everything needed done at once (as well as 4 new tires)
  14. Fucking idiots calling up for Drs - wasting precious minutes of my time (i.e. PnB time). This guy calls up asking for Dr Williams (made up), i say sorry you have the wrong number, this is a research lab. He goes oh, i dialed the number given to me for him, but it just rings and rings, can you transfer me to him - no that is not possible, we don't have that ability. He goes But i need medicine, and approval from Dr Williams - again sorry, i can't help you. He then asks if i can transfer him to the reception/main desk whatever - sorry we don't have the ability to transfer anyone anywhere. He asks if i can find someone to do that. For the third time i tell him we don't have the ability to transfer, and even go on to tell him that we are a totally seperate system to the hospital. He then pipes up so you can't help me then. If i wasn't as polite as i am i would have replied no shit sherlock or something similar. What happened to a simple oh sorry, thanks anyway when you dial the wrong number. (if i was in Greenock i'd guess he was just after a fix of some sort anyway )
  15. That is what i thought. . I agree that it was one of the best moments in cinema in a long time - genius from the scriptwriter/director/whoever had the idea.
  16. The problem is, if it continues to make money, they may well continue to make more. I think 3 would have been a nice ending, but i can see a need to tie up the loose ends i described before in a 5th film.
  17. No it didn't I watched Saw IV last weekend. 7/10 - lost points for things being way way too obvious, and also didn't give any explanation for . I assume that is going to be the main storyline for the 5th (and hopefully final) film in the series.
  18. I loved what there has been on so far. It has been stopped for now, but hopefully will be back on around summer time, with new episodes. One of the best new comedies in the US, although for some reason a lot of people trashed it
  19. Can't you go into the branch to do it? (although that does mean it has to be open)
  20. I have man flu Was feeling shitty at work yesterday, and had a fever when i was going home. Every 30mins through the night i woke up, was freezing cold so wrapped up, 30mins later i was burning up again. This morning i woke up and it felt like i had a hangover Thankfully the medicine i took is doing fine for my sore head/sickly feeling but i still have a really bad cough. Worst thing of all, food that normally tastes really good is tasteless
  21. I doubt you will get compensation from this, as there will be no charge to you. An apology will be all youd get i would guess. Did you ask if you could make a 2nd transaction to get the money you wanted? and then have the 50quid refunded to you?
  22. It should be easy enough to find, and now that you have been pointed to the correct place, even easier. A hint is - it is one of the biggest threads on the forum (and i know you will be upset since it isn't about Hutton, but live with it)
  23. It was all very well marketed and hyped up. From over a year ago, it started with just a blank screen, and cloverfield - coming soon. That got everyone thinking what the f**k it was (well by everyone, atleast me). Then they had small snippets of something happening. They never really went into what the film was about at all. However it would have got lots of peoples interest in the film, and that is why it made so much. Not really over-hype but well publicised.
  24. You see thats where they are being very fucking stupid. IT made a hell of a lot due to the marketing campaign- which was obviously very well done. Now everyone knows it is shite, and the sequel will lose them money (like BW2 probably did). Better to end it and enjoy the money.
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