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  1. Why is it scaremongering? Do any of the 2 of you have proof that Scotlands Economy will boom?
  2. By totally fucking up the economy, leading to no jobs, and general chaos.
  3. So what is going to lose out in this money then? Health benefits? Education? IIRC i think i read it is going to cost something like 100 million to keep the Forth up to scratch for the next 4-5 years - where does that money come from?
  4. I don't know, i don't live there, and i also don't claim that they are doing such a brilliant job like people do with the SNP and Salmond.
  5. No it isn't. I don't care who abolished the tolls for any bridge - it for me is a big mistake. It could have been westminster that did - however that wasn't my question. My question remains - what great things have the SNP done that i keep hearing about? What is politics about then
  6. SO, all in all the whole Scottish Government, no matter who was in charge haven't really done much good for Scotland.
  7. Again, the main point is that the cost of keeping the Forth for example, is far far greater than the cost of keeping some 1 lane over a stream bridge in the highlands. That is why they have a toll on them, which is fair enough. If the cost of keeping other bridges are just as high, then yes - have a toll on them too. Motorways also.
  8. Why not. I don't pay for other people to hire a prostitute. I think Tolls are extremely fair. ALso, the other thing to think about (and one i have constantly said) - how much is the upkeep of the Tolled bridges compared to other bridges?
  9. Not saying i disagree with it, but in what way are you saying that they do? SO is that place suddenly going to have the extra money lying around to cover the extra bridges it has to fund? DOes the SNP have a magical money making machine that means they can get extra money on request?
  10. Where are they getting all the extra money from (from what i remember, it costs a fortune to keep these bridges safe and not let them rot away to shit). I know i would far rather pay a little toll, then risk having the thing collapse on me. What a stupid pointless way to win fans.
  11. How is he going to keep the upkeep and safety of the bridges then?
  12. I don't know. It is a genuine question, since i am out of the country i have no idea. I haven't even said they are unable, whereas Piehutt has claimed them as doing an amazingly excellent job for the country, with Alex Salmond being the best politician ever (yes an exaggeration, but nm). Therefore i will ask again, and maybe someone will answer this time. What has Salmond and the Nats done to benefit the country so greatly?
  13. Again, i will ask, what have they done to show themselves very able?
  14. Yeah ofcourse you did. How stupid of me. I wish those tories would teach me how to see when someone is just Fishing, and not putting forward their true point of view
  15. :lol: Keep living in a dreamworld. It is likely the backbone of the economy that would desert Scotland if that happened. You would be left with Dole scrounging screw-ups.
  16. In future, don't have a coat/belt on, and make sure you have easily removable shoes. Makes it far easier
  17. Oh boy. Try and find out what global warming actually does before calling someone a FUD, especially as you have the wrong sex for said person.
  18. But Alien 3 is a good end point for the series, there is no need to keep going and flogging a dead duck now. Everything else that will be done is not going to add to the story. I would be all for a remake of the first one, but not for any more films. I personally don't care how they got there, or if there are any more "out there" to be found - that is what the AVP is base on.
  19. Thats just like having Alien vs Predator, or Alien vs another Alien. Also if all the Aliens are gone, then they can't move on from Alien 3 can they.......
  20. Yeah, but there may well be time constraints as to why the first film is shorter than the first book, in terms of storyline. (i haven't seen it yet, so can't say if it is a bad time to stop).
  21. There is another 2 films on the way, they will probably go into it. It would have stopped at an appropriate ending for the first film.
  22. What story was there left to be told? In alien, they stumbled upon the alien race for the first time, Ripley "won the day" after which they sent the "atmosphere team" or whatever they were told, then Ripley et al went there to save the day again, wiped out the Queen and in effect all the aliens. Alien 3 has the "crash" into the prison planet, and Alien ravages the convicts, that Alien is killed, and Ripley commits suicide with the Queen - no more Aliens. The only "stories" are the pre-human contact (no better than Predator vs Alien), the missing link between Alien and Aliens - which was filled in in Aliens special edition (and hence no need to make a new film) and then anything after Alien 3 - i.e. Alien Ressurection/Alien vs Predator. There is no story left untold.
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