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  1. You could say that about 90% of sports in Scotland. Including football.
  2. Cheshunt is a town just north of London. (i used to live close to there when i lived in Harlow). Thats about all i can tell you about the place though. Hope you get all sorted.
  3. This may go way over people's heads, but i have to vent somewhere. This isn't even about a student, but one of the clinical lab employees that use our imager (western blot/EB gels/coomassie etc). I was using the machine, and in the middle of the 5minute EClplus incubation with the 2nd blot of the day. I had the machine on, and the program was up with my last result picture there (after saving it). I finish the 5 minute incubation, and go through to the other room (where machine is) - only to see him standing there with a confused look on his face. I assume that it is just because he thinks someone is using it (which i was) and wondered where i was. I then realised that he had turned the machine off - instead of turning it on. I mean surely the fact the program is up, you know it is being used, and the lights on the imager are on should tell you it is on, no not him. This meant i had to then wait for the camera to cool down again (takes about 2 minutes to do) before starting the image capture........ Sometimes i just shake my head and wonder.\ Next - idiots that can't park properly. We pay $25 a month to be able to park and go to work. IT is great in the summer, as there are no students. Now however, you have to get there early to get a parking spot that isn't a 10minute walk away, across busy roads. Not only that, the parking spaces are very tight, and even with a small car, and me not being fat, i struggle to get out of the car without damaging the car next to me. Anyway, since people obviously don't want their cars damaged, they have taken to parking between 2 parking spaces, taking up both of them. Inconsiderate fuckwits. I also just heard that a workmate had his wing mirror torn off his car, looks like it was driven over on the way out, and yet the person didn't leave contact details. The police aren't going to follow up on investigating it (obviously it is difficult, no-one is going to park there any more, and the person who did it certainly won't). my workmate is now going to have to either shell out about $100 for a new wing-mirror on his own, or claim it off insurance - meaning he will be paying it back next years premium. If this happens even 1-2 times a month say - then you will be paying about $200 out of pocket to go to work........ I think that is it. For now.
  4. If you can, watch Amores Perros. It is brilliant.
  5. You probably missed a whole lot....... Watched Dark Knight last night, and it was terrific - 9/10. Heath Ledger was amazingly good as the Joker, and will win the Oscar for best supporting actor (i don't think he was in it enough for best actor). All of the acting was great in it, and the action was non-stop. My only "beef" with the film is that it tried to do too much for me, and could have kept part of the movie (atleast) until the next film.
  6. Ive had it unopened for about 4 years lol. They are always on cable, so i watch them now and again on there.
  7. I thought he had posted it somewhere before....... I have a theory about Morgan Freeman - that he took Bruce/Evan almighty so that he could play "god" and he took Deep Impact because he could play the president. Otherwise why would he take on roles in such shit films.
  8. It is a way for sad pathetic people to get 1 up on the Engerlish.
  9. Yes it was. The fact that they don't even know who the killer is (IIRC) indicates that they can't even do it as a scary film about a serial killer. I thought it was an excellent film. This past weekend i watched:- National Treasures 2:- Same as the first. Entertaining to watch, but nothing more. 6/10. Fools Gold:- Any Matthew Mcconaughey film is instantly rented by my wife. Atleast it had the Gorgeous Kate Hudson in it. Was also actually pretty funny for a "chick flick". 5/10.
  10. This weekend i saw:- American Gangster. Not as good as i thought it was going to be, but excellent performances from both Crowe and Denzel anyway. 8/10. Batman Begins - i am not a fan of any of the previous films at all, but i thoroughly enjoyed this one. Christian Bale was excellent - and im looking forward to the next one now. 9/10. Oceans 13- same as all the previous Oceans films, enjoyable but nothing special. 5.5/10.
  11. Ive watched a few this last few weeks. Blazing Saddles - 10/10 - nuff said. Young Frankenstein - not one of Mel Brooks best, but still funny. Now i understand why my wife wanted to call my cat Abbie Normal. 7/10 Talladega nights - the shite that is Ricky Bobby. There was nothing on TV this morning, so i watched this. Wish i had watched nothing - what a load of crap. 1/10 as im feeling generous. Harts War:- Interesting storyline if i hadn't read the blurb before hand that told the story really. Bruce Willis in another heroic i will die instead scene. 6/10. Also recently watched apocolyptico - for all the poor reviews, i thought it was pretty interesting view of life in that time. The jokes played on the fat one that was firing blanks was funnier than anything in Ricky Bobby. 8/10.
  12. In what way do you think it was more and more implausible as it went on? (obviously spoiler codes will be needed)
  13. Its been a pretty crappy day, but i was looking forward to a seminar, a nice can of coke and really nice cookies and a lemon pie thing. Got there, and all they had was water and horrible cookies
  14. HOpefully won't get stopped this time (damn timer). Anyway, from what i understood:-
  15. The knowledge that smoking, binge drinking and eating unhealthily has been out there since i was a kid. Once you have problems, there isn't much a semi-decent health system can do about it. You are not forced to eat/smoke/binge drink, and you are not told you are not allowed to go to the Dr for checkups to make sure you are staying healthy. What more can the Government do?
  16. What has education and health got to do with the fact Scottish (even British) people eat/drink/smoke themselves into early graves?
  17. Don't you know the previous governments, until the SNP openly forced people to smoke, binge drink, and eat fried foods until our blood turns pink?
  18. Westminster. Unless you are going to stockpile big long sharp sticks and put on your facepaints.
  19. THe fact i don't know is why i have been asking on here for months now. I have been told that they have stopped tolls on bridges, something i don't agree with. Other than that how have i been "slating what is happening?" It seems to me that there are lots of reductions in people having to pay for things, so if that continues where is the government going to get the money to keep services the way they are? They are all small, temporary things that get voters happy, but mean f**k all in reality.
  20. All Polls are worthless. No matter what they say. They are only representative of a small group of people, not the whole country. This is a Scottish football messageboard, the want to be an independant country is generally high due to a high amount of nationalism. If you went onto a tea and scone/bridge messageboard the outcome may well be different. Does that mean one is more representative over the other? No it doesn't. I wouldn't base any arguement on any poll.
  21. Its ok, people don't have to pay tolls to go over the Forth any more, everything is wonderful.
  22. Please, please tell me you never really said that. It doesn't take every mistake for that to happen. It only takes 1. Do you not think it is dafter to think it definitely won't happen instead of it might happen? Again, i will ask - what have the SNP done (or the Scottish parliament) that have given you faith that they can run the country properly? Why are things looking up for people living in Scotland, more so than people living in England? I must tell my parents this, as they aren't having the easy life that you seem to have.
  23. Why are you so confident? I haven't seen/heard anything that allows us to be confident it wouldn't happen.
  24. Why is it a load of Rubbish? Have you seen the shambles that the Bush administration have done to the US economy in the space of 8 years? Why are Scottish politicians so good that is never going to happen in Scotland?
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