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  1. Well the question was supposed to be so that you could come up with the answer without looking up a book. Since i was doing it from memory then it was probably post war or something, hence the 6. Any new questions or have we hit a lul?
  2. Another 5 obvious ones atleast
  3. I could be way wrong here again, but name the only 6 players to play for Scotland whose Surname began with L
  4. Charlton cos games were played over 2 legs???? *i think tahts been on before here*
  5. Was gonna say this before but its a quiz to test your knowledge not to find out what people on a website tells you surely?
  6. Yep, usually takes a little while for the RObert one and bobby robson.
  7. Arrrrgh you gotta remember theres people in the states wanting to keep themselves occupied at work here... Since hes gone a quick one WHo are the 2 premiership players (may be more i dont know any more) whos last names share the first names of their manager. In the past there was a 3rd with Finidi GEORGE and GEORGE BURLEY. I have 2 i know, any more will be accepted obviously.
  8. Cardiff and Swansea? since they are welsh?
  9. Man U as the champions, and Notts County since they oldest team?
  10. i was about to say him but didnt realise he played for boro
  11. John Barnes, Ian Rush *Newcastle and Liverpool*
  12. Aint there been 2 Nillsens? or is it hte same player?
  13. Camarra (there was the liverpool striker and Wolves have a camarra too)
  14. Wasnt it in the Man U Arsenal game with all the trouble? so Sol campbell maybe
  15. My dad used to play for Longside so want them to do well, and also Buchanhaven Hearts as a few of my friends plays for them.
  16. Id hate to say, but who is ian turner???? Team looks not bad, but you never know who will be doing what in 4 years time. Hopefully all the decent under 21 players come through, but you never know how they will adapt. People can suddenly go out of the picture like Donnelly from Celtic. Doesnt look a bad team tho does it, just hope everyone improves
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