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  1. Philly put 5 past both NY RAngers and the Islanders over the weekend. They are hitting form again it seems, and have a few guys back from injury.
  2. Buffalo is in NY New Jersey is in NJ NY RAngers are in NYC (Manhattan) NY Islanders is in Long Island - not NYC. Whether or not there are too many teams around NJ/NYC is completely irrelevant to the fact that NJ is NOT a NYC team. FWIW- New Jersey will also lose out on fans to Philadelphia. If you had said there are probably too many teams in the NY/NJ/PA area of the US - you may well have a point. However what you said was blatantly incorrect.
  3. Im glad im not the only one that was shocked at him including the state of NJ into the state of NY.
  4. The location. Saying NJ is more or less a suburb of NYC is like saying Scotland is more or less a suburb of Newcastle. Saying that NJ is in NY is like saying Scotland is in England. It is completely wrong. p.s. there is actually a 3rd NY team - Buffalo.
  5. Flyers beat Atlanta tonight 3-2, caught the last 5 minutes and was quite an exciting end to the game. Also good to see that Carter is still scoring goals by the bucketload, and that my amazing luck for PA sports teams is continueing (at least in important sports)
  6. I watched Max Payne last night (unrated version) -3/10. Was crap apart from the graphics. Also watched Eagle Eye - interesting concept, decent enough film. 5.10.
  7. I haven't seen anything, so just wildly guessing, but could it be that the players have started to believe the hype that surrounds them, and haven't been putting in the required effort that has to go along with the skill to make them a good team?
  8. I think that for this, fans should all vote for their favorite on their team. Then people that actually know what they are doing pick the rest of the squads, including the starting players. They should do that for all sports.
  9. WOw, i just saw the starters in the NHL all-star teams. What an absolute joke, and i thought the MLB all star selections were bad. Not 1, yes not even 1 starter was from a team winning it's division. Of the 12 starting players, 4 were from Montreal and 2 from 4th place Pittsburgh. In the west, you would expect teh 29-4-5 Sharks to get at least 1, or reigning champs Detroit? No, Chicago and the Ducks got 3 players each. What an absolute F'n joke.
  10. It looks like Sidney Crosby is making a name for himself this year, just in the wrong way. 2 weeks ago he had a cheap shot in a fight against Atlanta, yet only got a 2 minute penalty, then the other day he picked up 19minutes of penaltys against Floriday for "fighting" unfairly too. I wonder if he is going to start to get banned for games for the bad play, like Avery did. Interesting few weeks ahead for the "superstar" of Hockey - seems like many superstars he can't take it when things arent going his way.
  11. And the Rangers beat the Islanders 5-4 in one of the wackiest 3rd periods ever.......... what a game
  12. Aren't you arguing over the sweetest smelling shit?
  13. He retired? WOw i missed that too.
  14. It is probably more a build up of things for Avery. He was a total cnut in the Flyers game i went to.
  15. Went to a flyers game (against dallas) the other week, and it was brilliant. My brother is visiting and he has gotten into hockey now. Will probably go to 1 or 2 a year now, will have to see. Go Flyers.
  16. Wow, the world is coming to an end - i agree with one of your reviews
  17. Certainly will. The whole experience will hopefully spur him on to win one of these in the next 5 years or so. Have to say both Murray and Federer gave great interviews. Murray especially never mentioned his knee - which seemed to be killing him and killed his chances really. I thought Murray was supposed to be this miserable arrogant f***wit.
  18. And to think, Murray should have been level at 1 set each right now
  19. I came home at 2-2 in the 2nd set, and Murray seems to be doing well. His knee is biting him however. He should also be serving for the set justnow- very very bad call by the line judge or whatever they are called.
  20. Why would you need tennis reasons to support Murray or not. If Arbroath were suddenly crap, would you stop supporting them because there is no football reason to support them.
  21. I agree with you. I don't think i laughed once - and i even fell asleep during it. Won't be going back to see what i missed either. Recently i have seen:- Jumper - 6/10. Pretty entertaining film. Hasn't Jamie Bell changed since Billy Elliott however lol. In the Valley of Ellah - gruesome storyline. Absolutely fantastic performance from Tommy Lee Jones - far better than No country (in my opinion). Despite being older, Charlise Theron is still damn hot. 8/10.
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