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  1. Jordan Chisholm petershill to lie Graham girvan Irvine meadow to lie We're in talks with Gary McCann as are other top junior clubs hopefully comes to the champions Eeeka peeka
  2. Have the rob Roy highlights still not been posted ???
  3. The lad monti has put pen to paper with pollok. hope he's rusty from not having played in a while as we travel to newlandsfield this weekend, eeka peeka
  4. U Should be playing senior football ur a class act son, too good for junior football eeka peeka
  5. Time will tell mate, hope for the lad he does but better defenders are at the club, eeka peeka
  6. Bestjuniorfan twaddle has signed at meadow, as you can see from squad lists on here, Jamie darroch won't get a game for meadow if all defenders are fit and available eeka peeka
  7. Good point rob Roy guy regarding Jamie darroch, leaves meadow as can't get in the side plays every week with pollok and now leaves again, maybe had no choice but to leave? Signing of McCabe from Peasy and walker from shotts, and with Gallagher ( captain) and Gary wild resigning, Jamie must have been surplus to requirements at pollok, with Staunton having left the meadow maybe feels more chance of playing however IMO Evans and twaddle are far better players and most importantly defenders, seen Jamie in evening times cup and for a young lad severely lacks pace decent player but not a top defender that if your going for titles u would play week in week out, he will be as he was before IMO a squad player eeeka peeka
  8. Chris Craig I'm led to believe has agreed a deal at petershill
  9. Ladeside paying big money last few years, so Beith are doing the same this season, eeka peeka
  10. Jack I was led to believe that Gallagher has been out for months?? U may as well add William Howie in too, u also say Richardson would have played then mclaren both at full back? Make your mind up? other boys are subs? Many games has McCann started ? U had 9/10 first choice players PLAYING yet say under strength? We had 6 boys ( Lyle mcgoldrick Campbell Boyd young gormley ) missing that play EVERY week and still should have won but due to your keeper making wonder saves we didn't, well done on evening times cup win my friend, tony macinally has really turned your club around, eeka peeka
  11. So it wasn't a far from full strength pollok side?
  12. Jack can u name players instead of positions? I was told at the game that only the pollok no 6 wasn't a regular starter? Is that not the case ? Good luck in the final and once again enjoyed my visit to Pollok, scoreline apart, and I look forward to returning on league business next season eeka peeka
  13. Great game, If del stays on the park We win the game, pollok keeper with some outstanding saves, thoroughly enjoy the match, didn't think pollok had many missing jack ? Only no6 I didn't recognise, the rest play regularly I was told, we were missing plenty players if full strength would have been 4 or 5 eeka peeka
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