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  1. Frye has a history of not hanging around too long at any club he's been at. Parks away to play for his best mate. McAusland a Cumnock boy who has been tapped up since he's been at the Glens. So I would say it's just a turnover of players. I heard there were a few more on Cumnock's shopping list playing at New Cumnock that knocked them back. Talking to someone today and there's 4 new players signed for Glenafton with talks advanced with a few others that will please the punters so no there's nothing wrong at Glenafton, thanks for your concern though.
  2. The New WOS League any idea on what the composition of the leagues are likely to be? Names out the hat? Seeded? Geographical?
  3. But they don't all play in the Scottish Cup so your argument is out the window.
  4. Tried it before and Gumtree with no joy, nothing ventured.
  5. Something like " I support a team in the Scottish Pyramid East Region 1st Division Conference B, " The sponsors will be tripping over themselves in the queue for that opportunity.
  6. Dennis G Series Cassette Mower In Very good condition, seldom used. Cost new was £6500 However if you are interested please call 07882 136734 and speak to John. The mower is in New Cumnock, SW Scotland Postcode KA18, and can be viewed on request if needed.
  7. Is that 17 teams that are licensed with floodlights or will some of them lose their license at a later date? The 70k or thereabouts for floodlights is the barrier for most teams.
  8. I noticed Glenafton have something similar, 7 home 2 away in similar period. Not the cleverest move. Don't see why league fixtures are not alternate weeks about home and away with the very odd 2 in a row.
  9. Maybe Talbot TV was too busy filming the Hurlford game that day.
  10. THe Amateurs game was at Auchinleck Astro at the same time.
  11. Glenafton do, and as said its a one off usually, as the league we play in is regionalised. Good practise = more chance of qualifying = more income no that difficult the figures work.
  12. No more barriers than prieviously so just ignore the floodlights requirements yes or no? You lot are in denial if you say 40 - 60 k floodlights are not a barrier to entry. Loads of junior clubs in the top west league and below would have been applying for licensing within a very short period before this change, that will all be on hold now. One of the biggest benefits has been kicked into turf for a lot of teams.
  13. Didn't take long for the barriers to go up to stop Junior Clubs entering the Scottish Cup especially with the major exodus planned for next season. Last season on here entry to the Scottish was being touted as a major attraction now its an "only". Plastic pitch teams welcome, the rest of you find 40k and hope you get a grant for 20k. What are the rest of the benefits can someone remind me again.
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