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  1. The Hertz are shitebags. Naismith sums them up that gang. The Levein program: 1. Take ANY player. 2. Make the c**t a hatchet man. 3. Get him to fight Brown.
  2. https://twitter.com/mulumbuofficial/status/1028735099360210944
  3. No shame in a draw. Celtic will lose points here too. Think we can get third.
  4. We've got three forwards, Mallan and Hyndman in too. Should be a good match.
  5. MT is correct. Look at the rat race last year, every point mattered.
  6. That sounds like Tynie. Smattering of light applause, and some bigots yelling.
  7. Comments worth a read. Some fans sad to see him go, could be a baller.
  8. I watched the full game. Everyone disgraced themselves. Football lost today.
  9. Hertz versus Celtic. Brings out the worst in Gorgie, "our cousins" indeed. A disgraceful thread. Had minute silence patter, and assualt vids too.
  10. Have folk seen Horgan? How do they know this guy's good? I'm not convinced yet
  11. Mallan and Hyndman? That would be a light centre mid. Rest is spot on though.
  12. Ah f**k it, you're right. But I did say shite poems. Twas a shite Haiku.
  13. Greenies 4 shite poems. Cant say ahm a hypocrit. Mare fuckin poems lads.
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