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  1. When do we start to consider the Rose as a shot at the title?
  2. Tav to blame, but why are we throwing 10 men up for a free kick with 2 minutes to go. Take the bloody point.
  3. What's really baffling me is that I was at the Progres game and TBB was being sung loud and clear by the section we shall not name. But Uefa apparently missed it. Consider ourselves lucky I suppose. This shite needs to stop.
  4. Regardless of the 2 goals for the Danes, that is a phenomenal result. Genuinely expected a very close tie here.
  5. Probably, but the Danes will be a tough enough test before we even start to think about the Playoff round.
  6. Yeah it was a strange game. Rangers clearly the better team and should have come away with a few more, however some defensive blunders very nearly cost. Mcgregor was on form. Aribo looks class. Edit - spelling
  7. Looking at the draws, the Scottish and Cypriot teams seem to have it easiest for this round of fixtures. Cyprus are currently sitting in 15th, the target spot for the 2nd CL place. Greece look to have been handed the worst draw for their fixtures which might help us out. We hopefully should make gains this year, but likely not even close to enough for another slot.
  8. If you are going with Sevco, can you at least capatalise. Its a proper noun ya fud.
  9. Realistically need a 2 goal + win here. Chile will pump Thailand and the other group is too close for comfort. I've lost a bit of interest in the world Cup, but will be sitting down to watch this one tonight.
  10. Genuinely the easiest draw Rangers could have got for the first 2 rounds. Would expect 4 wins from those matches.
  11. News seems slow today. Anyone know when we are likely to hear?
  12. This will be discussed later on the Facebook Residents Forum. I guarantee it.
  13. Yeah, I've also heard the rumours, but the wording seems to be changing somewhat to a more factual tone. Would be nice to have something official, realise that won't likely happen any time soon.
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