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  1. Just a thought... if one of the amateur teams was to step up and call themselves Bo'ness United and play in the Junior's.... would they take priority at Newtown ?
  2. Great Post. An objection to the council could have this stopped. A child was almost killed outside kinneil school last year. The last thing needed is more cars parked and traffic on Jamieson Avenue
  3. Good question. .. although I am not in favour and hope this doesn't go ahead. I don't think the current park has enough parking spaces and would increase traffic next to a school not to mention noise and light pollution.
  4. This community Hub should have been situated by the Recreation Centre / high school. Plenty of parking spaces, indoor facilities & would create investment to the current community facilities. Newtown Park is a shite hole and this hasn't happened over night. But we have Arseholes at bo'ness who don't think we need facilities such as toilets so why bother
  5. Surely that's not the scabby Auld portacabin ! #Eyesore
  6. If finance is not an issue why did the committee decide against McG's spend as per the journal the other week ! Utter pish !
  7. I agree..... I have a young family and won't miss watching shite week in week out.
  8. I would imagine we will be seeing new management soon although you will have to be careful what you wish for. AMCG clearly hasn't been given the funds to buy top strikers for over 2 years and the end result is a position Bo'ness are in today financially and on the field. Last year boness were duped in signing players possibly told to leave and return in a years time to clear up injuries & work commitments etc. We got one arsehole from Sauchie 2 years ago who potentially was what we were needing but he threw the toys out of the Pram. The stadia is a shite-house, this hasn't happened overnight. . It's been neglected for 40 years +. More crappy old portacabins making the place a bigger eyesore than it already is ..... FFS Committee waiting on a hand out / generous benifactor before spending money on soap or toilet paper never mind players.. There's always money for Drink available though !.. other smaller clubs have managed all of the above without all this community hub pish or licencing. .... this will do nothing to improve our performance on the field. As I said above... failure to invest 3 seasons ago has put the club in the position it's in now.... it's a business, The loan signings are not good but that's the financial position of the club and we're are probably lucky that AMCG has these contacts.... If we bring in another manager...with no cash to spend we won't be any better off. Folk wanted rid of him before and we ended up Paul (Le guen) Ronald. .. we were never to glad to get Allan back.
  9. Aye. Invest in strikers when Hissy left 3 years ago. Be best not spend in too much this season and prepare for next season
  10. Pass ! I personally thought it was great. That's the pish he told me. Absolutely gobsmacked!
  11. Probably not having a laugh, been watching drivel for over 2 years. Knocked out of junior cup early 2 years in a row by smaller clubs. Failure to invest in strikers Apparently £24k down in revenue, doesn't look any better this season. We used to take 2 full coaches to away games ... now one. There is less fans at home games Fans already posting about not attending games Previous chairman told me it was a waste of time being in the senior scottish cup. So.... no he isn't having a laugh
  12. Nothing to do with loan players. Bo'ness have been crap for last 2 seasons. some folk need to take the blinkers off! failure nearly 3 years ago to get in top strikers has cost the club dear, out of the junior cup early doors two years in a row which the end result is a drop revenue with less to spend on players. I said on here recently we wouldn't finish top 3.... now i think top half would be a result. I can see us dropping more points next week
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