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  1. Scottish National Party following policy from Edinburgh = Logical. Calling yourself Scottish Labour, Conservative or Lib Dems when the shots are called in London = A sad joke that is fooling absolutely nae c**t. Hope this helps.
  2. Rob, Kev and co appear not to be having a great time atm. Should come over and join the separatist side, imo.
  3. Always done the job for me. Last time I used it was a few months ago going to and from Berlin Schonefeld and the former was state of the art in comparison. Surprised what a complete dump Berlin Airport was. Edinburgh's by no means the worst.
  4. MPs playing childhood games in Parliament eh? Apart from awkward erections throughout the Tory back benches, I struggle to see what this would achieve.
  5. c**t think he's too good for Scotland eh. Fine, go then.
  6. Might throw some money on Italy at 3/1. Absolute beat.
  7. See whenever someone is going on about how we "need" the Royals. Ask them whether they'd be happy with some Arab Sheikh buying out the Windsors and putting in 10x whatever the mythical, bullshit figure they've came up with the Royals contributing. Done this a few times and you just get a slightly distressed look and a mumbled "oh no, you couldn't have that". Turns out people don't really give a f**k about their supposed benefit and actually just really enjoy being servile to this specific set of Billionaire posh people.
  8. Scottish Brits pretending to be happy about the election result the other week because the SNP wouldn't be heard, already greeting about the uppity nats in there mixing shit up. On yerself big Gus
  9. A guy that says stuff like "you never see an attractive feminist" that isn't an absolute munter himself.
  10. 100% correct. Which I absolutely do not understand. Saw some survey prior to the Referendum, asking people in Scotland what their favoured head of state would be and a Monarchy was quite comfortably the most popular option. The level of support is a decent amount lower than in England but they still have a reasonably comfortable majority of support up here as well. Fries my tattie.
  11. Looking up this oath business, it seems plenty of people over the years have changed the oath to suit them. Don't see a problem with the Religious, Atheists, Royalists, Republicans and all combinations there of within the 56 making a pledge to serve the people that is true to them. I'm sure the SNP delegation is a broad church and they can represent Scotland well without all holding idenical beliefs on abstract personal things like this.
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