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  1. There’s 5 parks there and some are lined
  2. Just got told at 3 o’clock our game is off tonight at Muireston because the parks not playable,a couple off our guys went down and checked the parks and there’s not a thing wrong with them. Said to them we can get Bathgate at 8 o’clock which they refused. What’s people’s thoughts on this.
  3. Bawsoot you’re better no saying anything pal [emoji12]The CP are coming for you [emoji8][emoji8]
  4. There’s a wee bit of dig by both teams but some guys on both sides take it a wee bit further lol.
  5. Redondo have a look at your managers speech last night and have a word with your own players
  6. Where’s the desperation on been successful we have got a lot off local businesses who sponsor us and probably got the best facilities in the central belt. Which can attract players who would like to play on the best parks (either grass or Astro).
  7. Yip bawsoot gaz8 put up wot Pennies have won then got slaughtered by guys who are involved with Fallin
  8. Only tried to get Jamie bone but the guy got a bad injury
  9. Well said bawsoot if it’s no going Fallins way it’s not allowed as they never speak out about any other successful team
  10. Redondo what are the facts can you enlighten everyone. Is it because you’re team couldn’t beat pennies in the 6 games they played and don’t give us the money shit as you signed 2 players from us so technically that means you’re paying players
  11. Hopefully went up to the pub today with the tote sheets and a couple off the guys were still in there tracksuits blootered [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Cheers mate over the 90 mins thought we deserved it but ESV put up a really good fight They’ve got a few cracking players in there team. The draw we had to get to the final is probably the hardest draw for any team has had. Just like to say all the best to ESV for the rest off there season roll on Monday as we’ve got a league game think we’ve still got 22 games to play [emoji23]
  13. Both teams are sponsored by the same guy/pub
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