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  1. Who u played with and can u tell me your name mate plz
  2. It seems the guys from fallin are still having nightmares about pennies [emoji471][emoji471][emoji471][emoji471][emoji471]
  3. Obsessed with the east champions
  4. Retro star what changing rooms in Edinburgh can accommodate 20 players. Will wait for your answer
  5. It’s seems it’s ok for certain teams to play way outside an EH Postcode than others the word victimisation comes to mind [emoji12]
  6. It’s one off the best going about
  7. Shotts played mill there a few weeks back
  8. Hopefully Little Kerse as I seen teams played there games in Cumbernauld a few weeks ago
  9. Don’t know exactly as I’m in Crete but it was something to do with Dunbar
  10. There’s 5 parks there and some are lined
  11. Just got told at 3 o’clock our game is off tonight at Muireston because the parks not playable,a couple off our guys went down and checked the parks and there’s not a thing wrong with them. Said to them we can get Bathgate at 8 o’clock which they refused. What’s people’s thoughts on this.
  12. Bawsoot you’re better no saying anything pal [emoji12]The CP are coming for you [emoji8][emoji8]
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