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  1. Personally would suggest the east port for a pint or 2 pre match. And if you CBA going to the game you'll get it in there and it's usually a decent pint
  2. I'm sure we could get a few squads out of this dross Greg Fleming Chris Smith David Hutton John Potter Alex Keddie Stuart Urquhart Jonathan Page Alex Whittle Ross Millen Shaun Rooney Paul Burns Kyle Hutton Mark Kerr Ross Forbes Andy Stirling Chris Kane Ryan Blair Graham Holmes Aiden Connolly Paul Willis Robbie Muirhead Andy Barrowman (second spell) Gavin Reilly Jamie Mole Myles Hippolyte Mickaël Antoine-Curier
  3. Nicky Clark has been our best striker since Andy Kirk. James Vincent should have been kept and wasn't as bad as made out to be.
  4. Positives: Free ticket That venison pie was epic, well done county on that Thought the young lads did well tonight. Fais had one of his better games, we played well first half. Scully good game again. Not so good: Hippo and muirhead are not footballers, absolutely honking. Bus broken down so struggle to get back home, however That announcer is a complete an utter walloper. Cringey AF. Get him in the bin btw [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Manager betting disappears on McBookie after McNamara went from 25/1 into 4/5 within 20mins
  6. Still in 2 minds if I want to go. On one hand I usually like an away day to Dundee, and a few drinks with @DA Baracusis always pretty decent but on the other hand we're crap, useless manager, the Lizzie bus isn't running so train/bus up with all the planning etc, the £20 to get in and watch us get pumped is it really worth it? The fact I'm missing rovers away is another reason why I'm tempted to head up.
  7. Comfortable home win, AJ to remain in a job, fans remain unhappy. Have I missed anything ?
  8. With any luck Jimmy mac has recalled fais to Dundee. Wouldn't surprise me to see the same starting 11 again. Then when we're 1/2-0 down aj can go to the great change of 5ft 2 connally up front with whoever. Probably Ryan Williamson for all I care. Pars to lose aj to get more abuse as fans get sick of the same pish every week. Should I go? No Do I want to go? No Will I go? Probably
  9. Great. Makes a cnut of his top flight game last week.... So now we have to suffer the p***k
  10. Things that will happen on Saturday. Same starting line up which means. Durnan will start. Fais will start. Keeper and defence will punt long high ball to fais constantly with him never winning it. Connally will come on. Pars won't win. I won't be going.
  11. 1 Dunfermline 2 Partick thistle 3 Ross County 4 Inverness 5 Dundee United 6 Falkirk 7 Morton 8 Queen of the South 9 Ayr 10 Alloa
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