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  1. So after all that Is there confirmation on who has signed for next season? Other teams seem to have been proactive and announced those who are leaving and new arrivals?
  2. Any players still signed or any new confirmed for next season
  3. Looked down and out after 1st half yesterday. Thanks to Andy we went into 2nd half still in the game Great credit to the 11 players for digging deep and getting the result. 2 smashing goals worthy of winning any game. I for one like to know who is coming and going before the end of the season. Looking at other teams they have already started recruiting and are a step ahead. Let's see what develops soon eh?!?!
  4. Game was crying out for someone to hold the ball up from the front to allow players to play off them and also slow the game down. Unsure why Matty never got on as he's ideal for that. 1st half should have put Bo'ness out of site, went toe to toe with a young strong and fit team and struggled to match that for the full game. Game management was poor and discipline questionable. Some real good individuals in the squad but lack direction. Should have been capable of winning that game to progress to a semi final and give the fans something to look forward to.
  5. Great idea, maybe even a big plaster, that would cushion the blow if that wound caused an issue with their main job....
  6. I wonder if the formation played yesterday could have contributed to not being able to relieve the pressure in last 30 mins. Matty worked his socks off and held the ball up but with no one near him it just came straight back.Same when Kieran came on. If Nicky was fit and played in a 10 role it could help.Or playing with another striker who could help split their defence when on the offensive. Thought the defence was outstanding combined with Devon's efforts was a real positive going into the rest of the season.
  7. In his defence, it Can't be easy for Locke being played in so many positions and frequently moved to 2 or 3 of them in one game. That would effect consistency of any player. As seenitall states he was very effective as a 10 at Broxburn. Shame he hasn't been given a consistent chance in that role.
  8. Andy motm tonight combing two outstanding saves with a commanding performance. Team were very average all over the park tonight and are so much better than that. Onwards to Saturday where another win is vital. Keep working hard lads.
  9. Wick number 5 ran from his starting position on edge of 18 yard box with the intention of taking zander out, he was still angry after losing the 4th goal, not sure he would have liked the outcome but none the less it was an act of intent.
  10. No doubt Kieran is a good player, maybe deserves more playing time!?!
  11. Better team performance. I don't often complain about officials but I must tonight. The near side lino was eager to lift his flag against bo'ness, most times being a full yard behind play and got 2 wrong in 1st half which could have been advantageous for bo'ness and seemed to keep his flag down a bit more often in 2nd half when decisions were more obvious especially leading up to 2nd goal. These guys are paid to do a job and there fitness and honesty should be a given. Disappointed in the standard of officiating tbh. Onwards and upwards and I think a couple of quality additions to the squad would turn the season around for bo'ness. Well done to bonnyrigg for the win..
  12. Opinions are everything in football. Limited choice of personnel tonight and although a bit disjointed in the first half with players playing unfamiliar positions and formation not obvious to me I thought it was going ok(just !) 2nd half position changes baffled me and players lost their way, became a hard watch at times.
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